book of spells

One of the new illuminations done on the first page of the big grimoires. Done with a quill and 3 colors of ink.

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C: “I’m working on it.”
N: “You have no reason to think I’m guilty of stealing.”
C: “Have you done something illegal?”
N: “By the Galaxies, what kind of a question is that? Of course I have. *smirk*
C: "That’s good enough of a reason, then. You sell spell books and other witchcraft…things.”
N: “Do I?”
C: “For example this book…what is this?”
N: “Oh, that one. Instructions on how to sell your soul to the devil, human sacrifice…”
C: *Stares* I hope you’re joking.“
N: "How about you buy it and find out yourself?”
C: *Laughs* I think I’ll have to now.”