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Some ideas for productive breaks and smart multitasking

You shouldn’t feel pressured to work all the time. By all mean take breaks, and do whatever you want during your breaks. Those are just some activities that I enjoy doing when I’m not working on my uni work. I thought that I would share them with you because they have worked wonders for me. Just pick what you like and try it out!

  • Watch TV shows and movies in their original language. It still feels like a break: you can get all curled up in bed and get some snacks, but you’re still practicing a foreign language. It can be anything you want, even Youtube videos or reality shows. For English learners, is the best website ever.

  • Find an online class (mooc) about a subject that interests you. It can be anything, whether it’s school related or not. It will come so handy. For instance, if you’re passionate about photography, complete an online course about it. First of all, it should be a lot of fun. But also, one day, during an interview, someone is going to ask you what your personal interests are. “I like photography like thousands of people out there” is a bit less im-pressive than “I like photography. I even completed an online class from a foreign university this year during my free time. Indeed, I love to set myself challenges”. Coursera is my personal favourite.

  • Sit with your friends, grab coffee, and talk about subjects that you are passionate about. Ask your friends to tell you more about that subject that they love and know a lot about, ask them questions, examples and so on. Truth is, we tend to feel annoying when talking for hours about something that we love, but we’re not. I guarantee that you’re going to discover so much about your friends’ interests and that you’ll love it. And you’re actually learning a lot at the same time. My boyfriend is really interested in new technologies, and I always ask him to tell me the latest news about it. Well last time it allowed me to take part in a conversation at work about something that he told me about, and people were actually surprised that I knew so much about it.

  • Download podcasts and audio books for your trips. I know I can never be bothered to read a book in the subway and I always end up on my phone so I might as well listen to something interesting.

  • Do more things that don’t involve a screen : go out for a walk and discover a new neighbourhood, draw and improve your skills, cook and learn a new recipe, grab a newspaper and check on what’s happening in the world, remember that learning can be fun and that it’s not only going to school.
These videos will make you want to go on an epic trip with your siblings

We’ve all dreamt of travelling for long periods of time, but it can be hard to choose a travelling buddy we can stand, which is why we’re taking inspirations from this pair of siblings, actress Caitanya Tan and musician Govin Tan. 

They embarked on an epic 12-day trip to party, eat, play, experience and bond through four South East Asian cities: Phuket, Cebu, Jakarta and Penang. In total, they spent around $2,400, all-in, including flights, accommodations, food and activities. With the excess $600, there’s definitely enough for flights for 2 to a fifth city, and thus, a 5-day Kota Kinabalu trip happened!

Travelling to 5 cities with your sibling: slightly more than $1,500 per pax. Experience and bond: Priceless.

Here’s a sneak peek of what went down in the 5 cities and what shenanigans they got up to. 


Our friendly lady flirted and beckoned the siblings over, and Govin… what is he doing?! 


Govin also showed us how to get instant abs in Cebu.


But this joker didn’t do well with heights at the TOP at Komtar.


Govin fed zebras and Caitanya almost killed a giraffe with a carrot at Taman Safari.

Kota Kinabalu

And the siblings didn’t forget to thank the warm hospitality of locals by performing a beat made up in the spur of the moment! 

Book your trip at AirAsia right now for you and your siblings or even siblings from another mother!

y’know there’s an awful lot of talk about the shared experience that was the animorphs series and how it sticks with you, but nobody else ever talks about the greatest plague on my mind for years afterwards

instinctively saying “nice is neat” instead of “nine inch nails”


Can you do one (this is like in season 4)where your Daryls daughter and you’re best friends with Carl but you befriend that nerdy guy, Patrick and Carl gets jealous and in the end Daryl totally loves you and Carl together

I hope you like it! 💕

Since you were a child, your dad, Daryl, had taught you to hunt. He had taken you with him on his hunting trips since your were little, he had given you your first crossbow when you were 9, and by the time people started to turn into walkers, you were as good at hunting as him.

In the prison, you hunted squirrels and opossums, and with a little bit of luck, you caught a deer every now and then.

“Mr. Dixon”, one of the new people from Woodbury said. He was a boy, a little older than you, he was wearing a dress shirt tucked inside his khaki pants. It was so weird hearing someone call your dad by his surname. “Thank you so much for that deer, it was delicious.”

“Yeah”, Daryl said as he took a piece of meat to his mouth to be crushed by his teeth.

“It would be my pleasure to shake your hand”, the boy said with a smile and hopeful look in his eyes.

Daryl licked each one of his fingers and shook hands with the guy, then he turned around to leave, taking you with him, it was time to go hunting again like every morning.

“Ew, dad, you’re disgusting”, you grimaced as your told him.

He ruffled your hair and laughed. You turned back and the boy smiled at you.


