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Some Things You Might Have Forgotten About Percy Jackson

- In the beginning of the series, Grover is 28 years old (making him about 33 by the Blood of Olympus)

- Someone in New York City has a statue of Smelly Gabe on their property

- Annabeth is really good at playing Hacky Sack

- Grover’s Uncle Ferdinand is still a statue at Aunty Em’s Garden Emporium (and is missing an arm).

- Annabeth’s father is a Harvard graduate.

- If Percy had aged with the books release dates, he would have been 21 in The Blood of Olympus.

- Travis and Connor Stoll aren’t twins.

- Blackjack was originally written as a female Pegasus.

- Blackbeard is now running around the modern day world thanks to Hermes’ vitamins

- Camp Half-Bloods address is the first four digits of pi.

- Chiron wears his horse tail in curlers

- Nico and Bianca were never technically claimed.

- The dam snack bar

- Several dozen Target stores across the country have arrows stuck in their signs from when Zoë shot them

- Percy knows how to ride/drive a motorcycle

- Travis Stoll got cursed by the Aphrodite cabin and was stuck wearing clown makeup for a month.

- Tyson and Grover were trapped in the Labyrinth together for over two weeks.

- Kampê is still buried in a mound of boulders in Camp Half Blood.

- Pollux is now Dionysus’s only child.

- May Castellan is still waiting for Luke to come home.

My idea of a grown Brock! He’s just more bara lol He owns a Pokemon rehabilitation Center, and lived up to his goal of being known as a expert pokemon breeder in many regions. He has his own short tv show, it’s kinda like the Doctor OZ show but for pokemon care taking! And has published 4 books titled; Healthy Snacks and recipes for your PKMN , Wild Encounters, Strengthening Bounds, and PKMN Hygiene 101! Also he’s still single and a major flirt as always lol!

Headcanons on why mages don’t wear armor:

  • magic and mana corrodes metal (that’s why so many rpgs have heavy plated characters weak to spells)
  • armor has no pockets for potions or books or herbs or snacks
  • mages read and do alchemy in tiny spaces so armor gets in the way a lot and libraries hate clanking noises
  • most mages are skinny weak ass nerds do u think they can wear armor

Hi everyone!  So for the April study challenge, @martastudyblr and I collaborated to come up with the prompts (with your help of course). Feel free to post to the prompts of the day (and you don’t need to do all of them if you don’t have the time)! Some of these are more “text” heavy answers than photo responses, but there’s always room for creative answers. The written list is under the cut!

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Would you write a jooheon neighbour AU for me? Please please please I'm just imagining this boy as a neighbour and it would be so perfect if you'd put it into some words!!! + how are you? Does everything work out good in college,? 😚

ofc!! im ok, college is tough - but im gonna make it!! we all are ^^
find wonho (here) + kihyun (here) 

