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I am honestly so excited to the adaption of TDM, even though I tend not to like most book-to-movie adaptions. But really, Amanlda is gonna be a splendid Ruby, and I can't wait the the rest of the cast to be announced!

Like I’ve said before, I haven’t read the final version of the script that’s 100% approved by the studio, but from what I understand it’s going to be pretty dang faithful. Any changes are to keep the pacing very tight, and the usual trimming of minor characters/subplots that books have the room to explore, but films generally do not. Like I said before, it’s an adaptation, meaning some scenes will likely be moved around or reinterpreted in a more visual way (or new scenes will be added or old ones cut, giving you guys some fresh takes), but the heart of the story, the world, and the Black Betty Team are staying true to what you know. *I’M* really excited!

life update:

today i went to the gym and finished a bunch of work and organized a meeting for a committee that i’m leading by myself and booked a room for us to meet in and set up a meeting with a web designer to start building a website for my youth group and i just feel really good about stuff! i’m also looking at plane tickets & hotels for a panel that i’m doing in nyc later this month (traveling alone) so that’s cool & new. anyways, this is a reminder to me that even though i get rly stressed out sometimes & feel like i’m not doing enough, i’m proud of myself & the work i do!!!

Huge Update!! 🍁🎃

Alright so I will start the giveaway on October 1st and it will end on Halloween. The winner will then be announced on November 1st. I have also booked my hotel room to be down in Salem, Mass. for Halloween and the day before with my Boyfriend. We are also going to the biggest fair in the state on October 8th. Plus we are moving into our new apartment soon and I’ve never been so excited. 😍 Is anyone else going to Salem for Halloween? Also do y'all want me to post any of the pictures I take? I hope that everyone’s Fall is going well and have a good day!! 🍁🍂🎃😘

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im so late to the party. Milk and Honey!!! oh my goodness i need a copy of that book in every room that i go to. i want pages of that book pinned to my walls and restroom mirrors! i really needed to read it. what did you think of it?

i loved it a lot.. and it kinda made me consider writing poetry forreal.. like im actually building up a collection atm and im so inspired by the realness of rupi kaur’s poems.. i read it over a span of 4 days (1 part a day) and it definitely changed smth inside of me, really felt like being broken down and building up myself as i healed