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“Come closer,” she said. “Let me see how you’ve grown.”

“I’ve been grown for some time,” said Kell.

She drew a nail down the arm of the throne. “Yet you do not fade.”

“Not yet,” he said, managing a guarded smile.

“Come to me,” she said again, holding out her hand. “Or I will come to you.”

Kell was not sure if it was a promise or a threat, but he had no choice regardless, and so he stepped forward into the serpent’s nest.

This was the first A Darker Shade of Magic fanart I wanted to do before the other one, but this one was hard!!! Astrid Dane (on the throne) is described as “She would have blended in with the rest of the room if it wasn’t for the black veins on her face and hands that made her stand out” And the room is described as all white stone that gave Kell a shiver as it reminded him of Ice and the cold, so I tried to keep the grey’s a little on the colder side. I hope you enjoy it!

P. 81 of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

(Can you guys tell I love this chapter, quoting it two days in a row? Yes, yes I do)

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