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What is your opinion of sex in YA , or on author who makes sure their YA (shelved in the children's areas!!!) is jammed pack with sex scenes. I mean not just hinted, it's greatly described like erotica like "velvet wrapped steel". I'm just curious.

Well clearly I support accurate portrayals of sex (and contraception) in YA. Completely sanitizing books for teens doesn’t make sense to me. Teens deal with real issues and real lives. Portraying relationships, particularly healthy, consenting ones, is extremely important. On a personal level, I prefer writing cut to black romance scenes but that’s just me. More explicit scenes are a different ballgame.  I’ll read it but that’s not where my talent in writing lies. We don’t have a ratings system in literature the same way movies do (or television), so it can get tricky.

YA is a bit of a crossroads so it’s difficult to distinguish older end from younger end. There’s lots of MG-YA cross as well as YA-adult/new adult (I think). It comes down to booksellers or librarians or parents being aware, I guess? But teens can handle a lot more than most think and I think they’re usually the best judge of themselves. But erotica in kids books (under 14) or presented as something for children seems a little much to me. I don’t think it really happens though. At least in my experience.

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. Scissors
  2. Bandaids
  3. A book, probably
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Granola bars

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. My collection of dragon figures and dragon stuffed animals
  2. The scythe I made for my Maka Albarn costume
  3. Anime cell phone charms
  4. Poster of Machu Picchu
  5. Overly full bookshelves in my closet

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. I want to get my original fiction published someday, but that means I have to finish one (or some) of my current WIPs and do a crazy amount of editing
  2. Travel to more places (New Zealand, Japan, England, Italy, etc.)
  3. And on that note, I want to become fluent in languages other than English
  4. Find a niche in archaeology I’m really passionate about so that I can focus my goals more
  5. Ask a girl to dance at the place where I do swing dance (no one in particular, I just want to dance with cute girls – but I need get better at being a lead first)

Five things that make me feel happy:

  1. Reading!!!
  2. I love playing board games and card games with my family
  3. Brooklyn Nine Nine always makes me smile
  4. Knitting is calming and it’s something I can do it while I watch Netflix
  5. Finding people who like the same things I do

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. Bungou Stray Dogs
  2. The Adventure Zone
  3. Honestly those two are most of what I’m into at the moment, though I do still read things for other fandoms.  I’ve been rereading all of my bookmarked Miraculous Ladybug fics.
  4. I don’t really play video games, but I’m going through Tales from the Borderlands with my brother, which is cool so far
  5. I’ve been craving Wegman’s chocolate chip cookies for weeks now, so I guess you could say I’m into those

Five things on my to do list:

  1. Finalize my housing situation for the fall
  2. Make dentist and doctor’s appointments, which I’ve been avoiding because talking on the phone is stressful
  3. Figure out which craft fairs I’m going to with my mother this summer so I can get those Saturdays off
  4. Reread the Dragon’s Wild series by Robert Asprin (and probably his MYTH series too)
  5. Get my friends into TAZ so I can cry with them about how much I love Magnus and Merle and Taako and Lucretia and Angus and the Voidfish and Carey and Killian. Edit: how did I forget Kravitz, I love him a lot

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five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • wallet
  • phone
  • hand sanitizer
  • a book (even if i’m not always reading i just like having a book in my bag; also in case i get bored i’d have something to do)
  • lipstick

five things in my bedroom:

  • a stuffed bear from my friend
  • memorabilias from grade school/high school 
  • framed picture of me and my best friend (i’ve been friends with her since i was 7)
  • posters from my younger weeb days i never bothered to take down
  • bookshelf

five things i’ve always wanted to do in my life:

  • find a job that makes me happy
  • live alone 
  • learn to dance (don’t laugh at me pls i’ve just always wanted to but i’m about as good as taylor swift when it comes to dancing so yeah)
  • travel the world
  • be less awkward 

five things that make me happy:

  • books
  • spending time with family and friends
  • doggos
  • sleeping in
  • skirts/dresses with pockets!! 

five things on my to-do list:

  • graduate sometime this year please LOL
  • catch up with all the shows i stopped watching after i got sucked in by anime
  • read more (well at least the books i’ve bought this year)
  • learn how to actually cook
  • be a more responsible adult

five things people may not know about me:

  • i’m an only child
  • i’m studying language and literature but i regret it so much (took me 5 yrs to realize this) and now i’m just slowly dying
  • i don’t know how to ride a bike
  • i love james bond so much
  • i’m not even watching anime anymore lol i’m sorry

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stuff my big sister and i have said to each other sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to suit your muse!