At sundown, you were walking down the halls, back to your cellblock, it was dark and the lights were soft when you stumbled upon a couple of books.

You fell to the floor on your hands and knees, you turned around and found that the boy from that morning was there.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry”, he said nervously. “These are mine, I’m sorry.”

You smiled gently and giggled at the thought of you falling down.

“It’s okay”, you said and crawled to sit next to him. “You really like reading, huh?”

You pointed at the books your had tripped on.

“Yes, I’m not really strong”, he said shyly. “I can’t do all that you do, like hunting and killing walkers. This is all I do all day long.”

“Sounds fun”, you smiled.

Daryl had always pushed to be tough, independent and strong, so you had never had the time nor the interest to pick up a book and sit down to read through the pages. But as you grabbed one of the books from the floor, you felt the need to read it.

“Have you read that one?”, he asked.

“No”, you answered simply.

“It’s good”, he said and nodded to himself.


“Yes, you should read it.”

“Can I keep it for now?”, you asked as you opened it in a random page.

“Sure, it’s yours”, he looked at you through his thick glasses.

“Thanks”, you smiled. “Wait, it doesn’t have any pictures.”

“But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it”, he reassured you.

“Okay”, you said and turned to look at him. “I’m (Y/N), by the way.”

“I’m Patrick.”

You went back to your cellblock and found everyone having dinner. You sat next to your dad and started eating from the plate he had left there for you.

Carl was sitting next to you. He had been your best friend since you met him at the camp outside Atlanta, Sophia, Carl and you had been best friends, but her horrible death had only brought you two closer.

“Hey, (Y/N), I found some comic books on the run with my dad, wanna read them tonight?”, he asked you.

“Uh, nope”, you answered while you chewed on a piece of meat. “I’m gonna be reading something else tonight.”

“Something else? What is it?”, he frowned, every night you stayed up late while reading comic books with a flashlight.

“A book I burrowed from Patrick”, you told him.

“A book? What is this, school?”, he grimaced and you rolled your eyes.

“Why do you care? You can read the comic books yourself”, you said dryly.

“Whatever”, he rolled his eyes too.


The next morning, Patrick was helping Carol cook. You had read the entire book that night, it had been so intriguing that you couldn’t stop reading, and getting yourself inside the imaginary world of the story had distracted you from the reality outside the walls of the prison.

“Hey, Patrick”, you sat next to him and gave him back his book. “Finished.”

“Did you like it?”, he asked, a little surprised that you had read it in one night.

“Yes, I loved it!”, you smiled widely. “Can I burrow another one?”

“Sure, which one would you like?”

“I don’t know, what other books do you have?”, you asked.

“There’s plenty in the library!”, he told you. “We can go there, if you want”

“That would be awesome!”, you got on your feet quickly.

“Great, let’s go”, Patrick stood up as well.

“(Y/N)!”, your dad called you, and you sighed as you threw your head back.

“I gotta go hunting”, you said. “But when I come back, we’ll go to the library together, okay?”

“Of course”, he smiled. “Have fun.”


After bringing a set of squirrels hanging from your shoulders back to the prison, you decided to look for Patrick.

“Hey, (Y/N)”, Carl greeted when he saw you in the hallway. “You wanna hang out before dinner or something?”

“Sorry, I’m gonna go to the library with Patrick”

“With Patrick?”, he uttered his name with disbelief, and he frowned. he didn’t understand why you liked being with him, to him, he was weird. “What is he, your boyfriend now or something?”

“What?”, you arched an eyebrow. “What is wrong with you? He’s my friend.”

“Well, you sure spend a lot of time with him”, he said angrily.

“Agh, you’re such a jerk”, you said and kept walking with loud and long steps.


You spend most days with Patrick, reading books and listening to him talking about his favourite books, the ones you could only hope to find someday while you were out there.

It was so much fun for you to be with him, he was sweet and intelligent, but Carl was starting to get angry, he was so jealous that you didn’t spend time with him anymore, and you were mad at him because he always wanted you to do what he said.

One night, after leaving the library with Patrick, he went back to his cell and you went back to yours. As you were sitting on your bed and opening the new book that Patrick had recommended for you, your dad appeared and he leaned on the doorway.

“Hey”, he smiled. “You didn’t come for dinner.”

“I wasn’t hungry”, you answered without looking at him.

“Carl says you didn’t want to see him”, he said hoarsely.

“Well, he’s not wrong”, you kept looking at the book.

“He’s your best friend”, he reminded you.

“He’s a jerk”, you said, still angry at Carl.

“I think he’s a good kid”, your dad told you.

“What do you know?”, you muttered under your breath.

“Excuse me?”, he raised an eyebrow and walked into your cell.

“He’s mad at me because I haven’t spent time with him”, you finally put the book down and looked at your dad.

“You don’t like him anymore?”, he sat next to you on the bed.

