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“Carlo: Richard, tell us about the Marquis de Sade. I know that since you’ve been incarcerated, which is about eight years, you’ve been reading an awful lot and one of the things you’ve read is the Marquis de Sade.

Ramirez: De Sade had a large … uh … a large … somewhat large following in his time. He had a philosophy, a way of thinking that was contrary to what people of his time thought and eventually he paid the price for it. They placed him in an insane asylum, where he died. His belief was that there was pleasure in painful sex. He wrote many stories, short stories; one of my favorites was Justine. He talked about the governments and how there were oppressors.

Carlo: Hypocritical?

Ramirez: Huh?

Carlo: And hypocritical?

Ramirez: Hypocritical. Takers away—they took away rights that belonged to individuals.

Carlo: Sexual rights, sexual freedoms?

Ramirez: Yes.

Carlo: But essentially de Sade was a sadist, right?

Ramirez: Yes, yes. He liked to inflict pain.”

- From Philip Carlo’s The Night Stalker

February 20

Claw is a wanderer and a barbarian in an apparently prehistoric age who battles various wizards, thieves, monsters, and warriors who cross his path. Claw has a deformed, claw-like right hand, the result of a curse which has been placed on his family. Claw the Unconquered #1 (February 20, 1975) debuted in a period when DC Comics launched a record number of new titles. The adventures of Claw, whose real name was Valcan, took place “in the realm of Pytharia” in a vaguely defined setting which resembled Earth’s prehistory. His first adventure pitted him against “Occulas of the Yellow Eye,” an evil sorcerer and king who was revealed to have murdered Claw’s father, who had also had a deformed hand like his son. Occulas had received a prophecy which predicted that a claw-handed man would defeat him, and that prophecy became his reason for persecuting Valcan and his father. In later stories it was revealed that Claw existed on the same world (Pytharia) as the original Starfire, which is apparently not Earth. Both Starfire and Claw were revealed as two of the “eternal champions of the Sornaii.” The implications of this revelation were never explored.


A man by the name of Daniel James Howell, has been released on May 28 2016, after stalking Philip Michael Lester (aka) @amazingphil for 11 years. His message to trash cans all over the world was “ stalk him until he loves you!”

“Since he had murdered his first 2 victims, he’d been thinking long and hard about who he was and what’s was he about, and he decided to commit himself totally to domination. To murder. For him, the act of killing had become the ultimate high; for him, that’s what life was now about.” 

- Philip Carlo’s Book (The Night Stalker) 

A Few Free True Crime Ebooks Pt. 2


The Serial Killers: The Night Stalker

Criminal Partners: True Criminal Cases Committed by Teams of Two (Murder, Scandals and Mayhem Book 10)

JACK the RIPPER: An Introduction to: Jack the Ripper

Kidnapping My Daughter

“He had no friends and was very untrusting of people-the consumate loner. Often he’d stay in his room from sundown to sunrise, shooting up cocaine, watching MTV, listening to heavy metal music, and fantasizing about extreme sexual violence: watching people suffer, squirm, and die.”

- Philip Carlo about Richard Ramirez in his book “The Night Stalker”


Oh, if only they’d held this angle for what we actually saw on screen; my kingdom for Combeferre’s little long-suffering warning Marius … when the penguin grabs Enjolras’ arm, and all the kingdoms for this moment when Combeferre just gives up and goes back to his papers and Grantaire determines that this conversation between Marius and Enjolras is the funniest thing he has ever heard in his life.

Stalker Danshi anthology cover by Kyuugou.

Picking through garbage, wiretapping, hidden cameras, stalking, threats etc.

Features Matsumoto Noda, Miyoshi Ayato, Satomaru Mami, Hasumi Shiro, Katou Muu, Sachimo, Romu, Komatsu Butai, Azumi Tsuna, Ichiko, Umino Rena, Komotomi Yuuma, Nanako, Ne Sugi, Bunkawa Jimi.

While I sort of understand the love of making the fact Andrew noticed Neil’s clothing size by ogling him or his contacts not being their true color because of staring into his eyes a romantic thing, and I hesitate to say anything because it could be a valid read.

I just want to point out that Andrew went through Neil’s stuff. He saw the tags on Neil’s clothing. The stalker book. Everything Neil was hiding in the stalker book: money, the info for the contacts and how it wasn’t for a prescription, etc. and Andrew has a fantastic memory. These details did not go away.

Anyway, I personally have a hard time seeing it as romantic (despite a physical attraction) or a cute crush because Andrew clearly saw Neil as a threat. To the point he was willing to break his own moral code on consent to drug Neil because Andrew felt the ends justified the means. The stakes were incredibly high for him. He was that certain Neil was in league with the Moriyamas. And he was wrong.