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A Gift Guide for The Zodiac Signs

Aries: that new board game, a membership to their local gym, maybe a subscription to a fitness magazine

Taurus: a recipe book, some kind of home decor, scented candles, a soft, pretty scarf

Gemini: a deck of playing cards, that novel they’ve been wanting to read, tickets to Cedar Point or another amusement park

Cancer: a nice (preferably handmade) card, flowers, charm bracelets or rings

Leo: tickets to a Broadway show, eyeshadow palette, a large card signed by everyone they know

Virgo: a premium-feeling journal, lots and lots of hand sanitizer, a book on how to make the most of your day, a day at the spa

Libra: a gift card to one of their favorite stores, perfume, a pretty new wallet or purse, Bath and Bodyworks lotion set

Scorpio: Harry Potter (or any other fandom) movie or book boxed set, eyeliner or mascara, cross-body bags

Sagittarius: a weekend away at a resort or some faraway place, a set of travel essentials, a diary to document their experiences, maybe a book on a foreign language they’ve been meaning to learn

Capricorn: a really nice, fancy pen, high-end planners or a whiteboard calendar, a watch, a nice jewelry box

Aquarius: fandom/anime merchandise, quality noise-cancelling headphones, some kind of gadget, a science fiction novel

Pisces: a DIY book, a set of watercolors, a comfy pair of sandals, fairy lights for their bedroom

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five things you’ll find in my (school)bag:
☆ chapstick, hand sanitizer, tissues
☆ book
☆ lunch/snack
☆ pencil case
☆ ipad

five things in my bedroom:
☆ comic books
☆ clothes i dont bother to put away
☆ Cerberus plushie
☆ collectables (art + charms)
☆ me, napping

five things i’ve wanted to do in life:
☆ own a cat (or several cats)! esp a therapy cat
☆ learn asl
☆ get a gf
☆ meet some treasured friends
☆ gain weight and be comfortable in my own skin

five things that make me happy:
☆ cats!!!
☆ rent the musical (my special interest)
☆ my parents
☆ my bff
☆ comics

five things i’m currently into:
☆ rent the musical (my special interest)
☆ girls (as always)
☆ computer games
☆ web stuff like lovecore and pixel scenecore etc
☆ xmen

five things on my to-do list:
☆ get a therapy cat
☆ visit junko and amar
☆ learn more about kemeticism and practice daily rituals
☆ come out (hgdfshffdgffsghggfjh lets not think abt this one too much)
☆ meet a girl and fall in love

five things people may not know about me:
☆ im extremely touch-repulsed
☆ i have dermatillomania
☆ i have awful body image issues
☆ i wear glasses
☆ i go to comiccon every year

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