book textures


Just a few things:

*I love knitting, but right now I am a bit exhausted by it. Probably because I don’t really have any projects that excite me, or that are close to being completed.

*My cats are crazy, and cute. I mean just look at little Prince Ein asleep in my craft cubby <3

*Still super into texture. Transitioning between the cardigan, socks, a cowl, and a cabled scarf.

That’s all. I’m tired and just a tiny, tiny bit overwhelmed. Other than that things are great :)


My current obsession is with texture. I dove into my stitch books and am now in a deep hole. All of my on going projects mostly revolve around textured patterns. This sock for instance is just for testing out new stitches. Its pair will be similar, but I have other stitches lined up for it.
I love it. Sometimes getting lost in new things is a great way to enliven your craft. Just knowing that there is so much out there that I still have to learn about knitting is so exciting.


Okay I know a ton of octopus videos are scattered around tumblr for zoological and comedic purposes but I just wanna say,

to all the squishy stim blogs out there,

look at this thing.

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