NPR alumnus Bilal Qureshi sent these photos from his prolonged adventure in India. I’ll let him tell the backstory:

The Mahmudabad Palace in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, belongs to one of the erstwhile royal families of India. As the government determines the building’s future in a pending Supreme Court decision, its rooms sit abandoned and unused. Those rooms include a sprawling library filled with shelves of books in various stages of disrepair. The books date back centuries, from British colonial records to literary first editions, and Persian poetry collections to withering maps and lithographs of India before Independence.

That’s one haunting library time capsule.


Some little things about Cursed Child on stage that gave me heart eyes...
  • Them not pronouncing the ‘t’ in Voldemort
  • That rippling effect when the time turner does the thing
  • Scorpius…literally everything.
  • Draco…also literally everything.
  • James and Lily Potter *heart eyes/heartbreak*
  • Albus/Ron and Scorpius/Harry omfg the hilarity
  • Scorpius hiding Delphi with his cloak to act casual
  • Something for all the shippers (no seriously at least a moment for everyone it was great)
  • Dementors being terrifying and swooping and being terrifying my god
  • That music <3 esp those final moments of Act 2 and then the choreographed Death Eater/teacher march in Act 3 Scene 1 A++
  • Good Dad Draco Malfoy <3
  • Basically everything Anthony Boyle did as Scorpius tbh
  • No seriously idk if it was his wig or a creative decision to have Scorpius play with his hair nervously but it woRKED.
  • “Well she didn’t kiss MeeeEEEEeeeeEEE………..”
  • Scorpius and his every encounter of ‘Voldemort and Valor’ lmao
  • The fact there were little gasps and big gasps when different things were revealed like Delphi’s tattoo or Harry yells that thing. The fact people actually cried out when we found out Neville had been murdered. The laughs from the titters to the full on cackling. That one line (honestly I cANNOT FOR THE life OF ME REMEMBER WHICH ONE ARGH) Draco said to Harry that had people laughing, then keep laughing then eventually give a small round of applause because what amazing delivery)

There was more but I can’t think now my head is spinning.

My point is that a lot of people have said that people who have seen the show are blinded by the spectacle of it all, and y’know what? Maybe I have been. I know that a lot of it’s ridiculous (like my bb Cedric and Delphi’s origin lmao) but I also know that it was fun and magical and something new. It’s been 9 years since a Harry Potter story surprised and dazzled me.

Your ships are still canon, you can easily ignore the bits you don’t care for and really, IT WASN’T JK ROWLING WHO WROTE IT ANYWAY SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE IT AS CANON?????

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Remember how he tried so hard and had his first videos all planned out and took so much care even at the very start and how he met charlieissocoollike who didn't recognize him and he cried after and he started as a fan of YouTube and we wouldn't be here without Phil and now he has 6 million subscribers and a on tour literally across the country

this guy who never thought he would be a “proper youtuber” has had two books, a stage show, a radio show, a documentary, and now 6 million subscribers. with everything he’s accomplished i think “proper youtuber” is an understatement

Dessen is, I think, one of the best examples of YA romance because her books tend to be fairly benign. She tends to skirt around larger issues like classism, racism, etc. and there are some parts where you definitely get the sense that this is a white writer (she tends to have fairly ambiguous skin tones, but I remember two unambiguous poc characters that she just describes as being their race, which, yay confirmation! But that sure sticks out as different!) so I’ve always thought of her as a pretty safe read. Though I will warn that some of her books focus on family death and attempted assault.

Her strength is that she’s really good at understanding a young girl’s perspective. If you weren’t that girl, then you knew that girl. She’s also pretty good at tapping into a lot of experiences that most (if not all) girls can relate to, despite the difference in detail, which sort of works its way into some empathy synecdoche… kind of..? Saint Anything is about a girl who feels overshadowed by her brother, and while I can’t relate to that, I’ve felt that mixture of awe and envy and a self-directed resentment. Not to mention, Dessen is fully aware of different variations of Gross Dudes. She captures a lot of complicated emotions that comes with being a kid, and also, alive.

One thing I really like about her stories is that they feature a lot of prominent relationships. Dessen’s protags tend to be girls that don’t know how to assert their needs/boundaries, and are given the necessary development to figure that out, so there’s a lot of parent drama and friend-making. Which is honestly where most of the catharsis comes from. The wish-fulfillment in her books usually extends beyond a guy to sweep you off your feet - she really likes putting the protag in a place where she’s surrounded by mutual and healthy friendships, with caring parental figures that come close to understanding her.

