I was fucking excited for The Killing Joke. I’ve been looking forward to the movie for months. At first I was just moderately interested, because Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill together one more time? Yes please. Then the reports that they’d be “expanding Babs’s role” came. And my excitement jumped through the roof. The chance to recontextualize one of the defining moments in Barbara Gordon’s life as HER moment, not just tragedy porn? The chance to view it through the lens of hindsight with the knowledge of what it would bring later on, the chance to make it her tragedy and not Bruce’s, not Jim’s? The chance to, if not justify, at least explore more thoroughly what amounts to extremely distracting and cheap shock value in an otherwise complex and well-written story? Yes, please. And now… This. This is what they gave us. I’m so hurt and disappointed.

cinderwolf347  asked:

Hey! Can you explain to me what exactly happened? I've seen people talking about tjlc being confirmed, and stuff about the fireworks being relevant to it; I just don't know exactly what happened. Was something announced?

I am awful with links on mobile but basically there was a series of tweets from Moffat as well as the fact that they set of fireworks for Ben’s bday (kiss speculation of course). And then today with Amanda’s very own Mary wank and that she thinks she should go how she did in the books and Mark saying he thought Mary and John had a messy divorce in the books. It’s a lot. Someone who isn’t on mobile be kind and link?

Okay, 14 pages later, I’ve got all my classroom library books stamped, marked and logged. Found a crazy amount of duplicates which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now to adjust the document for student check out and create the QR Code for it.

Getting down to the wire!

And I shouldn’t be allowed to buy anymore books or go to the library until I make some progress on the books I have at home.