“I do but…”, you sighed. “Patrick is so different, and I like that.”

“Different how?”

“Well, no offence, dad, but you’ve always pushed me to be like you and-”

“Like me?”, he raised both his eyebrows.

“Yeah, tough and independent, but you never gave me a book or read me a story before going to sleep.”

“Ah”, he grunted and nodded.

“And Patrick gives me all these books and talks about awesome stuff”

“(Y/N), I’m sure he’s cool but Carl’s your best friend”, he said. He liked Carl, he was Rick’s son and Rick was his best friend, so he trusted he was good for you.

“But, dad”, you threw yourself on the bed, slamming your head on your pillow and covering your face with your hands. “He’s stupid.”

“You’re just saying that ‘cause you like him”, he laughed. You got up quickly and gave him a strange look.

“What?”, your voice was unusually high. “Like him? Of course I don’t like him, why would I like him?”

“He likes you too, I see it”, he nodded.

“Really?”, you smiled half a smile and blushed a little.

“I was kidding, I didn’t know you liked him but now I know”, he laughed again.

“I hate you”, you said as you hit him, your fist on his arm.

“Too bad, ‘cause I love you”, he ruffled your hair and pulled you roughly into a hug. “Now get out of here, Carl wants to apologise.”

You went out of your cell and found Carl sitting alone on one of the tables. He was looking down as he drew figures through the dust on the floor with his foot.

“Hi”, you said and he raised his gaze immediately when he heard your voice.

“Hey”, he blushed as he got on his feet.

“My dad said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry for how stupid I was this week”, he seemed nervous. “You were right, I was a jerk.”

“Oh, right”, you remembered calling him that. “I’m sorry for that too, you’re not a jerk”

“I am”, he laughed. “But it was just because I hate seeing you with him.”

“Why?”, you really wanted to know why he had been angry since you started talking to Patrick.

“Because you shouldn’t be with him”, he fiddled with his hands. “You should be with me.”

“With you?”, you asked, trying to hide the smile that kept pulling the corners of you lips.

“I like you so much, (Y/N)”, he said. “You’re my best friend, you were always there for me after my mom… died. And I just like you a lot.”

“You know Patrick is not my boyfriend, right?”

“I don’t know, you haven’t talked to me for over a week.”

“He’s not”, you laughed.

“Oh”, he dropped his gaze, which made you laugh again.

“Anyway, apology accepted”, you said and went to hug him. He inhaled deeply the scent of your neck and hugged you back. “And I like you too, but… my dad is over there.”

He looked behind you and saw Daryl leaning on the wall, looking at Carl while carelessly holding his crossbow. Carl giggled nervously and only kissed your cheek.

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Wright Bryan notes that a new publishing co-op has launched, started by several investigative journalists:…

Lauren Migaki sends along this World Cup tumblr, created by The Guardian. “I do think it’s interesting that the Guardian is trying to capitalize on this viralish tumblr style by creating it themselves.”

Melissa Marquis sends along this Huffington Post article on share ability. Key takeaways: Adding images to your content and posts will help it get shared on Twitter as well as Facebook!, People love to share lists and info graphics.


Dan Howell x (ftm)reader

warnings: swearing

just a short little cute thing bc i felt like writing it. i’ll do some requests soon.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t binde with ace bandages. it is very very dangerous and can lead to you passing out randomly and worse. using them can completely fuck up your chances of ever getting top surgery. i know some of you may say “its either the use bandages or severe depression/killing myself” but its not safe. hang in there, lovelies.

@phanny-fics another dan fluff entry lol



Ace bandages. You knew they were bad for you, but they made your chest flat. Nearly completely, perfectly, flat. You loved it, but it hurt. The bandages restricted your breathing and it left bruises and marks. You knew you needed a binder, but you also knew your parents would kill you if one showed up to your house. You didn’t have a job or money to buy one anyway.

You adjust your bandages and throw a shirt on, turning to the side to check if it looks fine, and leaving the house to school. Once there, you find your boyfriend, Dan.

“Hey.” You mumble quietly.

“Hey y/n.” Dan replies, hugging you.

Somewhere in the hug he pressed to hard against your chest, causing your breathing to restrain even more and you to flinch in slight pain.

Dan pulls away immediately.

“You okay? I’m sorry, what did I-”

“Dan, you’re fine. I’m fine. You didn’t do anything.” You play it off with a laugh.

Little things like this happens often. You are glad Dan hasn’t caught on to the fact that you were transgender. You love Dan, but you are afraid he won’t accept you and would leave you. You don’t think you could handle that.

Throughout the day, you for some reason had been extra clumsy. You dropped your books and binders, tripped, and ran into a door because you had been paying more attention to your phone. The last two things knocked your bandages loose, so you ran to the bathroom.

