Books: Bringing Nashville Community Youth Together

Written by Esther Phambu, Hands On Nashville YVC Intern

Every year, Hands On Nashville partners with Book Em’ to help distribute books to kids and youth who may not be able to afford a books. To make this happen, schools across Nashville collect hundreds of books. There are plenty of cool ways to collect them. For example, some schools have collected books through clubs. Others have made it a school wide competition to see which grade can collect the most! All the books then make their way to Book Sorting Day where all the books are sorted out by grade before being sent out to Book Em’. 

 As a HON YVC intern, I got to help make sure everything ran well with the other interns. My first assignment was to be a greeter. What I loved is that everyone came in with a smile. Everyone seemed ready to have a good time and sort books! Next, the interns assisted each group with book counts. Not only were there a lot of books, but there were also a lot of memories made. Or should I say Re-memories!! My group and I couldn’t go through a whole box of books without reminiscing on what we read when we were little! It’s great to know that the book you loved so dearly as a child can be loved by another child as well! It all brought us together, sharing laughs and memories. Our community loves, cares, laughs, and shares together. We create great memories that will one day be passed on to our kids and their kids. And that can start with books!