So personal story: I teach swimming lessons at this year-round swim school, and we have different themes for each month. April was Hawaii themed and for my own personal amusement, when I gave my kiddos a high-five for a job well done, I would say “Book ‘em Danno”. They loved it, it was adorable. What was even better is they started saying it back to me. What’s even better: it’s July and some of them are still saying it. Because of me, a tiny conglomerate of 3-5 year olds now think that “Book ‘em Danno” means ‘High five’. 

  • Original McGarrett: Book 'em, Danno.
  • Original Danno: You bet, Steve :)
  • Reboot McGarrett: Book 'em, Danno.
  • Reboot Danno: Me? Why do I have to do it? What, you can't arrest this guy? Did I miss something here? You book him, you neanderthal! Stop calling me Danno. I hate you.

Steve: *is treated shitty by people he loves and trusts over and over and over again*

Also Steve: Book ‘em Danno. Babe. Man. Baby. D. Boo Boo. Buddy. It’s a term of endearment. Maybe you’re not as alone out here as you think. I know you. I chose you. You’re a good father. Thank you. I love you, too.

Things I want to see in H50 Season Six
  • more “Book ‘em, Danno”s (were there any in S5?!) 
  • more “babe” moments (because duhh)
  • nicknames (”Pac-Man in cargo pants” is one of my favs) 
  • Danny griping at Steve’s crazy SuperSEAL stunts (”what the HELL is the matter with you?!?!”) 
  • a glimpse into Steve’s life as a SEAL orrrr…
  • an ep where Steve is recalled from the reserves (let’s mix it up a bit, eh?) 
  • Danny and Steve taking a trip to New Jersey (alksdjf;laksdjf)
  • more McDanno moments (hellooo)
  • and an excessive amount of bantering and carguments 
  • telepathic conversations and sassy glances
  • some good, SOLID character development and expansion 
  • as well as some new, in depth drama for Steve and Kono 
  • a (extremely delayed) follow up on the whole Wo Fat thing, and the emotional repercussions for Steve (so furious over how the writers totally dropped the ball on that.) 
  • adding more to the Doris McGarrett storyline, and her relationship with Wo Fat 
  • Wo Fat’s father? they could do some good, solid drama between him and Steve / Doris. (after all, Steve did kill his son, and Doris killed his wife. um. yeah.)
  • the PTSD storyline we were promised in season 5 (which never happened) 
  • more focus on the lives of the character, less focus on the case unless it revolves around the characters 

because, let’s be honest. season 5 was sadly lacking in any real, solid McDanno bromance, ohana moments, or any real character development or growth, with the exception of a few episodes. (it seems like the episodes where either really, really good, or very flat.)

what about you all? what do you want to see in S6? (besides McDanno becoming canon, which, realistically, isn’t ever going to happen.) maybe we can throw some of these ideas at the writers. let’s take them back to seasons 1 and 2 (and even 3 and parts of 4) and remind them of what made this show so fantastic; so unique, and unusual and gripping and hilarious. because if season 6 is as dry as season 5 was, it might just be the end of this show. 


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“Beam me up, Scotty” is so iconic that even non-Trek fans know that it refers to the original Star Trekseries. It was one of the show’s catchphrases, uttered by one of the cast members at least once an episode, whenever they needed Montgomery “Scotty” Scott to teleport them from some alien planet to the ship. “Beam me up, Scotty” was Star Trek’s “Book ‘em, Danno.”

In truth, it’s the exact opposite of that, because they said “Book 'em, Danno” on Hawaii Five-O all the time.

Take a wild guess at how many times “Beam me up, Scotty” is used on Star Trek. If you guessed any number other than zero, congratulations, you’re wrong! Members of the Enterprise would say “Scotty, beam us aboard” or “Beam me up” or “Hurry up and beam my shit, boy-eeeee,” but never, not once, did anyone say “Beam me up, Scotty.”

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