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It’s finally happening! Who else is going out of their minds over this awesome trailer? : D

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What I love most about your art is the human reality you depict. I find the books and movies are very PG13 and it's always peaked my interest to be able to read/see a more– for lack of a better word– 'graphic' Wizarding World. Wizard or muggle, humans are humans. Sexuality, harsh language, passion, etc, are obviously to be experienced but it's never played out canon-wise. With your art, it is! Ginny in a crop top? I LIVE FOR IT! Draco and Astoria flirting at a bar? YES! So thank you!

Thank you! I think this is the best part of being in a fandom, drawing fanarts, creating headcanons, writing fanfics. I would love to read and see more - as you say - graphic content, because I’m older than I was when I first read the books! And it’s nice to think about these characters growing up just like we do. JK Rowling gave them humanity and it’s one of the most inspiring things to me as an artist and potterhead being able to imagine them growing up and not stopping to exist when we close the books.

So I’m glad you like this about my art! I try to stay true to the canon, adding my own headcanons, but in a way that make someone think “well they would do this!”. Maybe sometimes I feel free to add something more - like a man bun xD - but that’s just for the fun of drawing it and imagining =)

Thank you again!

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What movie additions to the lord of the rings do you like/dislike?

Probably the first and biggest change I dislike (apart from the “no tom bombadil and the barrow downs etc.) is the attitude elves, mainly Elrond seemed to have during the trilogy. Elrond seemed so keen to simply abandon Middle Earth, stating that men are weak and that Sauron will most likely take over, while book!Elrond would have never done such a thing. Like ok, Isildur failed, but don’t doom an entire line just because of the mistakes of one man. Which brings us to the way movie!Aragorn saw the whole ordeal, as he saw himself as weak “the same blood flows through my veins” and almost not capable of doing the task of retaking Gondor, while book!Aragorn was like super confident and the only way I’d describe it is “sauron what’s good”. The movie also doesn’t portray as gravely as the book does the state of decay and despair Middle Earth is in at the end of the Third Age. The book does have its glimmers of hope and fun but we all know the feeling of rush and urgency of the apparent doom they have upon them.

Also, as a personal preference I’m very, very upset about replacing the Grey Company with Haldir and the Lorien elves. Look PJ fam, I got you. I know you had one of the most monumental tasks in the history of movie-making and I’m not going to be harsh on you. But damn did I want to see my favorite character from the entire tolkien legendarium and his band (aka Halbarad and the Merry Grey Company). (I actually asked Craig Parker, Haldir’s actor, about how does he think canonically the elves could have walked 300 miles+ in such a short time. You know what he told me? “They took the tube”) 

Also, one thing I never see when people discuss content cut from the books is Gildor Inglorion’s company. Actually one of the scenes I was highly interested in seeing (this and the elf merry making in the hobbit). But alas, no luck. I also think Saruman’s death in the movies is cheap, cheapened by the fact that he was not in the Shire to begin with. The scourging of the Shire was such an important chapter in my opinion. It shows us that even after the heroes supposedly won the big battle, not even at home they are safe. And for Saurman to be killed in the Shire of all places, the Shire which is supposed to be green and safe and merry, and by Grima, is monumental. Also, I wish they had the time to portray Pippin’s time in Gondor better and his friendship with Beregond. (sighs) Let’s not even get into Denethor tho.

And about things that I like. Arwen. I love, love so much that the movies gave her such a bigger role that in the book. I’ve seen her so much hated for being turned into an “action-girl” or that she “stole” Glorfindel’s role. But honestly, I’m in love. 

Dallas Winston

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Go Get Your Gun - The Dear Hunter / Without You - David Guetta, Usher / Centuries - Fall Out Boy / Sarcasm - Get Scared / Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz / Demons - Imagine Dragons / Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore, Ryan Lewis / All To Myself - Marianas Trench / Radioactive - Imagine Dragons / You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring / Another One Bites The Dust - Queen / Confident - Demi Lovato / Immortals - Fall Out Boy / Don’t Mean Anything - Blink-182The Kids Aren’t Alright - The Offspring / Renegades - X Ambassadors / Wildfire - Blink-182 / Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons


The amazing cast of Black Panther telling you this film is going to be the most badass thing ever!

