book of shadows:

Flowers to press in your BoS

Dogwood: My favorite choice. This is a strongly protective flower, especially for witches. It is known to help keep secrets, making it excellent for a Book of Shadows.

Lilac: A good flower to keep around during divination, it would be good for diviners to keep one handy. It is also known to help recall past lives, so if you keep a journal of your “Travels” it would also be useful to press one there

Lily Of the Valley: This flower is useful for a Grimoire in several ways. It is said to aid in memory, so keeping one pressed in your book is a good way to keep what you write fresh on your mind. They are also good at repelling negative energy.

Belladonna: Belladonna flowers act much the same way as a Dogwood. They are good for keeping secrets hidden.

the ultimate struggle

me: wanting to be an ocean witch and collect sea shells and going for long walks on the beach while the ocean whispers in my ears

me: wanting to be a forest witch and collect stones and pet the plants and lay on the soft grass while doing earth magik

me: wanting to be an urban witch and spraying sigils on walls with bright green spray paint and running an wicca shop with neon lights in the front

me: crying

Tips for lazy witches

We all love our witchcraft but sometimes you’re just too tired to do some certain things so here is a list to help make a busy witches life a little easier.

• too exhausted to make a sigil? Go onto and it creates a perfect sigil for you all you need to do is charge it!

• if you wear glasses enchant them so when you wear them when your tired they will help your eyes more

• when casting a circle do it metaphorically instead of lying down crystals, stones, salt etc.

• use music lyrics if you are too tired to create a spell

• want to increase or decrease things? Stir tea clockwise (increase) anti-clockwise (decrease)

• enchant your bed on a good energy day so on a low energy day it may help

• make little pre-made ritual and spell kits/bags so when you need to preform something all your measured ingredients and supplies are already there

* Happy enchanting 🖤✨🌙