One of my favorite places in Columbus, Ohio is the Book Loft in the German Village area.  I usually start a visit over at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, where I either have lunch or at least buy some of thier overstuffed peanut butter fudge puffs! These giant cream puffs have been rated the “Best of Ohio” in the dessert category by the Food Network. They will even keep in your cooler in the trunk until you need a snack at your motel.  Then I use the walk back to the Book Loft to burn off a few calories. It’s only nine blocks over, and they are all short. The quaint brick houses and streets are also well worth the walk to see: walking past the small buildings with their small gardens built right up to the sidewalk, it feels like the old world European cities. Try a few different streets for fun, and you’ll soon be back at The Book Loft. If you like books, this is one of the more unusual bookstores you’ll ever find. Instead of the warehouses we’re used to shopping in, this store is 32 separate rooms within 2 two-story buildings dating from 1863. I’m not sure how long the store has been here. Some of the rooms are no bigger than closets. Each room is themed so that you can conveniently find your favorite subjects. And each room has different music playing, so it feels like you’ve entered different stores. The unusual layout of the two stories adds to the fun: you can almost get lost in here!

I still can’t honestly believe that I have met this beautiful man. It happened a month ago today. That truly was one of the best moments of my life. The thirty second conversation I had with him was worth the five hour drive. The way he smiled at me made my heart melt. His kind, caring attitude, the way he made me feel, was honestly so special. I will be forever grateful for Chris Colfer, for the way he changed me, and the way he inspired me. I will be forever grateful for that time we had together. And i’ll be forever grateful that i had the chance to personally thank him for being my inspiration. It meant so much to me. Chris means so much to me. I’m a proud fan, and i’ll continue to support him, no matter where life takes him through and after glee, because has done so much for me. I love Chris Colfer. And I always will.


I definitely need to go back here when I feel like losing myself in books. There were so many small rooms and nooks full of books it was crazy. It was a good thing there were exit signs so you could find your way out.

No eReader, no luggage space for books?

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Visit the Cayman Island Humane Society’s Book Loft

Featuring thousands of popular titles at huge discounts

We carry a vast selection of today’s best novels, from exciting biographies to the most intense thrillers. We have great deals on thousands of used books; you’ll definitely find what you are looking for here!

The Book Loft Hours are:
Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 2pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm 
With evening hours on Thursday from 5.30pm – 7.30pm 

Telephone: (345) 946 8053

Leave with some books, and who knows, maybe even a new addition to the family!

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