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English is not my language and I trying to learn it but all make fun of me. I read so many books and watching so many English movies but speaking is also a need though how can I if everyone make fun of me?

Hey there! 
Okay, firstly I am SUPER proud of you. Learning a new language is always so hard! I also love that you are doing everything to learn it like reading books and watching movies. You are completely right! In addition to all that, speaking in English to practice is also VERY important. 

The people who make fun of you when you make mistakes are exactly those people who know only one language and have never tried learning a new one. Shame on them. There are SO many beautiful languages out there and learning a new one especially English takes a lot of efforts because somehow people who speak English think everyone should already know it? 

Okay, so there are many apps for learning new languages where if you know how to speak say Korean, you can teach someone who wants to learn it and they will in return help you with English. There are different levels of it, so someone who is just starting off with English can be connected to those who will help them with the basics. But since you already seem to know quite a bit and need help mostly with the speaking part, you can find people who are willing to speak with you on voice calls (and there will be many). 
Some apps require you to pay but there are many free good ones. You can check this link out,


You can also message me if you want any help! We can have fun and hopefully helpful conversations :D

And about those idiots who make fun of you when you speak in English, don’t stop because of them and remember: 

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It's annoying as fuck to have people tell you that the only reason you like Snape is because of Alan Rickman. This is true for some fans but I'm fairly certain that most of us read the books before watching the movies. Most of us don't picture Rickman when we think of Snape. This is a character who both challenges and encapsulates binaries. Red & Green, Ugly & Lovely, Light & Dark etc. But no, we like blogging intellectual meta so much because Rickman's voice makes us act like dogs in heat.

I hate everything about this sort of comment, if I’m honest.

…because it’s all about attempting to devalue someone else’s enjoyment of a character or of fandom; it’s all about suggesting that you don’t really understand the character, and it’s a crude way of attempting to prove their own fandom credentials as being superior to yours.

But here’s the funny thing; there’s an obsession that people have about being a PROPER FAN - as if reading something a week earlier than someone else means you have more of a right to enjoy the media than someone else, as if liking the books before the films makes your opinion more credible, as if someone who first read Potter in 2017 cannot offer insight into the world because they weren’t around from the start.

With that in mind, I appreciate that the anon here doesn’t love Severus because of Rickman (I am a funny stance in the middle, really - because I love Rickman, but the Snape in my head is not Rickman) - but even if you do love Snape because of Rickman, that doesn’t make you any less of a fan, nor does it mean that your opinion is any less credible.

It’s all ludicrous, and is merely an effort to devalue your contributions.  Just laugh at people who post such things; it says more about them than you.  It’s evident to me that most people who post about Snape appreciate exactly what you’ve outlined in your ask - the beautiful juxtapositions and contradictions in the character…and really, it feels as if people who accuse fans of liking Snape solely because of Rickman are still failing to grasp Snape’s character - because they simply cannot fathom any other reason for liking him.

More fool them.

one time dream daddy rant

   I don’t think people really get how cool this game is. Yes, we have the Bethesda games, yes, we’ve got Sims, DMMD, etc. But listen, we have a game centered around gay/bisexual fathers trying to raise their children on their own (mostly). 

  Its a beautiful story that focuses on the dads being fathers, but also being his own person. His hobbies, fears, struggles, passions, etc. So often we see the parents pushed aside in games/movies/books/etc. or outright killed. They’re written off as being unnecessary or only needed for dramatic flare (I’m guilty of this too, but I don’t make it a habit). Here, we have to deal with those repercussions and what that means. There’s trans representation in here, which has been wonderful to experience for me.

