book of house cats

pure ™ things

- a friend being excited to spend time with you!

- people who put their old books outside their house for anyone to take home!

- singing and talking to cats like they’re your baby!

- when you accidentally bump into a stranger and you say “sorry” and they say “no worries!”

- when someone rests their head on your shoulder!

It’s not the big things.
It’s not the twisted unattainable happiness that society had conjured up to make people slaves of their desires constantly comparing themselves to the person sitting next to them in the sub or the person they follow on social media that constantly reminds you what you lack in life, NO.

The thing that makes you happy is the little things. The things that go unnoticed everyday because you’re too busy trying to be happy according to the world’s standard. For some it’s the smell of coffee, the rain or the fresh pages of a book. It’s sleeping in a newly washed sheet. It’s waking up with the love of their life beside them. It’s taking Rover out for a walk or cuddling with your cat on a cold morning. It’s rewatching the whole Harry Potter enterprise or even Star wars, Game of thrones, House MD, How I met your mother, Friends or Sex and the city (the list goes on). It’s having a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. It’s exercising or staying in bed and resnoozing the alarm. It’s staying awake until dawn texting. It’s making out or making love. It’s catching up with a friend. It’s creating, loving, enjoying and appreciating. It’s being here and the now. It’s being still and seeing things happening for you. It’s You and how you affect the world and make it a better place by just existing.

So please do what makes you Happy.
There’s no other time than now.
Be nothing else but YOU.

I love YOU 😘😍

  • Hufflepuff: *skipping along the path, only to stop and say hello to the furious Slytherin, and spacey Ravenclaw* Spring is in the air... Can't you smell it Slyherin?
  • Slytherin: ACHOO!
  • Hufflepuff: Slytherin! Are you okay?
  • Ravenclaw: It's just their allergies Hufflepuff, they will be perfectly fine.
  • Slytherin: I am not fine! This... pollen is attack-ACHOO-ing me! My eyes are itching up a storm, and I can't stop sneezing! Ravenclaw, find me a spell to fix this.
  • Ravenclaw: hmmm... The sky is clear. These are the perfect conditions to test my weather balloon in...
  • Slytherin: RAVENCLAW
  • Ravenclaw: What?
  • Slytherin: SPELL
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, Allerigio Episkey
  • Slytherin: See, that's what friends are for!
  • Ravenclaw: I thought you said friends were test subjects? Or was that what I said...*Ravenclaw wanders off to go find Gryffindor to help with their weather balloon.*

a concept : the beatles never made it big. paul became a doctor. john became an artist who published drawings in newspapers. they lived together in a little house filled with books and cats. every afternoon they drank tea, played the guitar and walked their dog, martha. they grew old together. everything in the universe was right.

Concept: I’m really good at using my target languages and think about adding a new one. I work as a translator from home, so I can plan my whole day as I please. I live in a small house full of sunshine, books and plants with my seven cats and a bunny. We are all happy and healthy.