Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality
—  Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

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Foggy Childhood Memory: a small island surrounded with blue waters, and an old house with exposed beams. An armchair siting in sunlight, it's covered in sunflower patterned upholstery. It's warm to sit in from the sun. I remember nothing else.

Prompt #157

She sat on the floor, sun pouring through the window to the right of her and a faded armchair, covered in sunflowers. The cabin was never particularly warm and days like this she was confined to the four wooden walls of the cabin, watching the tide sway back and forth, eating away at the sand…

// I’m not kidding you, I keep reading some of your ideas and wonder why I’m the one running this blog? Your ideas are helping so much, thank you! Keep them coming, there is no right or wrong way to do it :) xox //

when you’re sitting totally into the new book you’re reading ( with like your nose almost touching the pages) and then there’s this smell of soap, old ladies soap - okey it reminded me of my grandmother why the comparison- but yeah and then you just can’t get the scent out of your nose…. Do you feel me? Everything is soap, flowery soap…soap, soap, soap… gahhh

People who are complaining about Superman’s glasses disguising his identity have obviously never worn glasses. You take them off around your friends, people who see you every single day, and they’re like ,,WHAT THE FUCK, YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT! IS THAT HOW YOUR EYES LOOK LIKE?! NO WAY! WHO ARE YOU???“

Sorry, I was reading.
—  Me, when I’m late to everything