  • only keeps one part of his apartment clean: his desk 
  • everything else is,,,,,,,,as you can expect,,,,,,,mismatched pairs of sneakers, t-shirts lumped together with socks, comic books and wrappings from snacks, and the occasional crumpled up paper from lyrics that he tried to write but ended up hating
  • has a dart board near his desk and will pin up bad lyrics and throw darts at it until he gets out of writers block LOL
  • (sometimes he puts up a pic of his companies ceo but shh let’s not tell anyone that) 
  • he doesn’t really use his bedroom, sleeps in his chair or manages to throw himself across his sofa in some uncomfortable position
  • like minhyuk has come over to find half of jooheon’s body sliding off the couch,,,,drool on his pillow,,,,no blanket except like three hoodies he threw over himself for warmth
  • it’s cute though he has a bunch of like action figures from marvel and dc around his desk and instead of actual books on the shelves it’s like action figures and different games
  • like,,,,he’s got 5 different versions of monopoly 
  • friday night monsta x comes over and they play settlers of catan or something LOL
  • has an old shoe-box full of the first cds he ever bought as a kid, most of them are ying yang twins, common, 50 cent,,,,
  • you know jooheon because no one else in your entire apartment building wears supreme and stussy as much as him,,,,,,,and also no one else but him gets a subscription to comics
  • so when you see the bundle outside near the mail you’re like “oh,,,,,that has to be jooheon’s.” 
  • but really, that’s all you know. he has expensive clothes and likes comics,,,,,,other than that you aren’t really sure about what kind of job he has or who he is as a person
  • and you’re not itching to find you either,,,,,,,,not until you get a knock on your door at 8 am and you’re up for one reason: you were gonna get a snack and then go back to sleep till noon
  • but you open the door, fully expecting the mailman or someone
  • but instead it’s?????? jooheon and he’s frantically looking around and you’re like uh,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes?
  • and he’s like “i have a flight in an hour and i havent packed and i forgot to buy an extra toothbrush do you have a spare???? and also toothpaste????? and like possibly a pair of socks???? also sunscreen?????”
  • and you’re looking at him like,,,,,,,well he just requested you give him a literal itinerary of things ??? things you pack in ADVANCE
  • and you’re like wait. when is your fligh-
  • and he’s like “an hour,,,,,im,,,,,,,,,,,,sweating”
  • and he isn’t lying. he’s sweating you can see his forehead glistening and you’re like ok ok give me a second to check my bathroom
  • and jooheon is in luck you have some brushes and paste still in packaging and your sunscreen is used, but only halfway and you’re like “this is what i have and socks,,,uh here you go-”
  • and you hand him the first pair, they have little cats on him, but jooheon has no time to complain and he’s holding all the stuff in his arms and you kind of feel a bit bad,,,,so you’re like “do you need help,,,,,,,,,,,,packing?”
  • and he looks at you like you’re the damn Sun and he’s like pleASe,,,,it’s 30 min to the airport so,,,,,,i need to run
  • and you end up in his apartment for the first time, navigating the mess on the floor, to help get all the basic nessecities he needs into a beat up looking duffel bag
  • and you’re like “where are you even going?” and he’s like “thailand,,,,so don’t pack any jackets.”
  • and you guys finish, but it’s not the best,,,,,,,,,,,but he’ll survive for the week he’s gone
  • and as he’s dashing out the door you’re like “lock your door!” and he throws you the keys and he’s like “please do it for me!”
  • and with that he’s down the stairs and you’re standing there with his keys and five minutes later you’re like WAIT HOW IS HE GONNA GET BACK INTO THE BUILDING WHEN HE COMES BACK OH MY GOD JOOHEON
  • and you run downstairs, but he’s gone and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and as the week goes on you try to figure out what the best solution is: ask the landlord for jooheons number? well he’s overseas,,,,,,,he might not want the data charges. wait for him outside the building every night until he returns? no too much work,,,,,,,
  • so you just shrug and decide he’ll figure out someway to get to you
  • and he does,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,except it involves literally throwing pebbles at your window like this is some corny 80s romance flick
  • and it happens at like 3 in the morning too and you wake up like whAT the HELL is that annoying sound but you go to your window and look out and there’s jooheon standing at the side of the building waving with his duffel bag over his shoulder
  • and you signal for him to give you a second and you’re in your damn pajamas with the worst bed head and some slippers and when you let him inside he’s like “,,,,,,,,i realized when i got on the plane that throwing my keys to you wasn’t a smart move.” and you’re like hUH YOU THINK
  • and he’s like “im sorry for bothering you so much,,,,,,,,,,sometimes i don’t have it all together you know.”
  • and you soften up, even though he woke you up in the dead of night, and you get on the elevator with him and he’s like “oh, by the way i needed to thank you so i got this.”
  • and he pulls out a souvenir from his bag and hands it to you,,,,and you smile a bit,,,,,,even blush because well here’s this (cute. very cute) boy giving you a present
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,you didn’t have to,,,,”
  • and jooheon sees your blush and also starts stuttering and he’s like “i just - i - you were very nice to me - i - w-want-ed to- uh - repay,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and the doors open and you both go to your respective doors and you’re like rIGHT, and you drop the keys in jooheon’s hands
  • and he’s like “WELL good night,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like yes,,,,,,,,,
  • but neither of you go inside and jooheon clears his throat and is like “i,,,,,,,i didn’t mean to be weird and get you the present i just,,,,,,,,,didn’t know if you’d be ok with just getting that or if i should instead just take you to dinner as a thank you,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,i have that choice?
  • and jooheon scratches his neck and looks away but mumbles that yeah,,,,,,,,you do
  • and you look at the souvenir and you’re like “if i say yes, do i have to give this back?”
  • and jooheon snaps back to look at you,,,,,because he didn’t think you’d actually be interested in the dinner option but his cheeks are pink now and he’s like no no you can keep it and um,,,,,,dinner,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,can pick you up tomorrow - well today - night? 

