book of me and queue


-George Saunders

sleeping next to you is the best feeling ever because i can just turn over and sloppily kiss you. i don’t have to type a text and dream about it while you lay awake reading it in your bed ten thousand miles away. sleeping next to you is the best feeling ever because we’re not separated by completely opposite timezones and the never ending distance that stretches between us. sleeping next to you is the best feeling ever because i get to dream about you and then wake up to my dream come true, you lying cosily next to me in bed.
—  struggles of long distance relationships 2.0//nikitagupta
And the sad, tragic truth is that people never change, no matter how much you want them to.
—  D.P
to all the fellow girls who are smitten by their boyfriends:
love is important but it’s not everything. don’t make it your everything. don’t lose out on friends and education because of love. don’t lose out on socialisation and new experiences because of love. don’t lose out on your career because of love. love is important but its not everything.
—  misconceptions about love//nikitagupta

BS:  I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond t h a t between two human beings.

for dills

When I look at her, it’s like everything stops around me. Like for a brief moment everything it still and silent. And all I see is her. All I hear is her… She does something to me. I mean how can somebody be that beautiful? And no it’s not what you’re thinking. I am not merely talking about the way she looks, but I am talking about every aspect of her. She is the embodiment of beauty. The way she talks, the way she moves, how can anyone be that perfect? It’s like my soul craves to spend every moment with her, because every moment with her, is a moment never wasted. I am still scared tho. I’m afraid of falling. Even though I’ve barley known her, I’m afraid of losing her already. How would I ever live with myself if I ever lost a person like that? Everyday with her tho, is a new experience and adventure. She makes life not just about surviving, but she makes me actually enjoy living. All I wanna do is know more about her. All I want is her.

Missouri Moseley: Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?

Dean: Unfortunately, Missouri, my only true love remains myself.

Missouri Moseley: At least, you don’t have to worry about rejection, Dean Winchester.

Dean: Not necessarily, I turn myself down sometimes, just to keep it interesting.


If Good and Evil can’t find a way to work together, neither side will survive.

In 1558, however, the miracle happened. On Monday, 28 November, to the cheers of the London crowd and the roar of the Tower artillery, Elizabeth came through the gates to take possession of the fortress as queen. The bastardized daughter of the disgraced Anne Boleyn, with her father’s complexion but her mother’s face, splendidly dressed in purple velvet: Elizabeth, by the grace of God, queen of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith. Is it fanciful to feel that after twenty years, the mother in the nearby grave in the chapel of St Peter was at last vindicated?
—  The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn by Eric Ives
I knew what he wanted to hear. He couldn’t stand me being sick. Nobody can. They only want to hear that you’re healing, you’re in recovery, taking it one day at a time. If you’re locked into sick, you should stop wasting their time and just get dead.
—  Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
Hiccup is downright terrible at naming things

If all I knew was that he had two dragons named named Toothless and Sharpshot…

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…I’d think that I knew for sure which was which. Those poor, confused people meeting him for the first time.

Astrid, please never let him name your children.

TBH I sometimes just want to call them Toothless and Windwalker, in that order.