  Just play the game. Don’t worry about the cult ending, don’t worry about Joseph, just play the simulator. Take your time to enjoy the characters. Give the Game Grumps team a break. These guys aren’t Bethesda, Bioware, or Maxis. They’re company is small enough to really take in their audiences opinion. And before someone says Game Grumps is just catering to gain publicity let me be frank with you: the LGTBQA market may be growing, but it isn’t a majority yet in the gaming industry.  

 They’re not trying to sell out to foreign markets or appeal to big-end corporates with heavy pockets- they’re doing this for us. Just consider that when going on tangents about X, please. Especially since good reviews might spark another game, with possibly more options/backstory/routes/etc.

Just saying.

I already have the 3 books by Jenny Han. Tapos ko na rin basahin ang mga ito. I am #TeamPeter, btw. TRUST ME. I’m actually a mix of the Song sisters. I can be Margot, I can be Lara Jean, and sometimes I can be Kitty. Haha!

Actually after the book came out, there are speculations na magiging movie ito. Pero Jenny Han never said anything about it. I got my hopes up because the book itself was and is still good. And then the second book came out and there are other theories that Jenny Han’s 2 books will be a movie, but then again… Jenny Han never denied nor confirmed anything regarding these two.

And then yesterday, as I was re-reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before… JENNY HAN ANNOUNCED THAT MAGIGING MOVIE NA ANG TO ALL THE BOYS… I COULDN’T HIDE MY EXCITEMENT. I was at work yesterday, napatili talaga ako (hormones). Anyway, ayun nga… noon palang I was and still I am an avid fan of Jenny Han. I’ve read her stories a couple of times already. Then knowing one of her works will be shown in the big screen… OMG TO THE 10TH POWER!

Nag-announce na din sila ng mga cast. Nakakasad lang kasi some people want a korean american actress for Lara Jean itself, pero ayun nga… Lana Condor got the role. But, hey… I believe in Jenny Han, I believe with the directors. I do hope mabigyan ng justice yung book unlike ibang books na naging movie. Yung iba kasi parang nakakakulang. Ganern!

Well, bilang isang reader… WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Are you excited as well?

To Ms. Jenny Han, CONGRATULATIONS! I am excited to see the movie! I can’t wait! @jennyhan

ok but why do ppl in fantasy books/movies/shows always use ladders when they’re trying to invade a city? like u could just have ppl on the battlements set the ladders on fire and then the invading armies are gone u dumb fuck

One thing that I’ve seen a lot since the singing supergirl disaster is people saying “why are you so mad, it’s not like you don’t have any representation on the show.” It’s true there is a lesbian couple on the show already and I loved Alex’s coming out story. But I still have a couple of problems with this comment.

1. The idea of representation is that the real world is reflected in books, movies and on T.V shows. I grew up in a small conservative town and I still know more that one gay couple, so it’s not unrealistic for there to be more than one gay couple on a show. Which leads me into my next point…

2. By saying this you’re saying you’re saying that I should be happy with only having one couple, which is what I have. Out of the many different shows that I’ve watched Sanvers is they only cannon lesbian couple I’ve seen that has not gone either broken up or gone though serious relationship troubles. It is the only healthy and stable lesbian relationship that I have to look up to. So sue me for wanting another.

3. If this was happening to a non cannon straight couple would you say that? “Well there’s already a straight couple on the show, so why do you need another?” Of course not, but because it’s a lesbian couple people believe that we’re overreacting when a cast completely disregards and disrespects a large part of the fandom. It’s not okay and we’re not going to let them get away with it.

Not to be bitter but my absolute least favorite thing is when a book/game/movie has like one LGBT+ couple, NOT THE MAIN COUPLE, but like a side couple and it’s labeled LGBT+ as its genre??? I know it’s cool your book got a non-heterosexual couple in book three but don’t label it as a LGBT+ story.

That’s like asking for pepperoni pizza and getting one pepperoni, but people are still looking you dead in the saying it’s a pepperoni pizza!!!! It’s not!!!

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