book of the shadows

Alec rose to his feet and in that moment was the famous Alec Lightwood Kit had heard about, the hero of past battles, the archer boy with deadly aim. “This is what I want and what I’ve chosen,” he said. “How dare you tell me it’s a tragedy? Magnus never pretended, he never tried to fool me into thinking it would be easy, but choosing Magnus is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. We all have a lifetime, Zara, and none of us know how long or short it might be. Surely even you know that. I expect you mean to be rude and cruel, but I doubt you meant to sound stupid as well.”
She flushed. “But if you die of old age and he lives forever—”
“Then he’ll be there for Max, and that makes both of us happy,” said Alec. “And I will be a uniquely lucky person, because there will be someone who always remembers me. Who will always love me. Magnus won’t always mourn, but until the end of time he will remember me and love me.”
“What makes you so sure?” said Zara, but there was an edge of uncertainty in her voice.
“Because he’s three thousand times the human being you’ll ever be,” said Alec. “Now get out of here before I risk his life by waking him up so he can turn you into a garbage fire. Something that would match your personality
—  LoS

The great Magnus Bane?“ Jace choked on his fried rice. Church had taken up residence at his feet, alert for any evidence of dropped chicken.

“We’re friendly with him, yes,” Clary said, her mouth twitching at the corner. “Why?”

“I would like to interview him,” Diego said. “I think he would make a good subject for a paper for the Spiral Labyrinth.”

“He’s pretty busy right now, what with Max and Rafael,” said Clary. “I mean, you could ask …”

“Who’s Rafael?” Livvy asked.

“Their second son,” said Jace. “They just adopted a little boy in Argentina. A Shadowhunter who lost his parents in the Dark War.

—  Cassandra Clare, The Lord of Shadows
They are all liars, Nephilim. Do not treat us as fools, Shadowhunter, or we will string your innards from the nearest tree.“
’‘Try it,” said Emma. “I’ll ram the tree down your throat until branches start poking out of your-”
“Ears?” It was Julian.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
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