shindart  asked:

Hey Richie, I was looking through your work (which is fantastic), and I saw your hand-bound sketchbook, and I was wondering what resources you would recommend to get into binding my own books.

When I started I looked at a bunch of DIY tutorials to get a feel of the different types of binding and the materials. The first sketchbook I made was from a kit I bought that included a few of the tools. Here’s what I use now:

  • 2 pieces of cardboard (whatever thickness)
  • paper for the signatures(stacks of paper folded in half)
  • needle
  • book-binding thread
  • acid-free craft glue(doesn’t affect your paper over time)
  • bone folder(folds and creases the paper)
  • book fabric(for the cover)
  • an awl(pokes holes in the paper so you can sew them together)
  • good craftsmanship(don’t try to rush it our you might end up with a sloppy book that doesn’t hold together)

Go make that book!