You pulled the bandages around you tighter, completely flattening your chest and making sure they were secure before putting your shirt back on. You could barely breath.

You headed to your next class, one you shared with Dan. You walked in and sat in the open seat next to your boyfriend.

“Hey baby.” He greets, turning to you.

“Hey.” You reply. He leans towards you and kisses your cheek. You smile a bit at the affection and turn towards him.

“How’s your day been? I heard you were a bit clumsy.” He asks, concern lightly painted on his face.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just tripped and ran into a door because I’m stupid.” You laugh.

“You’re not stupid.” He replies. “Well I’m glad you’re okay.”

The bell rings and the teacher begins to speak.

The little conversation you had just had with Dan took a lot of breath. A lot that you currently didn’t have. You were basically panting, trying to fill your lungs with oxygen and failing. The bandages were blocking your airflow and you felt as if you were going to faint. You tried your hardest to make it through class, dizzy and panting. You hadn’t got one thing the teacher said because you were to busy concentrated on staying awake.

Dan had noticed. He was watching you carefully, taking notes every few minutes for both you and him. He knew you weren’t paying attention. He knew something was wrong, so when the bell rang and you didn’t respond by moving to get your stuff, he grabbed both of your guys’ things and lifted you up by the arm, leading you out of the classroom and to the nearest bathroom.

There were a few guys in the bathroom fucking around. They had no doubt been there for the last twenty minutes of the last class, people like them always did this.

“Get the fuck out.” Dan growls. Normally, the boys would have laughed at Dan’s attempt, but the way he said it combined with how you looked must have told them it was serious. They left the bathroom quickly and without protest.

Dan let you go, you almost falling instantly. Dan quickly catches you, easing you to the ground against a wall.

“y/n. y/n, whats wrong?”

“Can’t breath.” You muttered out.

“Why?” He asks, becoming more and more worried by the second. In response, you just shake your head.

Dan reaches to take your shirt off, but you push his hands away, mortified.

Dan was going to find out and hate you.

“No.” You mutter.

“Baby, you can’t breath, there’s something causing it. Let me see.” he replies, reaching back to your shirt.

You try to push him away again, but fail.

“I’m not going to hurt you, love.” He repeats until he has a grip on your shirt.

He pulls it over your head and gasps.

“No. No. No.” You kept repeating, tears running down your face as you reach for your shirt.

“No, y/n. Can I take them off? Please, please, please? You can’t breath and they are why.” Dan asks rushidly.

You shake your head no.

“y/n I know whats there and I don’t care. Come on, my little prince. I don’t want you to pass out or something.” He assures.

You nod weakly.

Dan finds the end, unwrapping the bandages that were way to tight, and throwing them to the side.

“Oh my God.” Dan gasps due to your chest. It was littered with scratches and bruises, new one forming and old ones fading. They were everywhere and Dan felt tears coming to his eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Binding like this isn’t safe, babe. I could have helped you get a binder and end hurting yourself like this ages ago.” He whispers, pulling you into a hug.

You had been silently crying with your eyes locked shut the entire time. You open them, locking your arms around Dan.

“I-i though you would hate me a-and leave.” You stuttered.

“Y/n, I love you so much. I would never leave you. Why would I leave such an amazing guy like you?”

You slowly stop crying and pull away from Dan. He kisses you softly and looks you in the eyes.

“I don’t care what body parts you have, love. I love you for you, my precious baby boy.” Dan assures you. You nod and take a deep breath, registering in your head that your breathing was normal again.

“You are leaving these bandages off for last class, you are coming over, and I am going to ask a friend for an old binder, alright?” Dan asks.

You nod and Dan smiles.

“Alright.” He assures himself, kissing you again.

11 Book Recommendations for Thanksgiving Travel!

Is there any holiday better than Thanksgiving?! Between all of the delicious food, time spent with family, and a break that’s perfect for catching up on TBR lists, it’s definitely top 5 in our book. We’re pretty much on Monica’s level when it comes to excitement for Turkey Day!

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And here’s a fun fact, book nerds: The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is actually the busiest reading day of the year! That’s definitely not a surprise, given that reading (or listening to audiobooks!) is the perfect way to pass the time while traveling.

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Are you headed out next week, but still looking for the perfect book to devour during your trip? We’ve got you covered! Whether your travel time is short, long, or somewhere in between, here are 11 of our top picks for holiday travel:

Books to read on a short trip!

Vanilla, by Billy Merrill

A bold, groundbreaking novel about coming out, coming into your own, and coming apart. 

The Date to Save, by Stephanie Kate Strohm

After a scheduling mishap occurs, one student tracks how her high school’s homecoming game, the academic battle, and class election all ended up on the same day with hilarious results! 

Mean Girls, by Micol Ostow

You may think you know the story of Cady and her initiation into “The Plastics,” but you’ve never experienced it like this before!

