We still have tokenizing happening, where you see, ‘Oh, we already have a book with X character.’ And, yeah, but if they were straight and white, you could have a dozen of them, you wouldn’t stop. Like, how many angel books did we have in 2011, when my angel book came out? You weren’t like ‘Oh, we already have an angel book.’ You were like, ‘Oh, we already have an angel book, let’s get six more angel books.’
—  V. E. Schwab

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Top 10 film/book/TV characters??

That’s a tough one!!! Lemme have a good think. Naturally, the first one won’t be surprising. ;) 

Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)

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The Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

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Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

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Thor (Marvel)

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Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth)

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Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

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Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

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Arnold Rimmer (Red Dwarf)

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I actually can’t think of another two who I particularly like, but I’ll definitely update this list if I think of the last two. :) 

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I don't watch pretty little liars but like whys it gross dude

There are a lot of problems, but my biggest one is without a doubt the obsession with unhealthy relationships. One of the main characters (who is in high school) has an ongoing relationship with her English teacher, and like…it’s romanticized? Like it’s seen as oh so romantic or w/e and like??? NO??? So many teenage girls watch this show, and for them to see a student/teacher relationship romanticized like that is unhealthy and irresponsible. And then in the books that same character’s dad hooks up with his student (in college, but still) WHILE she is HIS STUDENT and STAYS WITH HER. THEY HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER. In the tv show, they make it a little better by having her be a substitute teacher rather than a student, but she is even more manipulative and gross than she is in the books, and blatantly disrespects the daughter when she (the daughter) questions her. Like…what the fuck? And then the whole show is full of cheating and lying and inappropriate relationships and it’s like ok heterosexuals time to calm down.

Of course, there is the one gay, the lovely Emily, who is by far the least annoying character in the entire show, who is, of course, treated like shit. A happy relationship? Time TO FUCK IT UP. We got homophobia, girlfriends being killed, girlfriends lying, girlfriends manipulating, girlfriends cheating on their husbands, queen bee crushes who treated literally everyone like shit coming back from the “dead” and everyone treating it like it’s oh-so-romantic bc AT THIS POINT we’ll settle for a relationship where two people actually like each other, that’s how desperate we are, and like…Give Me a Break. Let the child be happy maybe? 

The whole show make me want to tear my hair out. Love yourself and don’t watch PLL.

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But then I scrolled past this brilliant head shot of Ezequiel and was like UM NOPE EZEQUIEL IS 100% KAZ DUH KAZ WOULD NEVER HAVE MESSY HAIR WHAT AM I SAYING?! So now I'm like weirdly invested in Ezequiel and Micc's relationship and interactions but you haven't talked about it a lot so I'm curious lol - sorry for obsessing over your characters while simultaneously comparing them to book characters, I'm a loser 😩 but in any case, love your art style and your ideas and I can't wait to see more 💜

Ezequiel doesnt really like Micc cause he smells like Trouble. and Benjamin is already a troublemaker himself so Ezequiel doesnt really want his brother getting into more deep shit than he already does 😂 Most of Ezequiel and Micc’s interactions are witty insults thrown back and forth.

I havent read six of crows yet but i read about his personality on that wiki fandom (dont know how accurate that is) but apparently its difficult for him to express his emotions, or he supresses them alot? Which is spot on for Ezequiel 😂😂 except Z’s hair is usually messy 24/7

anyways thank you for your interest in my ocs 💙💙💙 it means a lot to me!

ARC Review - When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Dimple and Rishi may think they have each other figured out. But when opposites clash, love works hard to prove itself in the most unexpected ways

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When Dimple Met Rishi is a lighthearted and fun #ownvoices story that pretty much does what the title says it will – Dimple Shah meets Rishi Patel at a coding summer school (under somewhat dubious, parent-interfering circumstances), and we follow them as their relationship grows and intensifies over this six week period.

Things that I liked:

  • The book’s diverse cast of characters. As well as second generation immigrants Dimple and Rishi, we have Dimple’s friend Celia, a latinx character who is probably the main secondary role,. as well as Asian side characters and wider general representation of the Indian-American community. There’s also attention given to class differences, and a number of perspectives given on the Indian culture Dimple and Rishi have inherited. It’s a pretty comprehensive novel in that regard – although I can’t personally comment on the accuracy (and would be interested to hear from ownvoices reviewers who can)
  • The subversion of gender stereotypes. I liked that Rishi was the artistic and sensitive one who was focused on family, and that Dimple had much more masc coded interests and had a more aggressive personality, as well as arguably the more proactive in initiating sexual contact. It was a simple thing, but it was a nice twist to see such an inverted dynamic in a romance contemporary.

