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This would totally happen between at least two characters in every fandom
  • A: *lies on the ground, stares into space with a strange expression*
  • A: *sighs*
  • B: ...A? Are you ok? Are you sad? What's wrong? You can tell me anything, I'm here for you.
  • A: *turns head to look at B, expression still unreadable* Oh B. I'm fine. I was just trying to think of some really good puns to use if we ever go to a seafood restaurant.
  • B:
  • B: I'm LEavInG.

Studying-amethyst introduction!

I never did do a studyblr introduction so I figured might as well do it now!

About me:

• I’m 20 years old 😸

• Currently in my first year of University

• I’m majoring in English (literature) 📚

• I hope to minor in psychology!

• I play video games 👾 (Skyrim, Fallout4, Overwatch to name a few)

• I love watching anime and reading manga 😻(Naruto, Attack on Titan, Katekyo Hitman, Dengeki Daisy, Hunter x hunter! and many many more)

• I also love k-pop (any ARMYs? I’m also a fan of Blackpink)

• I enjoy watching Asian dramas 🌚 especially romance ones (Goblin!!!! And Hana Kimi, Boys over Flowers, scarlet heart, From 5-9, W: two worlds etc)

• I’m a bookworm (of course) 🤓

• I’m a Lord of the rings fan! As well Harry Potter and the Warrior-cat series was my childhood

• I own a Persian cat 🐱

• I made this studyblr because I have high expectations of myself and failed to reach them recently, so I hope this will push me to do better

• Favourite studyblrs: @emmastudies (I bought her printable package on Etsy and it’s worth every cent!) Also @studyquill (I love that username lol) @studylustre !! @eintsein @universi-tea @legallyplanned

Yeah thats all I have to say! Thanks for reading! If you’re a fellow studyblr follow me and I’ll follow you back 💕

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Sometimes when you sail too far into the fandom, you’ll encounter what most shippers couldn’t perceive as a normal ship. This painfully breathtaking vessel is called a RARESHIP

1. Other shippers just couldn’t get why you’re digging it

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2 Sometimes their reactions are too uncouthy.

3. Even when you have persuaded them to just try reading a great fic or two, their reactions are just like:

4. There’s not enough fangirling material so you’re treating every one you found like precious gem

5. You’ve hit that Kudos button for the gazillionth time already on an AO3 fanfiction featuring your rareship. There are only, like, 5 of them.

6. You asked the author in a tumblr prompt to write another fanfiction featuring your rareship, for every possible kink you could think of

 7. You remember every single interaction of the two characters in the canon material, no matter how minuscule it was 

 8. Digging through Pixiv for fanarts 

 9. You have no other choice but to learn Japanese to understand the doujinshis that no scanslator team could possibly pick up 

Studio Ghibli Zine!

Hello! This is a potential zine or artbook centered around the many amazing works of Studio Ghibli—Everything from Spirited Away to The Red Turtle. Before setting up applications and establishing a theme, we’d like to see how many people would be interested in participating or purchasing!

If you’re interested, please reblog to spread the word so others will know! 

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