'Preacher' exclusive: Tulip wants Jesse to do something nasty in season finale clip
The first season of AMC’s comic book adaptation Preacher has had a lot of surprisingly, and often rather violent, twists. (And we would like to...

The first season of AMC’s comic book adaptation Preacher has had a lot of surprisingly, and often rather violent, twists. (And we would like to once again extend our sympathies to Brian Huskey fans who hoped his character Ted would have a long run on the show and not cut out his own heart at the conclusion of the pilot). But one through-line has been the dance between Ruth Negga’s vengeance-seeking Tulip and Dominic Cooper’s trying-to-keep-a-clean-nose man-of-the-cloth Jesse.

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Can I have a ship please? I have slightly short brown hair -though I want it to be shorter-, I'm about 5'7, but I'm a bit insecure about my height. I have slightly brown(ish) eyes with green elements in there. I love Italian food and really want to learn different languages. Books and -most- movie adaptations of books give me life. I love music and I generally am a happy-go-lucky or sheepish person. I love pastel colors and most music.

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Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman has inspired me like no other. 

I became a fan of his work after reading Coraline as a sixth grader, relishing in how it scared the ever loving crap out of me before promptly moving on to The Graveyard Book to refresh that same feeling. There’s nothing more satisfying than well written horrorNow I have stumbled across this fantastical book where family, love, and misunderstanding come in abundance and I loved every page. I wish I could’ve captured the look of elation and confusion on my face when I slowly realized that practically no one in the book was white– my brain was lowkey malfunctioning trying to rework how I saw them in my mind’s eye. But boy oh boy was I excited and impressed to find a book about black people that didn’t centralize around violence and poverty and no one character was comic relief– the humor in the book flowed naturally because Neil freakin’ Gaiman is just so talented I can’t stand him. I’m looking forward to the adaptation of this with all my heart because it’s near impossible to whitewash these characters (and Gaiman himself fought to ensure that wouldn’t happen) as them being black is actually important to the mythological aspect of the plot and I’m just !!!!!! 

In a rare situation such as this I am anything but picky, but as my drawing indicates, if John Boyega were cast as Fat Charlie and Chadwick Boseman as Spider, I would literally die happy. 

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Comic-Con: 'Black Panther' Reveals Lupita Nyong'o and Michael B. Jordan Character Details
Chadwick Boseman proved why he is Marvel royalty.

Black Panther leapt into Hall H Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con to reveal more details about the anticipated comic book adaptation.

Director Ryan Coogler said it was an “emotional” expedience getting to come to Hall H — a place he first visited as a fan in 2009. He introduced star Chadwick Boseman, who plays the Wakandan king and hero, who told the crowd, “Ryan has beautiful things in store for us.”

Then they surprised fans by introducing Lupita Nyong'o, whose character was revealed to be Nakia, who has a long history in the comics, sometimes as a potential wife for T'Challa and later as a villain named Malice.

Frequent Coogler collaborator Michael B. Jordan was revealed to be playing Erik Killmonger, an expert fighter and nemesis of Black Panther, while star Danai Gurira was revealed as Okoye, the head of the Dora Milaje, the personal body guards of the Black Panther.

Though Coogler was a Comic-Con vet, it was Boseman’s first time, who said he could feel it “it vibrating in my core.” It was also the first trip for Nyong'o.

Black Panther is set for release on Feb. 16, 2018.

  • What she says:I'm Fine
  • What she means:Why would The 5th Wave movie completely take away all of the dynamic Ben Parish had? His motivation he received when he left his sister? Defending & protecting Sammy? Making and completing a difficult plan to fulfill his promise to Sammy? Being a successful squad leader despite the pressure? Overcoming the label of "weak and runner" to become the strongest leader and protector in the novel? Why demote such a character to 'the boy Cassie had a crush on in high-school'?

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