Things to be aware of:

This is isn’t a ‘things I didn’t like’ because I’ve got a feeling that this was more to do with my mood and what I wanted to read at the time, but this book has very minimal drama. Conflict in this book is infrequent, and when it is there it doesn’t tend to last more than a few pages. If you are wishing for a fluffy, feel good contemporary then this is definitely the book to read. As it was, when I was reading it I was in the mindset where I felt perhaps it was a little to idealistic, particularly parts of the ending, and I gradually lost momentum as it became clear that nothing bad was ever going to truly jeopardise the plot.

Overall, this was a nice fluffy romance with a diverse cast – I personally can’t verify the accuracy of its depiction of Indian American culture, and would be interested in hearing the perspective of reviewers who can.

Overall Rating: 4/5

tv shows: yeahhh,, uh,, i’m here for the *looks at smudged writing on hand* gltb thing?? yeah, we totally got you,, but um,, i left a casserole in the oven at home,, promise i’ll come back, for real, totally;:,,

books: lgbt characters? those are over there, through the Infinite Forest of Generic Dystopia. good luck though, few have ever made it out alive!

podcasts: fuk u guys, here’s 7 aroace characters, 5 genderfluid characters, 37 bisexuals, 54 healthy wlw relationships, actually everyone is lgbt sorry we don’t make the rules!!!

Why the SPN mixtape scene from 12x19 is screenwriting gold, and should be taught to the next generations of screenwriters everywhere - analysis

20 seconds. Two lines of dialogue, three gestures, a couple more camera angles. Episode 19, season 12 of a genre TV show “Supernatural”. A single strike of screenwriting and cinematic genius. The mixtape scene.

Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn, I bow before you.

This scene should be used as an example for future screenwriters how you can put maximum of meaning into minimal time and dialogue. Should be analyzed and taught at universities everywhere, how to achieve the most using the least. How to write for TV, where you only have less than an hour to built something spectacular.


Let’s just peel off all the layers of these 20 seconds of footage and these 13 words. 13 WORDS.

(Cas knocks, Dean doesn’t say anything. Cas opens the door, apologizes for disturbing Dean in his room, and then takes a cassette tape out of his left inside coat pocket, and puts it on the desk, while tapping the label on it that says “Deans (sic!) top 13 Zepp traxx”.)

Cas: Um, I just wanted to return this.

Dean: It’s a gift. You keep those.

13 tracks. 13 words. The future. So number thirteen is important for the future. I mean, are you trying to tell us something here, writers?

(Dean takes the tape, oustreches his arm, and gives it back to Cas. We see Cas’ hand grabbing the tape, and taking it back.)

That tiny scene is ENORMOUS from the perspective of the narrative and the characterization. Let’s see what we can get out of it. (Prepare yourself: it’s gonna be long. Damn, how much meta can you write based on 20 seconds of television and two lines of dialogue?) (Hint: A lot.)

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50 Bookish Questions

Ask Me Anything! Send me a number!

