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au: vampire, 1920s

t/w: cursing, yelling, angst

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“Bite me,” you whispered, leaning closer to Thomas. You came and sat on his lap, gently moved your hips against him. “P-Please.”

Thomas smiled, stroked your cheek tauntingly. “What was that?”

You whined, tucked your head into the crook of his neck. You gripped his shirt a little tighter, held him close.

“Bite me.” You said softly, voice full of desire and lust.

“Is that translation for fuck me too?”

“Yes.” You blushed, looking up at him. Thomas smirked, set his hands on your hips possessively. His sharp nails dug into your skin. For once you didn’t mind.

“Pretty little thing.” Laf wrapped his arms around you from behind. He kissed your neck sweetly. You mewled, pulled him closer. “What is it you want again?” He asked teasingly, reaching down between your thighs.

“Bite me, fuck me,” You whimpered. “Want you both.”

Thomas lifted your dress, bundled it up around your waist while Laf continued to kiss your neck. He kissed your shoulder tenderly and you let out a gasp as he gently bit there. 

“Be still, pet.”

You woke up with a start and sat upright in bed. You felt hot and bothered. A bit of sweat was along your shoulder and your hair at the nape of your neck stood on end. You tucked your knees into your chest and tried to steady your breathing.

What was wrong with you? You hated Thomas. He hurt you. He hurt Ben. You hated Thomas.

So why were you dreaming of him? Laf was understandable but not Thomas. Not him.

It was just a dream, you reminded yourself. Just a dream. You hate him. You hate him.

What was happening to you?

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My list of 5:
1) Sneak out in the middle of the night with someone you like. Drive to the middle of nowhere to simply watch the stars and the moon from the roof. Talk about the universe & everhthing in between.
2) Draw. Sculpt. Or write. Put your tangled thoughts into art. Show it to someone or hide it under your bed.
3) Put yourself first sometimes. Do what you want even if people tell you otherwise. Wear the clothes you want & listen to the music your heart desires. Don’t fall under pressure of pleasig others.
4) Spend 1 or 2 hours alone everyday. Go to a coffee shop & sit by the window. Bring your favorite book or look at the people surrounding you.
5)Go out at night. Dress up for once and make sure to feel beautiful and classy. There is just something strangely exciting about looking like you’ve got it all together but deep down you’re a nervous wreck.


Today is the day for the Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic seiyuu event!

In attendance are:

  • Ono Daisuke (Seb)
  • Fukuyama Jun (Grell)
  • KENN (Ronald)
  • Terashima Takuma (Snake)
  • Ishikawa Kaito (Ryan)

As usual, Yana-sensei drew the contract on OnoD’s hand! This time with a Seb face in the middle and the word “Phoenix” around it!

and YES FukuJun and KENN did the Titanic pose because ofc


Happy Birthday, Dame Agatha Christie! (b. September 15, 1890)


- You will have to show me that you are more than just talk.
- I will.


unknowingly, ape took a job at the new produce/plant/tea shop, valleys of neptune, next door and constantly sighs over the register while (silently) sampling the different kinds of tea on the counter


Epoch (m) a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.

Words: 11.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, language and angst

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: When Namjoon breaks up with you, you’re left wondering what to do. Realizing you’ve been unhappy with your life, you go off to Hawaii. In Hawaii, you meet a cute desk clerk named Jungkook who saves your ass. (Based off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

You were waiting for your boyfriend, Namjoon, to come over. He had just gotten back from New York, where he had a few concerts. You worked with him, you were a lyric writer and producer. He had called you last night, saying, that he would be getting in early and wanted to see you.

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I did a thing...

After months of work and much encouragement and help from @tennesseewhiskey-and-pie and @chelsea072498, I have written my first novel. And published it. 

Yes! I know! I’m excited! And yes, you may have read it as the fic that’s consumed my blog for the last 2 months, but it has been revamped and rewritten as a non-fic story. 

Please check it out! It would mean so much to me! And if you do, and you enjoy it, please leave feedback on Amazon. Thank you so much! 

I’m Yours - Kindle Version

I’m Yours - Paperback Version

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Akashi and  Kuroko Conversation and Mini Drama Ending

Akashi: You found a good partner, Kuroko.
Kuroko: Yes. 

Kuroko: Because Kagami-kun was there I was able to play my basketball.

Akashi: This time, we weren’t able to beat your basketball, your team’s basketball. But next time we won’t  lose.

Kuroko: Yes. We want to have the chance to fight against you guys again.

Akashi: By the way Kuroko….

Akashi: ….how do you end something like this?
Kuroko: Ah that’s right. Here you see… *whispers*
Akashi: Ah I see. Got it.

Akashi: So everyone! Now we’re done reflecting on Winter Cup. But there’s still a lot of time left in the day so why don’t we go play some street basketball?

Everyone: YEAH!

pull yourself together district leader

Why can't we just have a novella about Manon and her Thirteen?

Is that too much to ask for? Don’t you love me, Sarah?

Stranger Things/Steve Harrington imagines - They’re just boys

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

AN: I love the requests you guys are sending in. They’re amazing. 

Summary/Request from anon: Could you do a Steve Harrington imagine in variation of the locker room screen in Riverdale (1x03) when Veronica confronts Chuck about slut shaming her but with Stranger Things where it was Billy (as Chuck) who’s slut shaming the reader’s best friend and in this equation she bumps into Steve (as Archie) and she gets kicked out by a teacher but doesn’t get in trouble because she’s a good kid but is still pissed and somehow she and Steve end up together? 

Pairing(s): Steve Harrington x reader

Word count: 1,013

Warnings: Mentions of sexual acts and some strong language.  

You were walking down the halls when you saw a group of girls snigger at you and your best friend. 

Your best friend turned bright red and put her head down. 

“Hey, what was that about?” You asked her. She turned into the bathroom and you followed. You watched her make sure it was empty before opening up to you. 

“You know how I had that date with the new guy, Billy?” She whispered. 

“Yeah, of course, why?” You frowned, knowing whatever was coming next wasn’t going to be good. 

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You acted like the bad guy in front of her, but I know you’re hurt inside. I was aiming for that.