Books to read on an in-between length trip!

Lucky in Love, by Kasie West

A million-dollar tale of winning, losing, and falling in love.

A Very, Very Bad Thing, by Jeffery Self

An unforgettable story about how love can make us do all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

Girl in a Bad Place, by Kaitlin Ward

How far would you go to save a friend? Find out in this twisty thriller!

Books to read on a long trip!

All the Crooked Saints, Maggie Stiefvater

A tale of dark saints, forbidden love, and an extraordinary family with the ability to perform unusual miracles.

The Forgetting/The Knowing, by Sharon Cameron

The Forgetting and its companion the Knowing explore the truth and loss that lie within human memory and the bonds that hold us together.

Shadowshaper/Shadowhouse Fall, by Daniel José Older

In the Shadowshaper Cypher, Sierra Santiago discovers shadowshaping, a magic that infuses ancestral spirits into paintings, music, and stories. But when someone is killing the shadowshapers one by one, Sierra must unravel her family’s past, take down the killer in the present, and save the future of shadowshaping for generations to come – and that’s only in book 1! 

Safe travels and happy reading!

*Dating Derek Hale Would Include*

🔸Him being extremely scared of losing you

🔸And for that reason he likes to keep you close

🔸He absolutely adores you. He considers you the best thing that has ever happened to him

🔸He loves to nuzzle your neck, being sure to leave his scent on you

🔸Lots and lots of cheek kisses

🔸You give him a massage after a long rough day

🔸Him randomly wrapping his arms around your waist and giving you a hug from behind

🔸You replace anger and become his anchor instead

🔸Slow dancing on his balcony at the loft

🔸Laying on his bed with your head rested on his stomach as you guys silently read your books

🔸Trips to South America to go visit his sister, Cora

🔸"I bet I can take you down.“ “Oh, really?” “Yep…Derek put me down I was kidding!”

🔸You asking to see him in his wolf form

🔸"You are so cute!“ “I’m a man. I am not cute.”

🔸Long walks through the woods

🔸You eventually get tired and he gives you a piggy back ride back to the loft

🔸Dealing with his uncle Peter

🔸Him making you dinner and certainly looking sexy while doing it

🔸He never agrees to let you help in a fight because he doesn’t want you to get hurt

🔸After dating for about a year, he finally opens up to you about his family

🔸He may look like a tough guy, but he loves to cuddle

🔸Putting your feet on the Italian coffee table just to annoy Peter

🔸"Please don’t leave me.“ “I’ll never leave you, Derek.”

🔸Waking up to him making breakfast…shirtless

🔸Making him smile that million dollar smile

🔸Running his fingers through your hair

🔸Nose kisses

🔸Comforting him when he is feeling down

🔸He threatens any guy who flirts with you

🔸After many years of being together, he finally proposes

🔸You guys have three kids. Two boys and one girl

🔸You guys name your daughter after his mother and older sister, Talia Laura Hale

🔸"I’m so glad you are mine. Thank you for giving me a family. I love you so god damn much.“ I love you too, Derek Hale. Don’t forget it.”

For @en-tyler-lee-hoechlin

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Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions w your avenger boo pt 1

Bucky: Having family in Maine was a blessing, since all you and Bucky wanted to do was take a vacation during the holidays. Your aunt and uncle loved having you stay in their beach house, and despite the cold temperatures, the beach was still an amazing sight in the Northeast. The puppy that you and Bucky had adopted over the summer was enjoying the snow on the ground, and you watched him run around while Bucky threw a toy for him to chase. It was an every year thing with Bucky, where he would promise no gifts and then manage to pull out something on Christmas morning that blew you away. The previous year was when he proposed during the breakfast on Christmas morning. So you always feel bad for not getting him anything, until he reminds you that you’re the greatest gift ever given to him.

Steve: There were very few things that Steve could truly say that he loved out loud, and two of those things were you, and being home at his apartment in Brooklyn. So when the Holidays finally rolled around, and you were able to leave the compound to just go home and relax with him, it was like Steve’s greatest dream finally coming true. The first few days of your holiday vacation were spent just lounging around in his apartment and lots of cuddling, amongst other activities. But then Steve starts to plan little day trips, like seeing the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center, going to see the Rockettes, and fancy dinners throughout the city. It was always an adventure, but the both of you settled finally on Christmas day, just enjoying one another’s presence.

Peter: That boy sure loves his Aunt May, so during the Holidays you always make sure to plan a trip for her to come see him. With how much the Avengers had been needed in the past year, he moved into the compound officially, and never had any time to go back to the city. So Christmas morning, May got to the compound nice and early and started making breakfast for everyone. The whole team was more than happy to see her beautiful face in the kitchen, and Peter was ecstatic when he finally awoke from his slumber. She had even brought little gifts for everyone to have, one being a gorgeous necklace for you. Christmas night was full of old stories from May, and even Thor threw in a few from his time on Asgard. Within those 24 hours everyone decided that it would be an every year tradition for May to come to the compound, from there on out.

