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Sees book. Thinks, I need to have it. Thinks again, You can borrow it later. Thinks, No, I want it now. And. So, I take it home, puts in in the pile, watching it from my bed, feeling exasperated - because too many books and too little time and… out- stressed much… This is the only reason I can think of, that makes me hate my work - I wanna borrow home all the books always….

Writing Characters Who Don’t Know How to Relationship

Hey everyone, Abby here with another writing post! Today we’re talking about those classic characters, the ones who have crushes and no idea how to act on them.

Everyone knows that one person who can’t relationship. They can’t romance and at the moment it seems hopeless, but it’s also kind of entertaining to see how things work out for them. Today I’m giving advice on how to write that character, things to do and not to do, as well as some ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

  1. So, your character doesn’t know anything about relationships. How do we know? These things usually start off with two things: a crush and a character who has no idea what to do with it. Do they act on it? Do they not? Do they stay friends? Do they just keep staring until their crush gets the message and asks them out? (That was weirdly specific but we’re rolling with it.) Who knows? Not them.
  2. We’re also going to remember that anyone can have no idea how to relationship. It’s not always the quiet kid in the back with the high grades and big glasses, please remember this. It can be the star of the basketball team or the girl who’s friends with everyone. It can be anyone.
  3. Also, there’s a difference between being “good in bed” and knowing how to maintain a proper relationship. There is a huge difference. Characters like this who get into serious relationships can end up being abusive or (more likely) only in it for the sex. If the other person wants a legitimate relationship, things aren’t going to work out.
  4. If you’re character has no idea what they’re doing, they probably fall into one of two categories. They’ve either never been in a relationship or they’ve been in multiple that didn’t make it very far. So, you could probably consider them naive when it comes to relationships. So when they get into a real, lasting one, they’re going to be in love with the idea of being involved with someone. This can often be a misunderstanding or misinterpretation; they might project that love of being in a relationship onto the person they’re with, which could lead to some major issues.
  5. Another problem is the media. It only portrays the extremes. You never see anything in the media about people in regular relationships, they’re either madly in love or falling apart. There’s no in between, and because your character has no experience to tell them otherwise they could fall into the trap of believing that’s the way real life goes. (Hint: it’s not.) This could end up creating a lot of unnecessary drama when things are going fine, because there’s nothing you would see in the news about that and your character expects action.

I just realized I’ve made this more of a list of the negatives of writing these characters. Why not some positives?

  1. This is a relationship, and it’s important to them. If your character cares, they’re going to do everything they can to keep this relationship in a healthy state. This could include things like random little surprises, trips to random places for some time away, things like that. These things are all considered endearing and will definitely earn them some Romance Points™. 
  2. If this character hasn’t been involved with anyone in a while (or ever) and they’re happy in their relationship, you bet they’re going to talk about it. This might include proclamations about how happy they are, how great their partner is, etc.
  3. If your story is set in today’s world, the Internet is a thing. They’ll probably be turning to all sorts of articles to help them out, and the fact that they’re doing this is definitely a good thing. Even if they do something wrong, they cared enough to try.

So, there are some tips to follow. Just to get the ball rolling (because this topic isn’t a stranger to anyone, I’m sure) I’m going to throw in a few examples/ideas for your clueless characters.

  • Being afraid to talk to their crush.
  • Thinking about simple exchanges (saying hello in the hallways) for ten million years.
  • Finally working up the nerve to ask their crush out.
  • The intense joy that comes after they say yes.
  • Or the bout of sadness that comes from rejection.
  • Brainstorming little things to do, like making breakfast in bed or arriving to their house with a bouquet of flowers.
  • Intense confusion about first kisses, when they should happen, how they should go.
  • Long phone calls or texting late at night, being exhausted in the morning but it’s okay because at least they got to talk.

Things like this. I would probably die of a cute overload if book characters did anything like that; maybe I’m reading the wrong genre, but I don’t think I see enough of it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Like a lot of the topics I write about, there are plenty more pointers to give, but I think this would be enough to get you going. If there’s anything you’d like to see me write about in my next post, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in my ask. Until next time, stay lovely <333

I cleared my head, my shattering heart- breaking for what my mate had done, sacrificed for me and my family. For her sisters. Because she hadn’t thought… hadn’t thought she was essential. Even after all she had done

Rhysand in ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas


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you are a fantastic author and I always love it when you open up your prompts! and if you're still taking them: dick is the author of a popular book (under a pen name, of course) and Jason is the book store clerk who unknowingly recommends dick's own book to him

I’ll admit, I feel like I’ve been depriving you guys of the JayDick prompt fills you really deserve so today, I decided to write something on the longer side. This was a really fun prompt and could easily become a 10k plus fic. 

Between the Lines

One of the best things about working at a bookstore was that sometimes, if Jason’s boss was feeling really nice that day, he would be able to read the new releases for his favorite series early. Selina, the owner, would close up shop and put Jason in charge of putting out the new books, and as soon as they displays were out, Jason would be curled up in his favorite chair in the break room reading the newest books before anyone else could. 

Selina was especially nice and let Jason read the next book in what was Jason, an apparently the rest of the world’s, new favorite series The Nightwing. Jason didn’t know how John Robins but out so many good books in a row. A series usually lost its steam, and if the series didn’t lose its steam, the author did. Somehow, John Robins knew exactly when to end the series and go on new adventures and the world ate it up. 

