I Won’t Forget

Requested by @areuforreal: Hii could you write a mcgarret fic where the reader just came back to Hawaii she was in the army and now she just needs a job and maybe she and Danny are related so they offer her a job at five0.. also some fluff between mcgarret and reader would be lovely.. oh and I really love your writing and I have so much respect for u being a nurse and all xx…

AN: Confession time: I’m not a nurse, I’m a ward clerk/NA, I’ve also been a Level I Med Tech, but thank you for the compliment (for the writing and the respect). I’ve worked on and off in the medical field for twenty years.

I paid the Uber driver and climbed out of the car; I inhaled the tropical air, a smile slowly spreading across my face. I saw his car in the parking lot, I knew he was here already. I stood in front of the Palace, in awe.

This wasn’t my first time visiting my brother at work, I’d come here several times over the years. Every time I visited, my breath was taken away from how majestic and grand it is.  

I closed my eyes as the pacific breeze flowed over me, and the sun touched my skin. The last six months of my life had been unpredictable, random, and unidentifiable. It had been that way, ever since my early retirement from the army. 

I’d just kind of travel and wandered with no sense of purpose. I was hoping this surprise and random visit to my brother, would give me some direction again. I’d actually decided to move to Hawaii, and settle down.

 “(Y/N)?” Steve, my brother’s partner walked up behind me.

I smiled at him. “Steve.” He hugged me.

“Does Danny know your here?” I shook my head. “Come on, I’ll walk you up.”

“Thanks! Danny doesn’t even know that I’m coming, it’s a surprise.” He picked up my bag, his hand going to the small of my back as we walked inside.

He grinned. “That’s why we haven’t heard about you non-stop for the last week.”

I felt myself blush. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, he does that….”

“He’s proud of you and loves to brag about his little sister.”

I rolled my eyes. “You know, if you roll up a news paper, pop him on the nose with it, and tell him NO, he’ll stop.”

 Steve laughed, I’ll remember that, does that work on other things?” We walked into the elevator.

“It’s always worked for me.” I smiled up at him. 

“How have things been going, since you got out of the service?” He leaned against the wall of the elevator.

“I’m looking for my purpose; I’ve been wandering around for the last six months. I still haven’t figured it out, I hoped maybe living in paradise it would come to me.”

“Give it time, you were in the service for fifteen years. It takes time to adjust.”

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hey, idk if you do this but could you maybe tell me your favortite mcdanno episodes? like the ones where they are extra cute together or have a ton of scenes? that would be really great <3

Hi friend!! Yes, of course I can!!! 💕

These are just some of my favorites and I’m probably forgetting something because the show has so many seasons, but here you go!!

Season 1, episode 1: The perfect first meeting, and probably just the best pilot there ever has been. I love it with all of my heart.

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Season 1, episode 3: This one is adorable, Steve meets Grace for the first time and it’s the cutest thing in the world!

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Season 1, episode 6: “You know, when I say “book’em Danno” it’s a term of endearment.” “Okay. Do it everyday, I like it.”

Season 1, episode 8: One of my favorite mcdanno moments!

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Season 1, episode 20:

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Everyone should just watch the whole first season, it’s amazing!!

Season 3, episode 6: In this episode we have the mcdanno hug that killed me, right after Danny gets saved from the bomb.

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Season 4, episode 19: Their first real “I love you”, and a heartbreaking episode that shows how much they really love each other!!!

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Season 5, episode 7: Steve experiences what could have happened to the team in a different world, and the mcdanno story is so good!!

Season 5, episode 17: Our boys work on their relationship as they stakeout a woman’s apartment!!

Season 6, episode 11: Our boys take a “vacation” and try to work on their relationship again, it doesn’t go as planned (but it’s so much better for us) 😊

Season 7, episode 8: I love this episode so much. The well known “Pick a base” line is there, and this scene happens, and I just…. they look so much like a family, my heart hurts.

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Season 7, episode 16: Valentine’s day!!!

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Season 7, episode 23: Steve driving through a fucking wall to save Danny, and being adorable with Charlie!!!

