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happy 5 years of the selection! (tag)

put when you joined and how the series impacted you!!

thanks so much @skylars-selection for tagging me!

when I joined: this was probably in october or so of 2013, my friends were reading it the year before so I finally decided to get the selection at a school book sale

how the series has impacted me: thank u so much to Kiera @partylikeawordstar for making this series first of all. it’s always amazing to go back to this series, I’ve recently been reading the best and the worst scenes(judged by how I felt during them haha) like the caning, when america gave the man her jewels, maxon and america in the safe room, etc. and loving it. you always seem to find something new each time you read it, and it seems to strike a deeper chord in you as you grow up. and of course, thank you to this series for inspiring my Tumblr and bringing me so many good friends with the same interests, I love you all and can’t thank the selection enough for that.

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like the leaves
on the trees
in autumn
I changed my colors
for you
just so I could hear you say
I’m beautiful.
—  autumn leaves by shelby leigh
Sometimes people think they know you. They know a few facts about you, and they piece you together in a way that makes sense to them. And if you don’t know yourself very well, you might even believe that they are right. But the truth is, that isn’t you. That isn’t you at all.
—  Leila Sales, This Song Will Save Your Life

Part of my book haul from yesterday’s library book sale. Yes, most of these will become giveaways. :) 

Of these, I’ve read The God of Small Things, The Stranger, The Color Purple, Beloved, and The Master and Margarita. I recommend all of them, but I loved The God of Small Things and Beloved best. Have you read any of these? 

So this weekend is the annual spring sale at the county library.  Today the Friends of the Library could get first pick.  My mother’s a member, so while I did some stuff around the house, she went to the sale.  For today, all hardbacks are $1.00, all softcover books are $0.50.  (On Sunday it will be “anything you can get into a box will be $5.00.”)

She got herself a few cookbooks and mystery paperbacks.  She also got me a box of books.  What kind of books?  Comic trade paperbacks!

  • Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying (originally published as Batman vol.01:nos.440-442 and The New Titans vol.01: nos.60-61)
  • Batman: No Man’s Land, vol.01 (collects Batman: No Man’s Land no.01, Batman nos.563-564, Batman: Shadow of the Bat nos.83-84, Detective Comics nos.730-731, and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight no.116)
  • Batman: Year Two
  • The Death of Superman (collects Superman: the Man of Steel nos.17-19, Superman vol.02:nos.73-75, Adventures of Superman nos.496-497, Action Comics nos.683-684, and Justice League America no.69)
  • Essential Avengers, vol.04 (collects Avengers vol.01:nos.69-97 & Incredible Hulk vol.01:no.140)
  • Essential Daredevil vol.04 (collects Daredevil vol.01:nos.75-101 and Avengers vol.01:no.111)
  • Essential Fantastic Four vol.04 (collects Fantastic Four vol.01:nos.41-63 and Fantastic Four Annual nos.3 and 4)
  • Essential Spider-Man (vol.01) (collects Amazing Fantasy no.15, Amazing Spider-Man vol.01:nos.1-20, and Amazing Spider-Man Annual no.1)
  • Green Lantern: A New Dawn (collects Green Lantern vol.03:nos.51-54)
  • Invincible, vol.01: Family Matters (collects Invincible nos.01-04)
  • Invincible Iron Man: The Five Nightmares (collects Invincible Iron Man vol.01:nos.01-07)
  • JLA: New World Order (collects JLA vol.01:nos.01-04)
  • The Kingdom (collects Gog (Villains) no.1, The Kingdom nos.1-2, The Kingdom: Son of the Bat no.1, The Kingdom: Nightstar no.1, The Kingdom: Kid Flash no.1, The Kingdom: Offspring no.1, and The Kingdom: Planet Krypton no.1)
  • Legends: The Collection (collects DC’s Legends vol.01:nos.1-6)
  • Marvel Adventures The Avengers: New Recruits (collects Marvel Adventures The Avengers vol.01:nos.28-31)
  • Marvel Legends: Daredevil: Yellow (collects Daredevil: Yellow nos.01-06)
  • The Mighty Thor: The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill (collects The Mighty Thor vol.01:nos.337-340)
  • The Return of Superman (collects Action Comics nos.687-691, Superman: The Man of Steel nos.22-26, Superman vol.02:nos.78-82, Adventures of Superman nos.500-505, and Green Lantern vol.03:no.46)
  • Robin: A Hero Reborn (collects stories from Batman vol.01:no.455, 456, and 457, and Robin vol.01:nos.1-5)
  • Robin: Days of Fire and Madness (collects Robin vol.04:nos.140-145)
  • Robin: Flying Solo (collects Robin vol.04:nos.01-04 and Showcase ‘94 nos.5-6)
  • Robin: To Kill A Bird (collects Robin vol.04:nos.134-139)
  • Robin: Unmasked! (collects Robin vol.04:nos.121-125)
  • Showcase Presents Legion of Super-Heroes, vol.02 (collects Adventure  Comics vol.01:nos.316, 322-348, and 365, Superboy vol.01:nos. 117, 124, and 125, and Superman Annual no.4)
  • Superman: Exile (collects Superman vol.02:nos.28-30, 32-33, Adventures of Superman nos.451-456, Action Comics Annual no.2, and Action Comics no.643)
  • Superman: Our Worlds At War, bk. 01 (originally published in single magazine form as Superman vol.02:no.171, Adventures of Superman no.593, Superman: The Man of Steel no.115, Action Comics no.780, Supergirl vol.04:no.59, Superman vol.02:no.172, JLA: Our Worlds At War no.1, Adventures of Superman no.594, Superman: The Man of Steel no.116, and Action Comics no.781)
  • Superman: Our Worlds At War, bk. 02 (originally published in single magazine form as Wonder Woman vol.02:no.172, Superman vol.02:no.173, Young Justice no.36, Adventures of Superman no.595, Impulse no.77, Superboy vol.04:no.91, Superman: The Man of Steel no.117, Wonder Woman vol.02:no.173, Action Comics no.782, and World’s Finest: Our Worlds At War no.1)
  • Superman: Panic in the Sky! (collects Action Comics nos.674-675, Superman: The Man of Steel nos.9-10, Superman vol.02:nos.65-66, and Adventures of Superman nos.488-489)
  • Superman: Return to Krypton (collects Action Comics nos.776 & 793, Adventures of Superman nos. 589 & 606, Superman vol.02:nos.166-167 & 184, and Superman: Man of Steel nos.111 & 128)
  • Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey, Book One
  • Teen Titans: Titans Around the Worlds (collects Teen Titans vol.03:nos.34-41)
  • X-Factor: The Longest Night (collects X-Factor vol.03:nos.1-6)

Also, The Science of Superman: The Official Guide to the Last Son of Krypton by Mark Wolverton, edited by Roger Stern.

32 softcovers (@ $0.50 each) + 1 hardcover (@ $1.00 each) = $17.00 total!  And most of those trades are in the $10-20 range!