1. What is your favourite book and/or book series of all time?

2. What is the longest book you have ever read? How many pages?

3. What is the oldest book you have ever read? (Based on its written date)

4. What is a book series that everyone else loves but you do not?

5. What book or book series would you like to see turned into a film/ TV series?

6. What is your favourite stand-alone book?

7. What is a book that you feel glad for not reading?

8. What is a book that you feel guilty for not not reading?

9. What is a book you have read that is set in your country of birth?

10. What is a book that you own more than one copy of?

11. What horror book made you really scared?

12. What book do you passionately hate?

13. What is the biggest book series you have read? How many books are in it?

14. What book gives you happy memories?

15. What book made you cry?

16. What book made you laugh?

17. What is your favourite book that contains an LGBTQ+ character?

18. Have you read a book with a male protagonist? What is it?

19. Have you read a book set on another planet? What is it?

20. Have you ever been glad to not finish a series? Which?

21. Have you ever read a book series because you were pressured?

22. What famous author have you not read any books by?

23. Who is your favourite author of all time?

24. How many bookshelves do you own?

25. How many books do you own?

26. What is your favourite non-fiction book?

27. What is your favourite children’s/middle-grade book?

28. What is your next book on your TBR?

29. What book are you currently reading?

30. What book are you planning on buying next?

31. What was the cheapest book you bought?

32. What was the most expensive book you bought?

33. What is a book you read after seeing the movie/ TV series?

34. What is the newest book you have bought?

35. What three books are you most looking forward to reading this year?

36. What is a book you love that has a terrible trope? (Love triangle, etc)

37. Have you read a book in a different language? What was it?

38. What is a book you’ve read that is set in a time period before you were born?

39. What book offended you?

40. What is the weirdest book you have read?

41. What is your favourite duology?

42. What is your favourite trilogy?

43. What book did you buy because of its cover?

44. What is a book that you love, but has a terrible cover?

45. Do you own a poetry anthology? What is your favourite poem from it?

46. Do you own any colouring books based off other books?

47. Do you own any historical fiction?

48. What book made you angry?

49. What book has inspired you?

50. What book got you into reading?

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“You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?” au sterek? <3

OK, I wrote you a quick little thing. :)

now also on ao3


When Derek shows up at Stiles’ back door that morning with a basket full of about three dozen cookies, all carefully iced to look like Batman and Spider-Man, Stiles doesn’t say anything. He just gets up from the kitchen table and opens the screen door, and then he looks down at the basket for a long, long moment, and then he rubs the heels of his hands into his eyes and groans.

He looks kind of… unkempt. He’s wearing the same sweatpants and lacrosse hoodie he’d had on two days ago when Derek saw him at his mailbox, and his hair is sticking up everywhere, and it’s obvious he hasn’t shaved in a while because there’s some actual stubble there. Derek didn’t think Stiles was even capable of facial hair. It only adds to his attractiveness, but still, Derek can’t help but be concerned.

Derek doesn’t usually start conversations, but today he feels like making an exception. “Are you okay? This is a lot more baking than usual, even for you.”

“What? What do you mean?” Stiles says, dropping his hands to his sides. His face cycles through about five or six different expressions before settling on something that’s probably trying to say “innocent and oblivious,” but… well. Derek might not know Stiles that well, but he knows Stiles is definitely not either of those things, ever.

“The cookies,” Derek says slowly. “That you leave on my doorstep a few times a week while I’m out on my morning run.”

Stiles glares down at the cookies Derek’s holding like they’ve betrayed him.

“We don’t talk about it,” Derek says slowly, unsure, “but I thought you knew that I knew it was you. I mean, no one else in the neighborhood even talks to me.”

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Why you should watch and support American Gods

As some of you may know, American Gods is premiering on Starz on April 30th. It is supposed to have 3 seasons, but if people don’t watch it I’m afraid it will be cancelled.

So, here are a few reasons why you should all watch this show:

- It’s the adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman. He is mostly known for being the author of: the comic book Sandman; the novels Coraline and Stardust; the movie adaptation of the anime Princess Mononoke. He also wrote two episodes of Doctor Who: “The Doctor’s Wife” and “Nightmare in Silver”. Gaiman is also one of the executive producers of the show American Gods.

- Another executive producer and the developer of the series is Bryan Fuller. You may know him for being the executive producer and writer of the tv show Hannibal. That’s right.

- Moving on, let’s take a look of some of the main characters of the show:

This is just a taste. The book had characters coming from all over the world, representing a lot of different religions. Many of these characters were very secondary in the novel (or it would have become Lord of the Rings…), but they will have much more space in the tv show.

Also, there are at least 3 LGTB+ characters from the book that have been confirmed to have a more or less big role in the show. But since Bryan Fuller is involved, it’s highly probable that there will be more.

- I don’t want to say too much about the plot, but American Gods it’s a beautiful story, deep and full of twists, and the morals are not as easy to figure out as it will seem at first.

I am really excited about this, we should all give it a chance, I’m sure it will be amazing.

Hey can I have more ADHD characters that aren’t your “lol so random and hyperactive and funny” trope.


I want characters with memory issues, who can’t pay attention, who hyperfocus on something, who are scatterbrained and constantly losing their stuff, who have issues with executive function, who have issues with time management, who need to get things written down otherwise they won’t remember it

I want characters who actually take medication too. Like, I’ve NEVER found a book or movie character who has ADHD and takes medication for it.

Can I have more characters with ADHD that isn’t shoehorned into a stupid trope

It kinda annoys me how fandom culture is often treated as something “other” to be mocked and laughed at, but being a passionate fan of a sports team is considered totally fine. 

If there’s a book character whose race isn’t specified and you don’t see them as a person of color that’s ok but don’t shit on people who do see that character as a person of color because it’s the reader’s interpretation and they just want to be represented even if only a quarter of the fandom agrees with them don’t be racist just because someone doesn’t interpret something the same as you