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Yang Yang | An introduction

An introductory post of Yang Yang (that cute guy who was on Happy Camp alongside Wu Yifan, William Chan and Zhang Han but there’s like no English information on him aye) for wufansama (or anyone who’s interested in him really). Not to be confused with Yang Yangyang, the kid in Where Did Dad Go Season 2 (bless his little soul).

Name: Yang Yang (杨洋)
Nickname(s): Miemie (bc Yang = sheep, mie = sheep bleating)
DOB: 1991. 09. 09
POB: Shanghai, China

He was accepted into Shanghai Theatre Academy to major in dance but he chose to go to People’s Liberation Army Arts College (shortened to Jun Yi, located in Haidian district, Beijing, China) instead bc he likes the look of the uniform aye, majoring in classical dance, traditional dance and ballet. Jun Yi is a very difficult school to get in to, some even claim that it’s harder to enter Jun Yi than Beijing Film Academy (which already has one of the lowest enrollment rates in the world.) It’s basically a military school for the arts, so the conditions are also pretty harsh. Most spaces allocated to new students are mostly given to military families. He graduated in 2003 as an ‘arts and literature soldier’.

During his time as a student in Jun Yi, he was known as a 高材生 (extremely good student), and he represented the school in national and international dance competitions. He was also extremely popular among the people (girls) in Beijing art schools.

He was casted as Jiao Baoyu, the male lead of the new drama version of “Dream of the Red Chambers” in 2008.

The most recent dramas he’s in are The Lost Tomb (2015, starring Li Yifeng, Tang Yan, etc) and The Four (2015, starring William Chan, Zhang Han etc). The filming for The Four ended in mid-2013, and Yang Yang’s role is Wu Qing/Emotionless (in the movie version, the role was played by Liu Yifei). He was also in the drama version of Tiny Times in 2014 as Neil.

For movies, the most recent (and probably most hyped up) is The Left Ear where he plays Xu Yi (LEAD ROLE YAY). The movie will be released on April 30th 2015 (it’s said that it will be released in North America as well). It is a movie adaptation of Sharon Rao Xueman’s best-selling teen fiction series “The Left Ear” (2005). And by best-selling I literally mean best-selling. There has been about 15 reprints of the book series. Sharon Rao is one of the most popular authors for teen fiction for girls in China. Alec Su directed the movie and Sharon Rao worked on the script.


(W) Bryan Hitch (A) Bryan Hitch, Daniel Henriques (CA) Alex Garner

As The Flash struggles to get back to the present, the rest of the team regroups for a rematch against the overwhelming forces of the Church of Rao.

And, as foreshadowed in issue #1, they must also consider how to prevent the seemingly inevitable death of Superman!

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