Thor: Since he wasn’t from this planet, Christmas was a foreign concept to him. But after a few years of being around the Avengers during the Holiday time, he finally came to realize that it was a time for being with your loved ones, and giving amazing gifts. So every other year Thor takes you to Asgard to be with his family, and then the latter was being at the Avenger’s compound where Thor became the designated Santa for the Avenger’s kids. Some years you didn’t know whether he truly understood what Santa was, but it was still so entertaining to see the kids screaming and giggling as the attempted to climb up his arms and legs. At the end of the Christmas day when it was just the two of you in your shared bedroom, Thor always gives you the best possible present that anyone could want, his love.

Natasha: Everything about Christmas with her is perfect, and surprisingly she’s the one who books everything for your trip to her condo in Russia. For a couple years she even had Bucky and Steve come stay with the two of you to celebrate Christmas. It seems as if her love for you during the Holiday season is more vibrant than ever, even her hair looks a brighter red than usual. Nat being in her home country and getting to see her cousins just really brings out a lovely side of her that you knew was there, but rare to find since she keeps up a hard facade for the rest of the world, unless she was around you or the team. So, as much as you’re freezing in Moscow every year, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world than Nat’s arms every Christmas.

Clint: The holidays are either a breeze, or a whole entire function with Clint. Most years, all he wanted to do was just be home with you and the kids, and have a beer as he watched the kids open presents on Christmas morning. You enjoyed cooking a huge breakfast for everyone, and seeing the kids play with their new toys. Also, Clint is the king of Amazon Prime, so he had some of the best gifts for you and the kids. But then came the other years, when he invited all of his brothers to your farm in Maine. Clint didn’t see how rowdy they truly were, and how much cleaning had to occur over their five day stay. No matter who was at your house, or who wasn’t, you were just happy to be able to be home and have the loves of your life there with you.

T’Challa: Although he is very courteous at all times, during the holidays especially, he just already has everything he ever needs. So needless to say, it’s hard for you to find him a good gift. So once when the two of you finally have your week off from Avengers work, and King and Queen duties, it’s spent loving on each other. Sure, some of the time is spent shopping to see if there’s anything you could possibly get him, but it’s damn near impossible. So come Christmas morning, the both of you are always wrapped up in satin sheets, not even bothering to go see what’s under the tree. All you need is right in front of you, with his arms wrapped around you and lips on your forehead.

  1. The new Netflix show you’re just WAITING to watch but don’t want to be interrupted by school work
  2. The new book on your shelf
  3. A trip to your favorite spot - anywhere, anytime, just go
  4. Hanging out with your friends!
  5. PERSONAL TIME - just be by yourself. It’s more fun than it sounds, trust me.
  6. Sleeping in - take the opportunity and love it
  7. Splurging - were you avoiding spending money this week? SPEND IT ALL. RIGHT. NOW.
  8. Sibling bonding time
  9. TLC for Y O U - check out my self care tag for tips and tricks!
  10. Time to prepare for next week! - check out my planning tag for more tips and tricks on planning!
f a l l i n g   f o r   y o u (jaebum x reader)

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This is the first fanfic I’ve written in a LonG tiME. I’m not very confident in my fiction writing, so input would be g r e a t. Thanks for reading! (~˘▾˘)~ 

rating : fluff

words : 2.3k

After taking a running leap at the top shelf for a book that caught your eye, you groaned, collapsing onto the roughly carpeted floor of the library. You were slightly disappointed because the book you decided to use for your final essay happened to be the only copy in this library of an exciting science fiction novel recommended to you by your roommate. You disliked the idea of having to comb the library for another book while the time you were given to finish the assignment ticked away.

Not wanting to make any more of a scene than you already were, you hoisted your strained body back up. You were just going to have to suck it up and look for another book that was more accessible. Just as you were making your way out of the aisle, a tall, raven-haired man rushed past you. His broad shoulder knocked against your petite one, the several books he carried being lobbed out of his grip upon impact.

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Hidden Passageways


Peter Pevensie x Reader Request

Peter and reader exploring cair paravel and finding like a system of tunnels

Sorry its short!

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You were wandering around the palace of Cair Paravel, Getting lost in a good book Peter Pevensie, the High King had lent you . It was about one of the first human Queens Here, Queen Helen. She had written a diary and had found that in the case of emergency, Aslan had insured secret passageways in the palace to get everyone to safety. You were just about to round the corner where the first tunnel was supposedly located when you bumped into someone.  Your book and papers went flying everywhere.