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Season 7, episode 25: The gift from Steve, the worried Danny, badass Steve that does things that shouldn’t be possible? All there, and the ending breaks my heart.

Season 8, episode 1: “I believe in you, I believe in us, and that’s all that matters.”

Season 8, episode 3: I mean, the mcdanno t-shirt and the cooking and all the bickering and all the love?? Absolutely one of my fave episodes now!

Hopefully this helps! Also, as some of you might know, I promised to do this (x) and don’t worry!! I haven’t forgotten about it, I just haven’t had the time, but I will be making a whole post on this someday!! 😘

(Request by anon: can you write a steve mcgarrett smut?)

[I love Hawaii 5-0 so thank you so much for your requests, ah!]

Show: Hawaii 5-0
Pairing: Steve McGarrett x reader
Warnings: smut


You leaned against the cold wall of the interrogation room. The walls were slightly damp and it made you shiver but you focused on the scene in front of you.

McGarrett sent a glance your way before turning back to the suspect; Akamai Kalua.

“You know what your name means, Akamai?” McGarrett spoke, circling the young man who was handcuffed to the chair.

Akamai grumbled under his breath. “Intelligence.”

“Yeah, intelligence. Now, I’m certainly not seeing any of that but you’d think a drug mule facing up to ten years in prison… would co-operate for a deal.” McGarrett stopped and looked dead straight into Akamai’s eyes.

Akamai chuckled, humourlessly. You grimaced when he suddenly spit on McGarrett’s face. Steve was going to be pissed.

“Okay. Okay. I was trying to be nice but if you want to play it that way..” McGarrett suddenly backhanded Akamai across the face.

You shook your head, not agreeing with your partner’s tactics. “If I were you, I’d just tell him the name. Who runs the cartel, Akamai?”

The drug mule turned his head, looking you up and down. “That depends. Do you get to interrogate me one-on-one?” A sick smile spread across his face.

“Alright, that’s it.” McGarrett unholstered his gun, pointing it directly at Akamai’s in an attempt to scare him into giving up the name.

“You won’t pull the trigger. You don’t have the balls to get rid of your only lead.”

“Trust me, he’ll pull it. He’s nuts.” You aimed the last part at Steve.

Akamai swallowed. “Iona Kakoa.”

McGarrett holstered his gun, looking to you before leaving the room. You sighed, heaving yourself off the wall.

“Don’t bullshit Steve. It never ends well.” You advised Akamai, running a hand through your (Y/H/C) hair and exiting the room.

The precinct was empty apart from you and McGarrett who had offered to stay behind to interrogate. You, not trusting Steve to be left alone with a suspect, stayed behind too.

You walked briskly into McGarrett’s office where he was busy researching Iona. “What the hell was that, McGarrett?”

He turned around. “What was what?”

“I know your methods are unconventional - my God, are they unconventional - but pulling your gun out? Really?” You exclaimed.

“I didn’t like the way he was talking to you.” McGarrett replied, his face stern.

You rolled your eyes. “You don’t have to be so rough. People may think you’re over compensating.”

McGarrett chuckled. “Believe me, I’m not over compensating. And that was not rough. I could have done worse.”

You raised an eyebrow. You could feel your attitude coming as your frustration with Steve grew. “Oh, really? Alright. Show me rough.” Steve turned around to face you. “Show me how rough you can really get, McGarrett.”

Steve ran his hand over his lip. “You want rough? You want to see rough?”

You smirked. “Unless you don’t have the balls.”

Steve licked his lip, his head nodding. “Oh, I’ll show you.”

His hands grabbed your face, tilting your head upwards in order to smash his lips against yours. You groaned at the contact, your hands instinctively reaching up to tug at his dark hair.

His fingers fiddled with the hem of your shirt before pulling it over your head, breaking the kiss briefly. You gripped his shirt doing the same before reconnecting your lips. Your hands trailed down to his belt, unbuckling it quickly before you lowered his jeans down.

