Comic Book Features Rape, Acid Attack Survivors As Heroines

A new augmented reality comic book from Indian-American author Ram Devineni reimagines three acid attack survivors as superheroes. After surviving the brutal crimes, the characters confront their biggest fears: stepping out into the world and dealing with overwhelming stereotypes and judgments.

The comic book, which is downloadable and debuts at the end of the month at the New York Film Festival, aims to accurately reflect the struggles acid attack survivors face even long after their physical wounds begin to heal. They’re victims of gender-based violence, but they’re often re-victimized by society after the crimes are committed.


28|7 today i 

  • went to work from 7.00-3.00
  • went to the bank 
  • then into university to sort out some finance issues 
  • popped into paperchase to waste some £££
  • made and applied a avocado mask onto my dry hair
  • sorted through one side of my desk drawer
  • tidied up my room 

and now i’m pooped, i hope your thursday has been a productive one, here’s to a less strenuous friday!!


Bibliophile Inspired Necklaces

UK-based designer “Rio” from Literary Emporium (previously featured here) specializes in creating handmade jewelry, stationery and gifts inspired by classical literature. With a degree in English and a lover of literature and beautiful books, the artist was compelled to create homages for her favorite novels and quotes.

“Rio” offers her expertise and bookworm passion into designing exclusive gifts, which book lovers will not be able to resist. You can find her entire collection of bibliophile gifts in her Etsy shop.

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“Then he made one last effort to search in his heart for the place where his affection had rotted away, and he could not find it.” ― Gabriel García Márquez

If you can’t go on an adventure.. read about one!

Artist Illustrates Stunning Coloring Books for Adults

UK artist and illustrator, Johanna Basford has created a series of coloring books for adults. Outstandingly popular, her illustrations have sold over a million copies, which can be found on Amazon. Basford’s intricate work showcases the beautiful and magical creatures found in every fairytale forest. She wrote on her website:

“Every piece I create starts life as a simple pencil sketch, evolving into a rambling pen and ink drawing usually spanning several sheets of paper. I love the tactile nature of the materials I use and the joy of smudgy fingerprints.For me, computer generated graphics can feel cold and soulless whereas hand drawing captures a sense of energy and character which no pixel can ever replicate.”

Take a look below at Basford’s detailed-oriented and ethereal work. 

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You know what I love about the foxhole court?

It features a canon lgbt relationship between a gay boy and a demisexual boy, a relationship that isn’t even a main focus of the books but still manages to contribute to both the plot and the character development.

A same-sex relationship that doesn’t end tragically, that shows these two characters staying together for years to come and leading a healthy domestic life with two cats, an apartment and a joint career.

A relationship that may not start out well, that is anything but love at first sight, but grows so much through personal struggles and mutual respect, and results in something worthwhile.

A relationship that places heavy emphasis not only on mutual consent, on learning and supporting, on protection and respect, but also on individual independence.

A relationship that doesn’t cast other characters to the sidelines, that isn’t the main character’s only source of happiness, because it takes more than romance to develop a character.

A relationship with a goddamn happy ending that feels entirely deserving for both characters because this is how they love, this is how they overcome their past, this is how they grow, not dependent on each other but side-by-side.

Just a goddamn happy same-sex relationship that doesn’t end in death or separation and that involves characters actually learning to respect and love each other basically???

“Communication is truth; communication is happiness. To share is our duty; to go down boldly and bring to light those hidden thoughts which are the most diseased; to conceal nothing; to pretend nothing; if we are ignorant to say so; if we love our friends to let them know it.” 

—from The Common Reader by Virginia Woolf 


“Fossilized” Book Sculptures Under Fire By Jacqueline Rush Lee

Hawaii-based artist Jacqueline Rush Lee’s exhibition “Ex Libris” showcases a series of books, which were fired in control kiln environments, which gave them a “fossilized” effect. Lee discovered by exposing the books to highly controlled temperatures, they endured a molecular change, which gave the impression of a freeze frame. Deeply poetic and transformative, she passionately explained the thesis of her piece on her website, she said:  

“Utilizing conditions of chance and controlled processes that allowed the hand, water, fire and chemical processes to sculpt the books further, I was intrigued by how the physical qualities of the books changed state.  Each book was unique, revealing a range of surfaces, textures, page striations and subtle colours according to the degree of temperature each was subjected to. Some were fragile, bloom-like forms or skeletal remains, while others were coral-like, with covers that were shell-like in feel with text, cover titles, and even book cover colours present in their new, warped state. I was intrigued by how the books were no longer recognizable in their usual context, but transformed into poetic remnants of their former selves–ephemeral and ghost-like forms suggesting internal landscapes and a trajectory of time, transformation and memory…”

via Jacqueline Rush Lee

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