(Actually one thing I really appreciated about Saint Anything is that when the love interest is uncomfortable with attention from girls, it’s acknowledged and validated which! Is pretty rare in YA romance! So that shows some of the societal bullshit Dessen dodges)

Dessen definitely writes stories that I’d kind of characterize as… placid? She sets up a window into someone’s life, and while it’s usually during a tumultuous time, it’s still mundane. Which is what I like about her writing. If you’re charmed by slice of life and stories that are predictable, but fleshed out, I’d definitely recommend her. Saint Anything is pretty standard, but I still really like Just Listen and Along for the Ride (which, if I remember correctly, are two books that center heavily on the love interest, in hindsight, goddamnit)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I’m kind of shocked to be giving this such a high rating. All the negative reviews and general misery around this book has been irksome because in the end the story is something JK Rowling approved. And I liked it. Really liked it. It wasn’t perfect but that’s fine because it’s a script not a book. The transition to stage is what makes a script so much easier to enjoy so taking the visual aspect away you have to be very imaginative to enjoy it.

Now let’s start with my main issue just to put it out in the open. And no it’s not the storyline. I had that spoiled for me months ago so I was expecting the oddities of Delphi and time turners. But it was the pacing. Now this could be eased on stage as the transitions are probably so much smoother but it still seemed rushed. It wasn’t a bad thing moving through it all so quickly but I never quite  caught my breath it kept moving before I’d fully appreciated the moment. Small thing really but it kept happening so I had to knock the half star off for that.

Now good things. The plot. Which I know  a lot of people hate because of it’s weirdness and not really fitting in with the lore. But that’s the great thing about fiction you can change the world to suit the story. The time turners are a pain and JK acknowledged as much. So why create a story about them? To show the damage. They had so much potential to make the main series so easy but in this we can truly see how dangerous they are. Scorpius and Albus’s interfering creates world where Rose and Hugo don’t exist and Harry is dead. They then have to fix it all before Delphi interferes. The final moments of Delphi vs the team were intense and I’m sure are excellent on the stage.

Delphi is an oddity because she seems so benevolent at first. I mean that obviously isn’t the case in the end but she seems almost sweet at the beginning. Plus she is really quite nice to Scorpius and Albus. Poor Amos though becoming something of a puppet for to slowly execute her plans. Only she seems to wing it a bit as the end comes around with Scorpius and Albus helping her unintentionally. All the saving Cedric let’s be honest was a massive facade to get the time turner to save Voldemort. And that is clearly her motive because they found her room. Like it’s pretty clear cut. I think it isn’t a total stretch for Voldemort to have conceived a child whilst the timeline is a little shaky. Delphi is powerful and potent and shows as much.

But the key thing in the book is the father-son relationship. Albus and Harry are very rocky. So strained as the years pass after Albus goes to Hogwarts. Harry just doesn’t seem able to get Albus. Who admittedly is hard to get. He really struggled living in the shadow of Harry and being a Slytherin didn’t help. He constantly feels inadequate except when he’s with Scorpius. But they slowly come to understand each other and Harry accepts that he isn’t a great father. But he can get better. The scene with Cedric’s grave though was sweet. And the fight and the blanket becoming relevant seemed to bring it full circle. I also really appreciated Ginny and Harry’s relationship because it was functional and normal. Ginny still is strong headed and fiery and protective. She is ready to tell her husband what’s what and Albus like Harry said is quite like her.

Then of course we have Scorpius Malfoy ladies and gentleman. And he is the star of the show. Because he is such a dweeb. His introduction with the sweets establishes him there and then as a little bit goofy. But he proves to be smart, brave, loyal and so much more. He sticks by Albus even when he’s being a little bit of a prat, the mark of a true best friend. When he returns to the future and Albus doesn’t exist he literally risks everything to try and get the world he knows back. And when he faces the dementor Albus is the thought that keeps him going. And they secretly meet in the library and are generally adorable. Scorpius though is great tbh.

Like I said I liked it. I liked McGonagall still being a great teacher and telling Hermione off a little even when she’s Minister of Magic. Speaking of which I liked Hermione as the Minister of Magic. I liked the humour all the time turning kind of yielded. I liked the Godric’s Hollow scene. I liked the Delphi reveal scenes. I liked any scene with Scorpius and Albus in it. I didn’t like Scorpius pursuing Rose because hello who have you been hugging all the play. #Scorbus.

Early Signs Of A Book / Early Stages Of Infection

Early Signs Of A Book / Early Stages Of Infection

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Much the same thing.  Also I think I have a cracked tooth, and I think there’s an early infection in there.  I’ve been feeling great for weeks, and now I feel awful, all the time, and the dentist can’t see me til next week. But: there’s an itch and a throb and occasional stabbing pain at the back of my head, and I keep looking sidelong at the notebooks stacked on top of a copy of GUN MACHINE and…

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1900 - Book illustration - Stage lyrics by Harry B. Smith - The Fortune Teller - llustration by Archie Gunn by carlylehold

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