You looked up and immediately were met with a pair of cool blue eyes and a warm smile.  Peter beamed at you and you shared a gaze until there was a small cough. You looked past him and saw Edmund standing there beginning to bend down and pick up the scattered papers.

You and Peter mumbled apologies and stuttered as you picked up the papers. You went to go stand and he extended his hand to you.

“Please, allow me.” He gently kissed your hand and helped you stand.

He then handed the paperwork to Edmund.

Edmund rolled his eyes. “I’ll just go…..file these away in my office then.” He then turned the corner and left. Leaving you and Peter utterly alone for the first time in months.

You both tried to start talking but were stumbling over each other.

“Sorry, you go first.” Peter beckoned to you.

“I’m sorry Peter I was reading a book on Queen Helen  and I was looking for the tunnel and wasn’t looking were I was going and then well..I sort of….bumped right into you and Edmund.” You nervously spat out.

“You wouldn’t happen to mean this book would you?” he said pulling a book off the ground and raising an eyebrow. You went to go grab it and he held it too high for you to reach.

“Peter come on really, we are royalty for Aslans sake” You cross your arms clearly amused that he would act as such considering he was a High King.

You jumped to get the book and tripped over your dress. As you fell you tried reaching for the wall, you grabbed a tapestry which ended up falling down with you. Peter caught you and pulled the tapestry off of you.

He gently brushed a strand of hair from your eyes as a blush crept across your face.  

“By the Grace of Aslan” he stared at you and caressed your cheek with his hand. “I have never seen a more beautiful women in all my life.” His voice caught and he was nervous. He leaned in and gently kissed you. It was slow and passionate and left you wanting more. But a soft breeze suddenly crept past you both and you regrettably pulled apart to see the source.

A part of the wall was slowly sliding away to one side to reveal a hidden passageway.

You both grinned at the sight of it. Peter took your hand in his and kissed it. “Shall we?’ he said his eyes glinting with a hint of mischief and excitement. You laughed and the two of you stepped in to explore the hidden tunnels.

. Should I continue this?

anonymous asked:

Senpai, how about mc having abilities, like, she can heat up stuff or her breath makes objects alive, etc. But she has a hard life (being experiment). The RFA+V+Saeran find out & help mc to overcome the past by convince her that she's special. ❤umods


You don’t even understand how long it took to come up with this and then write it

But I did it

I hope it’s what you were hoping for anon!! ^^


Yoosung (An extra good luck charm)

  • You’re super lucky, but that’s gotta be evened out… so you’re SUPER clumsy
  • Yoosung learns this when you accidentally spill your hot coffee on yourself, and dropped your books, and tripped on your shoelaces all in the same ten minutes
  • “Geez, you’re really clumsy, aren’t you?”
  • “That’s only the half of it” you say, “but if you wanna win some of the lottery I might be able to help”
  • And so you revealed your luck
  • And he’s like really surprised?? 
  • You guys have known each other for months and only now you’ve told him, and that’s okay and all
  • but are you the reason he’s been acing all of his tests at college?? Yes, you are indeed
  • He’s so psyched about it, but you feel insecure over it
  • “You aren’t just gonna use me, are you..?”
  • “Why would you think that?? MC it’s amazing you have these powers, but you’re so much more than that. I’m here with you for everything! I’m not just gonna stay for the good, I promise. You’re so special, but it’s not just your powers making you special”
  • No one has ever really told you that before
  • And it’s so comforting to hear

Jaehee (Heats stuff up)

  • You had conveniently left out the fact you can warm stuff up in the time you’ve been with Jaehee
  • But you’ve also been quite the helping hand for her, making her coffee in the early morning before work, before she was even up. She had no clue you just heated up the water for it by yourself, ‘cause boiling the water took too long and it was a lot easier for you to just warm it up
  • She didn’t know until she caught you
  • You were just standing in the kitchen with her mug in your hands, and all the sudden it went from chill to boiling
  • You didn’t notice her standing there watching you until you set the cup on the table. You proceeded to flush a bright red
  • Honestly she didn’t know what to think?
  • “What’d you just do?”
  • “Um… warmed it up”
  • “Really? How’d you do it?”
  • “Um. With my hands”
  • You explained it to her then, ‘cause there was no use keeping it secret anymore. And because everyone over reacts, you expected her to freak out and over react about it too
  • But she was just like,
  • “Cool” (:
  • “You’ll have to show me more of what you can do sometime”
  • And she carried on
  • And seeing her, you could too
  • Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all

Zen (Changes appearance)

