book of the clow


I was asked to show my full CCS collection and well here it is!
I have two items that can’t be seen in this photo which is
Kero and Suppi towel
And a Kero head pillow
Other than that this is my whole collection ; u; I’m Extremely pleased
And I hope to add the new figures Good smile has released this year to my collection to!

Bizarrely Unused: Batman - Sad and Alone.

Asked by Chip Kidd to design a cover for DC Comic’s collection Bizarro Comics, Clowes created a great one by looking to the company’s history. Then DC rejected it. 

Below is the original art followed by an ink + color pencil rough. Below those are the kinds of 1960s Silver-Age ‘DC Giant’ covers Clowes used as inspiration: 


Got tagged by @sarenhale to post my lock screen, last selfie and last song I listened to. I don’t listen to music on my phone (or at all lol), so instead I’m posting my phone case! 

 Thanks for thinking of me XD 

 My lockscreen is a few years old already, I’ve not been bothered to change it :) selfie with my cat Glück. 

My selfie is a couple of days old, been testing a new eyeliner and hey pretty nice ? Also, cat scarf (was 23 degrees Celsius). 

And phone case well it’s the Clow book from card captor Sakura. I sprayed some anti humidity stuff on it so it’s better but yeah, 15€ well spent to have an old and childish reference. Kids these days don’t know what it is, I feel old lol! 

Now to tagging.., @onemooncircles I’d be curious to see yours! @zero0810 too maybe ;) @fire-shadow-dragon-god too? @smuttine Wanna? @overheardinwod ? @eyeofthedivine? @scredgirl and maybe @merwild? @vir-ghilani @kellinahasaship @erionmakuo and how about @heathwind-blog@mureh or even @ryuichifoxe and @wolfkai10@inonibird if you’re feeling like it too. So yeah! @onlywanttobeyourequal, and maybe @destinyapostasy? Maybe?? :D @sheepskeleton you’d have fun with this maybe? :p @mellorian-j ça te tente peut être? @heartcendre tiens? Tu veux aussi? :D

Fun meme me thinks ;) 

 Anyway if you wanna do it, you’re tagged :) (my tagging is very very bad sorry). If you don’t wanna, good good :)


Check out some of the cool photos of CCS Limited Shop which open today in JP Shinjuku Marsui Annex. This shop will only open for limited of time starting from September 16th- Oct 6th. There will be some new and pre-release of CCS products/goods available there such as the new Takara Tommy interactive limited goods set that are currently on sale