“The silhouette says a lot with very little information, but that’s also what the stereotype does” - Kara Walker

This week the Brooklyn Museum Library is highlighting works in our collection by and about the artist Kara Walker to coincide with the recent installation of a sculpture by her at the Museum. The sculpture – “African Boy Attendant Curio (Bananas)” – was recently exhibited in the art installation entitled “A Subtlety”  located in Brooklyn’s cavernous, defunct Domino Sugar factory. The massive public art project was organized by Creative Time, headed by incoming Brooklyn Museum Director Anne Pasternak.

Walker’s more delicate work in the medium of cut silhouettes combines as many contradictions as the monumental, yet temporary, Domino installation.

Working with silhouettes in a variety of materials, Walker injects an unexpected complexity into this seemingly simple medium. Many of Walker’s figures display the elaborate costumes and hair pieces of aristocrats in the antebellum period – but a closer look reveals more unsettling elements – themes of race, sexuality and violence appear unexpectedly in the shadows.  

In the collection of the bkmlibrary the artist book Five poems by Toni Morrison is illustrated with silhouettes by Kara Walker that are almost whimsical – but look closer and they are perhaps not  what they seem.

Seeing the unspeakable: the art of Kara Walker; Kara Walker : after the deluge and Kara Walker : my complement, my enemy, my oppressor, my love  all showcase exhibits and works by Walker that use the precise and delicate imagery of the silhouette, as well as vivid collages, to display sometimes disturbing scenes of life in both the old South and in our own time. The bkmlibrary owns much more by and about Kara Walker - just take a look

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frakcancer and kouw: No books were harmed in the making of this video! What a nightmare that would have been to reshelve! O.o Good thing they were being donated and/or sold.


World record of book dominos:

Listen for: pitter-patter of book dominos.
Look for:
~ Uphill book domino run
~ Plush animal reading section
~ Apropos final book title caught by girl


Seattle Public Library tries to set the Book Domino Chain World Record


Book dominos–I so want to do this!


World’s longest book domino chain! Thanks, Seattle Public Library. Via TheMarySue.


This is the best thing ever. EVER.

Hallo meine kleinen Sonnenscheine,

Heute kommt mal ein etwas anderer Beitrag, denn ich habe grade eine kleine Leseflaute. Deswegen möchte ich euch heute von meinem neuen Filofax erzählen. Ich hatte ja schon mal einen Filofax, doch den hab leider im Urlaub vergessen, denn er war in meiner Tasche.

Die ist zum Glück wieder da, nur war der Filofax nicht mehr drin. Darüber hab ich mich ziemlich geärgert, weil ich da meine ganzen Lesemonate und so drin hatte, aber jetzt habe ich einen Neuen und der sieht auch schon ganz gut aus.

Ich hab den Domina Patent in der Größe Personal in der Farbe Hot Pink, den hab ich nicht auf der offiziellen Filofax Seite bestellt, sondern bei Amazone, weil ich unbedingt diesen Organizer wollte und es den auf Filofax nicht mehr gab. Für den Planer hab ich mit Versandkosten 32,75€ bezahlt.

In meinem Filofax will ich auch Ideen für meinen Blog sammeln und meine Lesestatistiken aufschreiben.

Wenn euch mein Filofax interessiert könnt ihr mir ja schreiben.

Alles Liebe eure Jana aka Sunshine


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Steph and Nathan’s day of fun! 🎊 Brilliant day with Nathan clothes shopping, having tea and book shopping. Just had dominos for dinner as well. Perfect day spent together. Now time to relax and feel better hopefully!