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A t shirt dress is so on my wish list 😍💯


Bought my 2017 planner at a Kikki K sale today because I just couldn’t resist! The last year is gonna be busy so I wanted to buy a more decent planner and I love this one so much!! It has monthly and weekly view, as well as notes, wish list, movies, books, restaurants, expenses and addresses pages plus the cutest little stickers to begin customising! Let the planning begin ❤️

Just a Few: Queer Nerds in YA

Perché vediamo solo quello che conosciamo. Siamo convinti che gli altri siano capaci di fare solamente ciò che sappiamo fare anche noi, nel bene e nel male. Per questo riconosciamo come amore solo quello che corrisponde all'immagine che ne abbiamo. Vogliamo essere amati come amiamo noi. Ogni altro modo ci è estraneo, lo guardiamo con sfiducia, ne fraintendiamo i segni, non capiamo la sua lingua. Accusiamo. Affermiamo che l'altro non ci ama. E invece forse ci ama in un modo tutto suo, che noi non conosciamo.
—  Jan-Philipp Sendker, L'arte di ascoltare i battiti del cuore
  • Them - oh I noticed you put a 'learn japanese' book on your Amazon wish list. Why's that?
  • Me - you know, just learning new things
  • Me (inside) so I can read Manga quicker, I've been waiting for the Ten Count translation and now I have to wait for Saezuru as well

i was tagged by @starwarsholidayspecial to list my top 9 films of 2016. in no order, here they are:
fantastic beasts and where to find them
captain america: civil war
x-men: apocalypse
finding dory
star trek: beyond

i tag- @acciomrpadfoot @starksreactors @brynndowney @nicxdiangelo and @honeyhamiltons

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman has inspired me like no other. 

I became a fan of his work after reading Coraline as a sixth grader, relishing in how it scared the ever loving crap out of me before promptly moving on to The Graveyard Book to refresh that same feeling. There’s nothing more satisfying than well written horrorNow I have stumbled across this fantastical book where family, love, and misunderstanding come in abundance and I loved every page. I wish I could’ve captured the look of elation and confusion on my face when I slowly realized that practically no one in the book was white– my brain was lowkey malfunctioning trying to rework how I saw them in my mind’s eye. But boy oh boy was I excited and impressed to find a book about black people that didn’t centralize around violence and poverty and no one character was comic relief– the humor in the book flowed naturally because Neil freakin’ Gaiman is just so talented I can’t stand him. I’m looking forward to the adaptation of this with all my heart because it’s near impossible to whitewash these characters (and Gaiman himself fought to ensure that wouldn’t happen) as them being black is actually important to the mythological aspect of the plot and I’m just !!!!!! 

In a rare situation such as this I am anything but picky, but as my drawing indicates, if John Boyega were cast as Fat Charlie and Chadwick Boseman as Spider, I would literally die happy. 

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And the BEST part was The HOLY TRINITY of catalogs that came in the MAIL that you spent hours marking off or making a list of all the things you wanted..thinking you were actually getting it!

Winter Aesthetics

Shu: Walks in the snowy park at midnight, snow covered boots, white breath, running home to warmth

Reiji: Candles in windowsills, holiday tea, staying up late, holiday sales, wearing multiple layers

Ayato: Snowball fights, opening gifts, waiting for Santa, knocking down ice sickles, huddling from the cold

Laito: Paper snowflakes, kisses under mistletoe, binge watching old movies, ugly Christmas sweaters

Kanato: Pink nose, big Nordic sweaters, wrapping gifts, baking holiday cookies

Subaru: Runny nose, kicking snow around, driving to see different house decorations, donating gifts

Ruki: Empty coffee shops, dusty books, new snow, cold ears, sleeping under 4 blankets

Kou: Wish lists, pink fingers, fluffy scarves, building snowmen, late-night story telling

Yuma: Decorating Christmas trees, family reunions, wet socks, sitting in front of the fireplace, trudging through deep snow

Azusa: Snow angels, snow covered mittens, leg warmers, hot chocolate, waking up to snow

Wish list- Book edition.

1. Io sono di legno, Giulia Carcasi.

2. 1984, George Orwell.

3. Città di carta, John green. ( Letto a metà.)

4. Lolita, Vladimir Vladimirovič Nabokov.

5. Il quadro mai dipinto, Massimo Bisotti ( E anche altri suoi libri se mi piace come scrive )

6. Memorie di una Geisha, Arthur Golden ( Prossimo alla lettura. )

7. Qualcosa di Charles Bukowski e di Haruki Murakami.

anonymous asked:

Are you considering writing original fiction or books we can buy? You're def any my future wish list and fav authors to support with anything! Oh, would you ever consider creating a tip jar or a Amazon wish list type thing?

The ultimate goal is original fiction / published books, yes.

I’ve considered creating a Patreon, but I’ve never gone through with it because I didn’t think it was the type of thing someone would be interested in. And also because I’m not even 100% sure how it all works.

As for the tip jar, I don’t have one because – this blog is basically gross self-indulgence. XD I don’t write things that I don’t like, I only write the stuff that I’m interested in or like to think about, so it seems wrong to let people throw things my way for a service that I provide for myself.

The prompts that people throw my way to allow to continue my self-indulgence is more than enough ^___^