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Request: ‘Can you do a Jughead x Reader request where the reader is always flirting with Jug and everyone but him notices it. And then towards the end he asks them if they were flirting with him and they say something like “well it’s about damn time you noticed.” I love you xxx’ (Thanks for the request girly, it’s probably not 100% what you had in mind but I hope you like it xx)

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: None, just some fluff to brighten your day x

Word Count: 2263

For someone so smart you’d like to think Jughead Jones would be able to pick up on the basic human interaction of flirting, for some reason it just didn’t seem to register with him.

 Y/N had been trying for months now to no avail. It all started the day she realised she had deeper feelings for the dark haired boy, rather than just a platonic friendship. She could recall the exact moment with spectacular clarity.

 It was before the Twilight drive-ins closed, he had asked her (as well as the rest of the gang) to come down and watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. She remembered him calling it a ‘cinematic masterpiece’ and how we would all be missing out on ‘one of the greatest films of our time’ if we didn’t attend. She remembered the way his eyes got excited when he talked about it, they lit up the same way when he would find a new piece of information for his novel or when she would tell him how proud she was to be friends with such a talented writer.

 It was when they were all sitting in the back of the Kevin Kellers truck; she was seated next to Jughead who was staring intently at the screen literally mouthing every word that came out of the characters mouths. She remembered looking up at his face, which was illuminated by the white light of the screen, that seeing him so happy made her feel things that she hadn’t quite registered before, it was in that moment she had first realized her true feelings of affection for Jughead Jones, and it had plagued her every since.

 Fast forward a couple of months and Y/N had tried her very best to flirt with him, to try and show her interest. She would find any excuse to talk to him, she was so interested in anything he had to say, and her subtle laser focus would find him straight away in any room.

 And despite her best efforts she always got flustered around him, especially when he would occasionally tuck the free falling pieces of hair behind her ear when she didn’t notice (this was something he had always done, but she was only just starting to overanalyze it now).

 The unfortunate thing was, however, that he never seemed to reciprocate it or even notice that she was ‘flirting’, he was always so casual with every interaction they had. While her heart rate would be going a million miles per hour his would seemingly be steady and calm. It was getting to the point where she was ready to give up, and where she was starting to accept that a friendship would be all she would get.

 That was until the day Veronica Lodge, a very good friend of Y/N’s, insisted on having a ‘girl talk’ session after school on a Friday. The two girls sat in a red cushioned booth in the warm homey atmosphere of Pop’s Choc-lit-shoppe, a popular hangout for the teens of Riverdale.

 “Look Y/N, I’ve been watching your attempts at flirting with Holden Caulfield for a while now and I’m just going to be straight with you” the Raven-haired girl started. “Jughead is smart yes, nobody is denying his genius with the written word, however girl, you really need to just ask the boy out, I can tell what your intentions with him are but unfortunately sometimes boys just need it given to them plain and simple”.

 Y/N knew deep down that Veronica was right, she was just way too nervous to be so bold as to ask him out. “Ronnie, how the hell do I ask him out though, I mean what if he says no and I loose him completely” Y/N replied now fiddling with the straw of her strawberry milkshake nervously.

 Veronica gave the Y/H/C haired girl a soft smile, “I’ve said this to Betty and now I’ll say the same to you” she cleared her throat “Slay your dragons Y/N Y/L/N, don’t live your life with what if’s, you’ll never be happy until you know for sure”.

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Here’s an unlettered preview of the upcoming Jughead #11!  LOOK AT THE GREAT WORK DEREK DID, AHHH, I LOVE IT.  Sabrina looks amazing!  That horse looks amazing!!  Here’s the solicit:

  • In our last issue, a disastrous date causes Sabrina to curse Jughead and take her revenge! Guess what? In this issue, this is still a thing!
  • The mysterious Sabrina reveals what her ENTIRE DEAL is! And let’s say the not-at-all mysterious Jughead reveals something too! 
  • (It’s whether or not he still likes burgers) 
  • (he does) 
  • Conflict! Burgers! Jokes! All mixed together in a recipe so delightful that we could only call it… “Conflict Burger Jokes #1”!! 
  • Never mind, I just got word we’re calling it “JUGHEAD #11”; that works too.

Words by me, art by Derek Charm, on sale the 30th of November at your local Pop’s Comic Book Shoppe!

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“Of course we have that in stock,” said Al, with a little scoff. “What do you think we are–the book shoppe?” He made a face, but then started typing at the computer by the register. 

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“Lemme look it up for you–while you’re here, may I interested you in joining the Al’s Comic Barn List Serv? Find out about promotions, specials, and subscribe to my daily newsletter.”

“You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

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and furthermore we dont care

Today my book Graveyard Quest is released! Go to a book store or comic shoppe and tell them HEY! I want Graveyard Quest please. Then they’ll probably hand it over in exchange for the money required to get it (about $20). So yeah! please! Go grab that sucka! Thank you! One more then we’re done with this.

do u ever think about walking into a record store in 20 years and seeing a poster up for animal collectives 2nd farewell tour then watching an 18 year old buy a “teen suicide- greatest hits” CD and a 33 1/3 book for floral shoppe

americanfacepalm  asked:

(MUAHAHAHA HERE'S SHADOWPYRE--) Most normal people hung out in the commons, or anywhere besides Nightside. However, Tabitha Ravenpyre was far from normal. She preferred to sit under Mortis to either talk to him, or watch spirits come and go in her free time. Occasionally, every now and then, a fellow Necromancer named Gus would drag her along for an adventure. This was one of those times.

Gus stumbled out from the doors to the Death classroom, a book clenched tightly under his knuckles.

“Hey, Tabs!"  He called out, running to where he knew she usually sat.  "You’ll never believe what I found in this book!"  He held up a decidedly new copy of Twelve Abandoned Locations in Marleybone by Thomas Waggner.  "Ed let me borrow this one; she found it at a book shoppe.  Ever heard of … the Barkingham Watch Factory?"  He paused for effect, a grin splitting his face.