“October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book.” Snacking on an apple spice donut and writing in my journal, fall is such a good season. 🍎📔🍂 Instagram: kokokourtney

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Can I request jungkookie for the small au? Thanks lots and I love you so so much! Take care!!❤️

  • airplane steward!jungkook 
  • keeps trying to get pilot!jin to do a prank over the speakers or say something absurd like “just saw a dragon in the underpass, he looked really cool everyone”
  • agrees with everyone who complains about the peanuts costing too much like,,,,he knows,,,,,,,also 6 bucks for a carton of orange juice??? what is this???? only rich people airlines sheesh
  • looks really cute in the uniform though,,,,like the grey shirt with the little black lapels and the name tag and airplane pin
  • is really good with kids who get scared on planes because he and hoseok always have stuffed animals and kids books packed under the snack cart to give to kids so they can feel better on the flight ^^
  • you’re actually,,,,,,,,really bad at flying. you get super anxious every time you get on a plane
  • and you try not to show it because you don’t wanna inconvenience anyone but on this flight there’s like extra turbulence and it’s making you really frightened and you’ve asked jungkook for like 5 extra blankets already
  • so you can bundle in them and try to ignore whats happening 
  • and jungkook can tell you’re not in a good place so he comes back with blankets but he also hands you his phone and headphones and is like “i have this playlist of calming music, i always make one before a flight if i see someone getting really anxious. listen to it, and it’ll help!!”
  • he smiles as he puts the headphones on your head and gives you those extra blankets
  • and you’re closing your eyes,,,,,trying to focus on the sound and not the shaking of the plane
  • and ,,,, it works,,,,,,you even manage to fall asleep
  • and when jungkook wakes you up the plane is practically empty because it’s landed and you’re like “thank you so much,,,,i know im too old to get scared on a plane,,,,,,,,” and he’s like no, it’s a normal fear to have!!
  • and he’s like “on your flight back you should make a playlist too, i can send you this one if you want?”
  • and you’re like oh!!! that’d be great 
  • and you exchange numbers so he can send you it 
  • and as you’re walking out into the airport you get another text and it’s from jungkook and he’s like
  • “when are you flying back to korea? ill be on my break in two weeks,,,maybe we can have coffee like on the ground and not,,,,you know,,,,in the air LOL”
lance headcanon (slight langst??)

headcanon that lance loves coloring books. back at home, his older sister would always get him superhero-themed coloring books & they would snack on their chocolate milk and dinosaur-shaped cookies after school. they still kept that ritual all the way through high school. it brings him fond memories. so for lance’s birthday, hunk mentions this and though they have no coloring books in space, everyone pitches in and draws all sorts of things using old papers lying around for lance to color in. keith takes pride in his batman drawings. hunk and pidge work on developing crayons. 

they present this to lance, all their drawings messily bundled together and homemade crayons tied together with hunk’s bandana. 

lance tears up and thanks all of them, including keith. 

he begins to color every night as a stress reliever. whenever he feels down about himself, he remembers that the team put time and effort into doing this for him, and so he goes to bed with a smile on his face and dreams of home.