  • “college is fun. trust me.”
  • “what a lovely shade of basic you’re wearing. where can i get it? can i get it at macy’s?”
  • “let’s get slushies…on you!”
  • “we’re not telling mom, right?”
  • “you don’t want your boobs entering the room before you do.”
  • “i’m not good at taking care of drunk people.”
  • “hey, i wasn’t the one here that was dropped twice as a child.”
  • “she jumped from the top bunk and to the couch and broke the futon.”
  • “your boyfriend finally followed me back on instagram after a year.”
  • “if i had your eyes on my face, i’d be perfect.”
  • “you wanna get starbucks? i want starbucks! let’s get starbucks!”
  • “remember when that boy cornered you on the couch and i left you there?”
  • “you’re throwing so much shade, we may as well be under an umbrella. tell me everything!”
  • “date a boy with a dog, you’ll be ten times happier.”
  • “we aren’t wombmates! we weren’t in the womb at the same time!”
  • “i look like 2007 threw up on me.”
  • “your friends are annoying.”
  • “the speed limit is a limit, not a suggestion.”
  • “MISS ME?!”
  • “we don’t speak of this to anyone.”
  • “my life all through middle school was people telling me my older sister’s hot. and it was really creepy.”
  • “why am i sitting across from your boyfriend at this wedding?”
  • “half the family doesn’t even know that you exist. you can get away with anything.”
  • “decaffeinated tea and chastity, that’s my motto.”
  • “sing one more frozen song. do it. sing a note. i dare you.”
  • “every time you touch my hardcover books, you need to sanitize. go in my dresser drawer.”
  • “when we get older, let’s be hippies together.”
  • “i bet i’m gonna be the family disappointment.”
  • “you’re like my child, i practically raised you. be thankful, you little pancake.”
  • “i may have made out with him once. twice tops.”
  • “use protection. we don’t need any more mini blonde bookworms running around.”
A Gift Guide for The Zodiac Signs

Aries: that new board game, a membership to their local gym, maybe a subscription to a fitness magazine

Taurus: a recipe book, some kind of home decor, scented candles, a soft, pretty scarf

Gemini: a deck of playing cards, that novel they’ve been wanting to read, tickets to Cedar Point or another amusement park

Cancer: a nice (preferably handmade) card, flowers, charm bracelets or rings

Leo: tickets to a Broadway show, eyeshadow palette, a large card signed by everyone they know

Virgo: a premium-feeling journal, lots and lots of hand sanitizer, a book on how to make the most of your day, a day at the spa

Libra: a gift card to one of their favorite stores, perfume, a pretty new wallet or purse, Bath and Bodyworks lotion set

Scorpio: Harry Potter (or any other fandom) movie or book boxed set, eyeliner or mascara, cross-body bags

Sagittarius: a weekend away at a resort or some faraway place, a set of travel essentials, a diary to document their experiences, maybe a book on a foreign language they’ve been meaning to learn

Capricorn: a really nice, fancy pen, high-end planners or a whiteboard calendar, a watch, a nice jewelry box

Aquarius: fandom/anime merchandise, quality noise-cancelling headphones, some kind of gadget, a science fiction novel

Pisces: a DIY book, a set of watercolors, a comfy pair of sandals, fairy lights for their bedroom

Some good things from this past week:

• I saw Mars when it was visible just below / beside the moon

• I finished reading another book
• my aunt sanitized and brought me organic soil for my plants

• I made vegan black bean “burgers”
• my Nonna let me raid her garden and pick all of the herbs she doesn’t use, so I made a few more herbal spell bundles then left the rest to dry

• my friend Sarah texted me about going to my favourite crystal shop soon
• we’re also going to get tea and do some christmas shopping next weekend

• I’ve practiced yoga every single day
• I made a jar of herbal tea using the (now dried) sage and peppermint
• I finished another journal / notebook and decorated the cover of my ‘new’ one
• plus some of my succulents are still producing babies


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what do you mean by south asian for black solidarity? and what do you mean by reclaimmlk?

It means I, as a South Asian, support the African American community in their struggle towards equality. History tells us South Asians and African Americans have been allies for over a century. But too often South Asians are silent about the Black movement because we benefit from the model minority narrative. Too often we reinforce anti black sentiments in America despite being victims of racism ourselves. Starting conversations like this and working towards change within our own communities are ways we can help the movement.

ReclaimMLK is about reclaiming the sanitized narratives of Martin Luther King Jr that have been in our history books. 

“This state-sanctioned, sanitized version of King has since been manipulated to discredit, delegitimize and disinform subsequent organizers who wish to continue his legacy in the current work for Black liberation.” - Page May for Truthout

More info:


Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Pt. 1 (Click here for Pt.2, Pt.3)

Just because Black History Month is over doesn’t mean we should stop learning about our history. This important segment of American history shows the importance and impact of empowerment and economic unity and why there hasn’t been another “Black Wall-street” since.

This is what they won’t teach you at school or in most sanitize history books.