Being Part of the Five-0 Task Force Would Include

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  • Putting your all into cases.
  • Chasing and catching the bad guys.
  • Playing the good cop and the bad cop in interviews depending on the case, who you’re doing the interview with, and who you’re interviewing.
  • “Book ‘em, Danno.”
  • “Now you’re saying that too? Great.”
  • Teasing Danny and Steve about their ‘marriage’.
  • “So, how’s the marriage?”
  • “Shut up, Y/N.”
  • Rolling your eyes and chuckling when Steve and Danny argue. Again.
  • “You two are definitely a married couple.”
  • Going out for meals with them after a case.
  • Teasing Steve for never paying for anything.
  • Being genuinely shocked when he pays for something.
  • Taking a picture of him paying the bill just to have proof it really happened.
  • “I can’t believe you actually paid for something, Steve.“
  • Game and movie nights.
  • Spending Christmas with them.
  • Gong surfing with them on your days off.
  • If you don’t already know how to surf, Kono is more than happy to teach you.
  • Chin telling you about his past in the force and helps you become a better cop.
  • Lou telling you about his past in the SWAT.
  • Danny sometimes asking you to watch his kids while he’s out.
  • Steve loving to go swimming/surfing/running/walking with you since he’s such an active guy and enjoys your company.
  • All of them helping you be the best you can be at the job.
  • Eating at Kamekona’s shrimp truck.
  • Being like an aunt/uncle to Grace and Charlie.
  • Being close to Kamekona, Flippa, Nahele, Jerry, and Max.
  • If one of you is in hospital, the others will all be there
  • Always being there for each other.
  • You all consider each other Ohana.

So when Bucky’s head is more or less on the better side of “unscrambled,” he finally gets his long overdue reunion with his living family members - Becca is still hale and healthy and kicking ass and everyone is quiet about why she doesn’t really look like a woman in her nineties. 

It’s a Barnes thing.  And “Grampy” has also returned to the family fold to check on his descendants.

But we digress - “Uncle Bucky” had to meet his various niblings and nobody was surprised when he bonded with Becca’s favorite - Danny Williams.

See, apparently, a WWII veteran and super assassin had a lot in common with a Jersey cop currently assigned in Hawaii. 

Danny may have taken after the Williams side of the family when it came to looks, but he had the Barnes Gab in spades and also, the fact that Barneses are Sane, Sensible and have a Great Sense of Self-Preservation.  

(Please ignore the snickering of Certain Big Galoots in the corner.  It is TRUE.  We have a sense of self-preservation and we know when it’s the hill we don’t want to die on.  Because dying?  No, not in our schedule.  Especially if it involves dying in terrible, painful, exploding, torturing type ways.

Yes, we’ll follow you anyway.  We just reserve the right to bitch about it.  And wave our hands.  And pineapple on pizza is a god damn travesty - see, Uncle Bucky agrees with me.  This is why I know we’re relatives.  Family is sacred, you hearing me on this?

He tells me all the time that “book ‘em, Danno” means I love you.  What, so for you two it’s “till the end of the line?”  Damn, that’s …. kind of….. sweet.)

Also, a WWII vet and a Jersey cop transplanted into Hawaii have another thing in common.  Because maybe Fate has it in for them or God has a terrible sense of humor, they are constantly, constantly in harrowing, life-threatening situations while following after Certain Big Galoots and making sure that they are safe and sound. 

See, this is the thing - they have had the bad luck, the sheer, utter misfortune, to fall for big puppy eyes, perfect Georgia peach asses, insane courage, the weird and wonderful ability to inspire people to follow them into hell and back for the sake of serving and protecting others, basically we both fell in love with bonafide superheroes.  One is a super soldier; the other is a Navy SEAL.  Same difference.  

Also, they’re both named Steve.  

We know we’re doomed. 

- end -

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hello!! i'm asking the mcdanno fandom which one is your favorite mcdanno moment/quote from the show? (i know it's hard to choose just one)

Hi anon!! Thank you for asking :) Oh wow, you’re right, it’s almost impossible!! But this is my favorite one I think, because the look they give each other after Steve’s answer is so wonderful it makes me melt every time:

D: I appreciate you being here. I know you didn’t know him.

S: I know you.

Other amazing quotes that I love:

D: You have got to start doing a better job at picking your friends.

S: Tell me about it. I picked you, didn’t I?


S: Maybe you’re not as alone around here as you think, Danno.


S: You know, when I say “book’em Danno” it’s a term of endearment.

D: Okay. Do it everyday, I like it.

Steve: *is treated shitty by people he loves and trusts over and over and over again*

Also Steve: Book ‘em Danno. Babe. Man. Baby. D. Boo Boo. Buddy. It’s a term of endearment. Maybe you’re not as alone out here as you think. I know you. I chose you. You’re a good father. Thank you. I love you, too.

Things I want to see in H50 Season Six
  • more “Book ‘em, Danno”s (were there any in S5?!) 
  • more “babe” moments (because duhh)
  • nicknames (”Pac-Man in cargo pants” is one of my favs) 
  • Danny griping at Steve’s crazy SuperSEAL stunts (”what the HELL is the matter with you?!?!”) 
  • a glimpse into Steve’s life as a SEAL orrrr…
  • an ep where Steve is recalled from the reserves (let’s mix it up a bit, eh?) 
  • Danny and Steve taking a trip to New Jersey (alksdjf;laksdjf)
  • more McDanno moments (hellooo)
  • and an excessive amount of bantering and carguments 
  • telepathic conversations and sassy glances
  • some good, SOLID character development and expansion 
  • as well as some new, in depth drama for Steve and Kono 
  • a (extremely delayed) follow up on the whole Wo Fat thing, and the emotional repercussions for Steve (so furious over how the writers totally dropped the ball on that.) 
  • adding more to the Doris McGarrett storyline, and her relationship with Wo Fat 
  • Wo Fat’s father? they could do some good, solid drama between him and Steve / Doris. (after all, Steve did kill his son, and Doris killed his wife. um. yeah.)
  • the PTSD storyline we were promised in season 5 (which never happened) 
  • more focus on the lives of the character, less focus on the case unless it revolves around the characters 

because, let’s be honest. season 5 was sadly lacking in any real, solid McDanno bromance, ohana moments, or any real character development or growth, with the exception of a few episodes. (it seems like the episodes where either really, really good, or very flat.)

what about you all? what do you want to see in S6? (besides McDanno becoming canon, which, realistically, isn’t ever going to happen.) maybe we can throw some of these ideas at the writers. let’s take them back to seasons 1 and 2 (and even 3 and parts of 4) and remind them of what made this show so fantastic; so unique, and unusual and gripping and hilarious. because if season 6 is as dry as season 5 was, it might just be the end of this show. 

“Beam me up, Scotty” is so iconic that even non-Trek fans know that it refers to the original Star Trekseries. It was one of the show’s catchphrases, uttered by one of the cast members at least once an episode, whenever they needed Montgomery “Scotty” Scott to teleport them from some alien planet to the ship. “Beam me up, Scotty” was Star Trek’s “Book ‘em, Danno.”

In truth, it’s the exact opposite of that, because they said “Book 'em, Danno” on Hawaii Five-O all the time.

Take a wild guess at how many times “Beam me up, Scotty” is used on Star Trek. If you guessed any number other than zero, congratulations, you’re wrong! Members of the Enterprise would say “Scotty, beam us aboard” or “Beam me up” or “Hurry up and beam my shit, boy-eeeee,” but never, not once, did anyone say “Beam me up, Scotty.”

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