Steve gripped the edge of his desk as you palmed him through his boxers, teasing him. His breathing became heavier as you inched his boxers down and took his length into your hand. Delicately, you licked the precum off of his tip, intending to tease him even further.

Steve groaned, knowing what you were doing. “(Y/N)…” he warned.

You suppressed a laugh, taking his cock into your mouth. You smirked slightly when you felt his hand tangle itself in your hair, before beginning to bob up and down.

“Oh, God…” Steve breathed, knowing his release would come soon. “(Y/N), stop. Stop.”

Confused, you took his length from your mouth before his hands reached down to grab your upper arms. He spun you around so that you were bent over his desk. You hissed when his cold fingers trailed under the waistband of your dark jeans before swiftly pulling them down to your ankles, panties and all.

“You’ve no idea how much I dreamed of seeing this ass out of those jeans.” Steve confessed, his hands squeezing your ass. He reached over your back to open a drawer, pulling out a silver packet.

“You always keep condoms here at work?” You teased.

“I didn’t know when our sexual tension would be acted on. Better safe than sorry.” he joked back.

He took a few moments to cover his cock with condom. You felt his erection against your thigh, feeling it inch closer and closer to your entrance. He was teasing you as pay back for teasing him.

You bit back a groan. “Steve, just fuck me already.” That was all he needed to hear.

He thrusted into you suddenly, your head falling forward to rest on your arms as you accustomed yourself to his size. His thrusts started off slow before increasing in pace, your moans spurring McGarrett on.

His hands gripped your waist tighter as you started pushing your hips back to meet his thrusts.

“Steve, I’m - Ohh..” You could feel your climax approaching.

“I know. Me too.” Steve grunted, his thrusts becoming erratic.

You gripped his desk as your orgasm hit you. “Steve, I’m coming!”

“Come for me, (Y/N).” He let you ride out your orgasm, your name leaving his lips as his climax quickly followed.

Breathing heavily, he reached down placing a kiss on your back before pulling out of you.

You propped yourself up on your elbows as you looked to Steve. “If I had known the sex would be that good, I’d have antagonised you a lot more when I first met you.” You panted, a smile on your lips.

He let out a breathy chuckle. “Me too. Me too.”


I actually squealed when I got this request. I started another Hawaii 5-0 marathon and my crush on Steve McGarrett has been renewed, ahaha.

Next up, is another Hawaii 5-0 request and I get to write fluffy Danny as well as smutty Danny. I’m excited 💕

Being Part of the Five-0 Task Force Would Include

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  • Putting your all into cases.
  • Chasing and catching the bad guys.
  • Playing the good cop and the bad cop in interviews depending on the case, who you’re doing the interview with, and who you’re interviewing.
  • “Book ‘em, Danno.”
  • “Now you’re saying that too? Great.”
  • Teasing Danny and Steve about their ‘marriage’.
  • “So, how’s the marriage?”
  • “Shut up, Y/N.”
  • Rolling your eyes and chuckling when Steve and Danny argue. Again.
  • “You two are definitely a married couple.”
  • Going out for meals with them after a case.
  • Teasing Steve for never paying for anything.
  • Being genuinely shocked when he pays for something.
  • Taking a picture of him paying the bill just to have proof it really happened.
  • “I can’t believe you actually paid for something, Steve.“
  • Game and movie nights.
  • Spending Christmas with them.
  • Gong surfing with them on your days off.
  • If you don’t already know how to surf, Kono is more than happy to teach you.
  • Chin telling you about his past in the force and helps you become a better cop.
  • Lou telling you about his past in the SWAT.
  • Danny sometimes asking you to watch his kids while he’s out.
  • Steve loving to go swimming/surfing/running/walking with you since he’s such an active guy and enjoys your company.
  • All of them helping you be the best you can be at the job.
  • Eating at Kamekona’s shrimp truck.
  • Being like an aunt/uncle to Grace and Charlie.
  • Being close to Kamekona, Flippa, Nahele, Jerry, and Max.
  • If one of you is in hospital, the others will all be there
  • Always being there for each other.
  • You all consider each other Ohana.