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I’m the Avatar.


Iroh and Mai setting boundaries on what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. 


The Widow of Windsor:

And it was all over. Albert was dead.


Melisandre, The Red Woman.


Day 8 is a– wait for it– doozy!

Today’s reveal in The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena Kickstarter is the Amon Invasion expansion pack, in which there are new game modes including one that recreates the events of Book One: Air Chapter Six: And the Winner Is…, where you can fight the Equalists as a team, or go one-on-one Korra vs. Amon.

The expansion comes with an Amon figurine, a Lieutenant figurine, and three chiblocker figurines, as well as boards for Amon and the Equalists, and Korra as the Avatar*! Plus special box art, decks, and more– find out all the details here.

*If you look closely, it appears there are two version of the Avatar Korra board, one featuring Raava and Korra in the Avatar state, and one with elemental symbols and Korra not in the Avatar state.

This is a $30 add-on, and now would be a good time to remind you that all these extras being revealed are only available in the deluxe Kickstarter version that you get for pledging $65. The campaign closes on September 29th so if you want the extra teams and characters and/or the Amon Invasion expansion pack you have 9 days left! After that, the game will be sold retail without the deluxe extras for a lower price. Amon Invasion will also be sold retail for $35.

More reveals coming! And if all these posts are a bit hard to keep track of, have no fear because we’ll have a masterpost covering everything when the campaign ends next week.

Lost & Found

Hey :) Could you do another Andy Highschool Imagine please? Have a nicht day :)

A/N: Guess who’s not dead?


She was new here. No one really knew anything about her except for her name.


That was the name Andy has grown so accustomed to, as she’s in almost all of his classes. When asked to introduce herself, she always says the same thing. He watched her curiously throughout the day. It sounds stalkerish, but he was just trying to figure her out.

Weeks went by and he noticed himself wanting to know more about the girl. He wanted to know more about the girl who never payed attention in class, but got the highest marks. Who drew all over in her notebooks instead of taking notes. Who stayed late after school just to get lost in the books the library had offered.

That was one of his favorite things to watch her do. She read books as one would breath air. To fill up and live. He always watched from behind the bookshelf, to shy to go up to her, as she smiled through her tears, laughing at something one of the characters said. She never brought the books home with her though. She simply put them away before picking them up again the next.

One day Andy left her a little note in the book she was reading.

‘You look beautiful when you read. My personal favorite is To Kill a Mockingbird’

And the cycle continues. For weeks they would leave each other little notes in the school library. Exchanging different theories and ideas on the current book at hand. Though she never found out who was leaving the notes. Until one day…

Andy was writing his next note down after she had left, not realizing that she had forgotten her phone in one of the bean bag chairs. You can imagine him, startled as she says, “hello,” in a quiet voice. He dropped his note, and fumbled with the book before managing to catch it in his hands.

He looks up at her in all her beauty, turning red in the face before mumbling, “hello,” back.

Nothing else really needed to be said, fore they both knew. They got lost in each other from then on, and it’s the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found.