So many people, including Jason, wanted to know more about the man, but he was anonymous, only making the occasional post to his social media accounts. The closest thing he’d done to an interview was an AMA on a popular website, and the book world had practically exploded. John Robins behind a keyboard on social media was just as verbose, but he made puns, and jokes! Jason had read over the interview more times than he’d like to admit. 

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The Boy is nearly towing the Man down the street, without apparent effort he keeps pace with the bouncing boy, you might say he walked with like a big cat, but a precision about the fall of every foot belies that observation.

They stop, outside a shop. The Boy is hopping from foot to foot.

“Honcho, Honcho, Look, LOOK!”

“Jay, its just a shop”

The Boy looks back at the Man, and pauses, a look of, what? crosses his face.

“Honcho! Look! I cant see where it starts and finishes! I’m totally Jaysome at seeing where shops start and finish! And look, the bindings, a shop with so many bindings, they go in and out and back, and, and places I cant see! Its the weirdiest shop I ever found, its Jaysome, but not! how’s it doing that!”

“Well, how about going in and asking”

The boy looks doubtful for a moment, then a grin breaks out across his face.

“Can I? Promise to not make any more OOoopsess like the banana!”

“Oh, you wont find any bananas in there, at least not for long”

The boy reaches out to push the door open, just before his hand touches the door plate, he hesitates, the reflection of his hand in the oval of cleaner scuffed brass in the centre of the verdigris tainted push plate seems to waver and fade.

With a firm push the door opens, a spring mounted bell frrings the still air into life, albeit momentarily. The Boy marches over to the counter, it is covered in stacks of catalogues, ledgers, and scribbled notes on torn out paper, an ancient metal till resides, magisterially, on one end of the counter. There is a Man sat behind the counter, at a desk, his back to the counter, he is apparently reading an old fashioned micro fiche reader.

“Hi! I’m Jay!”

The man makes no movement, or sound, or any other sign that he has heard, or is aware of any one else in the shop.

“HI! I know your not deaf, cuz I can HI! in sounds that deaf won’t mind!”

“I’ll be with you in one moment young sir”

A voice says, although its not apparent that it came from the man at the fiche reader.

“HOW did you do that?”

 The boy looks, not startled, but puzzled

I am Jaysome at hearing things! and that thing came from somewhere to somewhere else, then to me"

“The Man behind the counter gets up, he is elderly, grey short hair, iron and pepper beard, a waistcoat of blue green hangs off his shoulders, pens, and slips of paper peek from the many pockets.

"What kind of shop is this please?”

The shopkeeper glances at the shelves. Perhaps sarcasm thinks about being employed, but something about the boy sends sarcasm back behind the eyes.

“This is a bookshop young master”

“A bookshop?”

The boy looks about, indeed, the shelves are crammed, stuffed, overloaded with books, they have pilled out from the confines of the shelves, and sit in piles on the floor, unstable, because, irrespective of size, they are piled in alphabetical order.

“But, but I have been in bookshops, none of them felt like this! this is Jaysome, and weirdy, and confuseling, all at the same time!”

The bookseller grins, in a friendly way, the lift of the lips seemingly tightening the light in the shop.

“Ah, I understand, the young sir has not been in a second hand bookshop before?”

“No, no I don’t think so, I would have remembered! I can remember like a Jay!”

“Well, sir, would you like to know a secret about second hand book shops?”

“Ah, its not a sneaky sad face secret is it? they can be you know!”

“No, its just a secret, that people don’t know. Its that even we don’t know what we have in here, we think the books might know, and maybe one or two really good librarians, but most of the time we are as surprised at what people find in second hand bookshops as they are!”

“A hand falls on the boys shoulder”

“Got your answers kid”

“I think so Honcho, but these librarians sound pretty Jaysome! should we tell Charlie about them, they sound a bit like gods!”

“Oh, they are not gods, you wont find gods in a book shop”

The two Men nod at one another, the bookseller asks

“Anything can interest you in sir?”

“Many things, but none of them are urgent”

“Very well sir, have a good day, look after that young man, good to see a lad with an enquiring mind" 

"The magician looks, again at the bookseller, but only sees an elderly shopkeeper.

Outside the shop, the Boy looks at the dusty windows and turns to the Man

"Honcho! I am still a bit puzzlified! did we just have an adventure?”

“Yes we did kid, and you can have one any time you like, just go into a bookshop”

“Wow, so, I was right, this shop is Jaysome!”

“Yes It is Kid, but dangerous as well, for those with an enquiring mind”

A little drabble. High school AU, Charles is in love with his best friend. 

Erik looks strange straddled over the seat of the moped. It an odd juxtaposition, his long, tall body and the shining, compact machine geared to hipsters who buy them in order to wax nostalgic over their summer in Italy then sell them when the rain started. Charles thinks his friend might look better leaning against the lean, strong lines of a Harley Davidson. He doesn’t say anything though, because the smile Erik flashes him as he walks down the school steps is wide and unusually sunny. It also steals Charles’ breath away, so even if he was going to question his best friend’s decision to use his meager savings on the powder blue scooter he was standing over so proudly, he couldn’t have. Life was funny that way. Being head over heels in love with your best friend has a way of stealing your words away. 

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