  • You have the ability to change how you look. You can tweak your hair color, your face shape, etc. You can’t tweak your height or build or your scars, which believe me, you have your fair share of after all the experiments
  • Zen just assumed you wore wigs or dyed your hair all the time, cause your hair would constantly change to whatever you wanted it to be at the moment
  • But one time when you were with Zen, you saw a girl who had a really cute mop of curly red hair and you adored it
  • And your hair kind just *POOF*ed into a fluff of curly red locks
  • Zen kinda jumped, but you spooked and ran cause oh gosh he knows now
  • what is he gonna think???
  • He chases you down and stops you, and you explain it to him
  • And instead of saying something he just kisses you, softly for a moment
  • You were so worried he would only care about your looks, ‘cause that’s all you thought you really are
  • “You aren’t just your looks” he says “it takes one to know one”
  • And it kinda hits you, Zen worries the same thing
  • And he knows exactly how it’s like
  • And exactly the right things to help you feel better about it
  • And come to love yourself

Jumin (Morph into animals)

  • Whenever Jumin wasn’t home you’d morph into a cat and play with Elizabeth, cause… why not?
  • It helps you to run off some anxious energy, spending a fair amount of time chasing and playing with her
  • But of course Jumin came home one day when your were in cat mode and at first he thought you were a stray
  • but you were also such a pretty cat??? No cat that pretty would be a stray
  • Oh. And then you morphed back in a hurry
  • To say the least Jumin freaked. He was more or less stunned, and so you explained to him “I kinda can morph into animals”
  • “It’s not fit for my dear to worry over such an amazing skill”
  • You were really nervous so you didn’t notice in your rush to morph back to human you still had cat ears
  • Jumin noticed
  • And when he did, he kissed you
  • “I could get used to those cat ears”
  • To say the least, real cat ears are better than the fake ones for the sexy cat outfit cue Peony’s sexy cat reaction
  • You come to grow into your powers, and you start to love them and become more comfortable with them, thanks to Jumin accepting them and showing his own kind of support

Seven (Controls electricity)

  • You had always been super tentative to touch him cause you have a literal electric touch
  • So you have avoided meeting up with him for the longest time until finally he convinced you to come meet him
  • The first time you two shake hands, you hand-buzz him. But there’s no hand buzzer in your hand when he looks??
  • How’d you do that??
  • You explain to him your powers, and then get really nervous “Everyone only ever wants me because of them…”
  • He just hugs you and holds you really close. You’re kinda staticy
  • “Hey. I love you because of you. I didn’t even know about this electric thing til now. And I’d love you all the same if you didn’t have it.”
  • It’s comforting, it’s really comforting
  • You notice after the hug that his hair ALL OVER is sticking up, and his hair is REALLY CURLY
  • He constantly reminds you though
  • Until you’re more comfortable with yourself
  • You eventually start using it for pranks because Seven helped you get so comfortable
  • You were totally not the one who made Elizabeth the III super staticy
  • Nor were you the one who shut down Seven’s power right before he finished a report
  • oh gosh he was so upset
  • but his reaction was so worth it

Saeran (Mind reading)

  • Saeran never really talked much with you, yet you amazingly got along
  • perhaps that’s because you knew what he was thinking most of the time
  • It’s not that you purposely intruded in on his thoughts
  • You didn’t quite have control over your power though
  • One day you thought Maybe he should know about this
  • So you nervously explained to him that you could read minds and you listened to his all the time on accident
  • He wasn’t happy
  • He was upset
  • And extremely rash
  • “You’ve been WHAT???”
  • What all did you know?? What all did he think about around you??
  • You fled. Later, he came to you, apologizing
  • Why didn’t you tell him before?
  • Because you weren’t ready to
  • And he could kind of accept that, that you needed time to come out with it
  • But does that mean he now has to watch what he thinks about around you?
  • Kind of.
  • Sometimes he thinks things on purpose, expecting you to be listening. Overall, you figure it’s fun to listen to his thoughts
  • Sometimes they’re really sweet
  • hey. i love you
  • Other times
  • i’m going to murder this idiot in front of us if they don’t speed up
  • He may or may not be serious about that

V (Invisibility) 

  • When you first meet him, he kinda stumbles over the sidewalk
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t see. I’m kind of blind…. I can’t see you either”
  • “Don’t worry,” you say, “no one else can either”
  • “???”
  • “Ehehh, I’m kind of invisible”
  • “Oh”
  • he never would’ve noticed
  • you realize that, right?
  • “Okay”
  • He’s a blind little bean
  • It’s not like you’ve gone anywhere
  • Or like you’re intangible
  • You’re still actually there, but just most of the time, you’re invisible. It’s something you have a lot of trouble controlling, it spurs on and off with your moods
  • Most of the time causing you to be invisible
  • But he doesn’t care
  • He loves you
  • And he doesn’t see you become invisible or whatnot
  • And so you’re convinced it doesn’t matter if you’re invisible or not
  • Cause V will always care

It’s like one in the morning now. I’m listening to ballet music and I’m wide awake. But I took a six hour nap earlier so I’m probably gonna be up even longer x)