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We need an understanding of levels

Folks out there act like there isn’t any intermediate and advanced witchcraft content available to them. Even 20 years ago most of what is easily available now was not at your finger tips. Because of all this availability it seems like people don’t realize what is basic, intermediate or advanced. Spoilt with everything available, they wonder what advanced even is. Everything listed down here can be found online, in distance classes, and in books that are for sale at modest cost:

The basics are knowing the major neopagan holidays, how to cast a circle, cleanse, ground, shield and follow spell and ritual instructions for simple goals like attracting prosperity, inspiration and a little luck. Easy to follow and clear cut ethics. The instructions for learning visualization. You can start elsewhere than neopagan but there will be similar basic practices, and there are hundreds of books of the same basic content and lots of sites and blogs too.

Intermediate material is setting up a daily practice, getting good with a divination method, getting very familiar with herbal, tree, stone or animal lore, writing your own spells and rituals using correspondences and standard patterns, some study of myth and folklore. Thoughtful understanding of gray area ethics and honor. A lot of self exploration and strengthening. Instructions for out of body experience.

Advance material will be communicating with various spirits and/or deities. The specialization in the arts of a particular path or role like priesthood, tool making, bardic storytelling, writing your own grimoire or copying your tradition’s book of shadows. Initiation into that path and optionally coven practice. Confidence in astral travel. More specific and targeted spell craft and ritual based upon your compiled experiences and those shared with you by teachers and peers. Ecstatic practices during ritual and spell work. Deep self knowledge, facing difficult demons and shadows and acting in full accordance with your own ethical compass.

Post advanced: learning the specialities of more paths perhaps becoming a leader, teacher, warrior, writer, or mystic in your tradition. Learning more depth and self knowledge through teaching or leading or even through deeper life dedication. It is not every person who has gone through the levels duty to teach, it takes extra talents outside of the craft like writing ability, pedagogy, and even the luxury of time and space to provide for others.

It all comes down to your own personal level of dedication and amount effort you can or will put in how far you can go. And one can have a very meaningful and impactful practice at any level dependent only upon satisfying their own drive for self knowledge and wisdom and truth of the spirit world, deities and/or nature. Everyone’s advanced path will look different though intro paths can be fairly similar, they all are unique too.

So the above skinny shelf you see before you is the ENTIRE “Romance Section” of this little independent bookstore a few miles away from me (the section directly to the right is “general fiction”)

I love independent bookstores, I whole-heartedly support the idea of shopping locally and shopping indie, HOWEVER, as a Romance fan it really bothers me how so many indie bookstores either don’t keep much in stock when it comes to Romance, or not have a Romance section at all.

Romance is the biggest selling genre in literature; there’s a reason stores hardly ever put Romance on sale (like those “buy 2 get a 3rd book free” sales you’ll always see for general paperbacks) because stores know they would lose money if they did that, because we Romance fans would BUY OUT THE SECTION within a matter of days if not hours for such a sale like that!  That’s how popular Romance is!  And yet to see it treated so…insignificantly…by independent bookstores, is really heartbreaking!

It’s great that a lot of independent bookstores offer a wide variety of books in other genres (the Mystery section at this  particular store was an entire wall!) but it will forever sadden me that they don’t seem to care or reach out to the Romance fandom.  I’d like to think that if such stores offered a wider/better variety of Romance…or simply offered Romance at all!…we Romance fans would be in full support of such stores and helping Indie bookstores everywhere flourish!

Anyway, that’s my two cents

whencartoonsruletheworld  asked:

I absolutely love "Every Heart a Doorway" and "Down Among the Sticks and Bones"! Literally everything about them is amazing! I was wondering recently if there's going to be more expansion on the other school mentioned in Maine, where kids who hate their worlds go. Are we going hear about that in the books, or will they focus strictly on Eleanor's Home?


I want to go everywhere; I want to write everything.  Whether I have the opportunity to do so depends entirely on whether the series continues, which is dependent on book sales.  So who knows?

to the authors
who have helped me
fall in love with words:
thank you for
sharing a piece of yourself
with the world.
—  by shelby leigh
like the leaves
on the trees
in autumn
I changed my colors
for you
just so I could hear you say
I’m beautiful.
—  autumn leaves by shelby leigh Special (today only)

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I remember every empty conversation but
still I dream we turned out differently.
love heals, but it also hurts and
you were the king of breaking me

(just so you could heal me again.)

–I still love you by shelby leigh

kellyskitschen  asked:

Your recent half price paper back books post reminded me of a used cute book store in a Evanston, Illinois, USA called "Market Fresh Books." They sell "deli style" by the pound :)

Haha, that’s fantastic! Glad you enjoyed that post. I’ve seen some library book sales that charge by the pound (“deli style,” as you said)… and some that measure stacks by the inch (um, “porno style”?). ;D