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so given the way comic book characters don’t age in real time, in like 30 years we’re going to have a Bruce Wayne who was presumably a kid during the height of thr Pokemon Go craze. like it won’t even be a joke the way comically serious adult Bruce interacting with Pokemon Go would be, it will just be a logical assumption to make. whoever’s writing Bats in like 2046 is probably going to say he was distracted by a Zubat while his parents were getting shot or something.
Tom Holland on ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ Spinoffs, and Planning for Bathroom Breaks
Spider-Man has become the Hamlet for comic book movie stars. Every actor under the age of 30 wants to put their stamp on the role. Now it’s Tom Holland’s turn to pull on Spider-Man&#821…
By Brent Lang

Spider-Man has become the Hamlet for comic book movie stars. Every actor under the age of 30 wants to put their stamp on the role.

Now it’s Tom Holland’s turn to pull on Spider-Man’s tight-fitting trunks, following in the footsteps of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. After a showy supporting turn in last year’s “Captain America: Civil War,” Holland swings onto center stage with this summer’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

“I know I’m getting older because my Kindle is turning into a self-help library. I’m not interested in Fifty Shades of Gray. I’m interested in the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Yes, how to de-clutter my home to achieve inner peace and my optimum level of success. That’s what your 30s is all about: How can I turn this shit around? I’m a terrible person; I’m not happy with where I am. How can I turn this shit around?! Help me Tony Robbins! Help me!!”
- Ali Wong, Baby Cobra, a Netflix Original stand-up hour

soulmate au prompt 28

Requested by @cagley12

Pairing - Newt x Reader

Prompt 28 - the one where some people can see the red string of fate and follow it to their soulmates

A/N: This takes place in 1927, a year after the movie takes place, after Newt’s book has been published. Newt is 30 years of age and the reader is 24, simply for timeline purposes.

You were very happy with your life and the way things were going. You had just managed to land a job in the Ministry of Magic, you had gotten a nice flat in downtown London, and you were excited to finally be living the life you’d envisioned since your last year at Hogwarts. There was just one thing missing from your perfect world and that was your soulmate. You hadn’t really cared much about it while you were in school, it was rare that anyone there had already found their soulmate. However, it had been 8 years since your graduation and most of your friends had already discovered their soulmates. Needless to say, you were getting impatient. 

There were certain circumstances surrounding the ability to find your partner; it only worked if you were both on land. The red string could point you in the direction you were supposed to go, but the minute you boarded a boat, you were on your own. It made things particularly difficult for soulmates who lived on opposite side of the world.

You yourself weren’t able to see the red string, but you hoped that maybe one day it would just randomly appear, like it did for some people. Your aunt had hers appear randomly one day when her now-husband entered the same cafe as her. But it was very rare that someone obtained the ability to see it rather than being born being able to see it. One of your friends who had already found their soulmate reminded you that maybe only one of you had the ability to see the red string and that maybe you just had to wait. There were cases of that happening, and you hoped that maybe that was why it was taking so long.

“Oh, maybe he lives across the world! And he’s been going from continent to continent trying to find you! Wouldn’t that be romantic?” One of your coworkers gushed to you one day. One of the women in your department had recently found her soulmate, which had sparked up a conversation about who had and hadn’t found theirs yet. The couple were quite controversial, both of them being women, but in your opinion, it didn’t really matter what their gender was as long as they were meant to be together. “I mean, that would be nice, but there’s only so many places he can go before he would eventually come here. I’m not even that worried about it, honestly,” that was a lie, “I’m just going to focus on what I have right in front of me and if he finds me, he finds me.” Shrugging, you went back to the paperwork you were supposed to be filling out, only half listening to the conversation as they moved on from talking about soulmates and began talking about some author who had just returned on a world-wide trip to write a book about magical creatures.

Eventually, as you always did, you became hyper-focused on the work in front of you. You had a lot more paperwork than usual, not that you could complain because you chose to take on the extra project in order to score some points with your boss, but you knew that if you didn’t get it done at a faster pace, you were going to be working on it all night. However, because you were so intensely focused on your work, you didn’t notice the growing commotion around you.

Newt had never been especially concerned about the red line he always saw. His parents had explained what it was when he had inquired about it, and he was curious as to who it would lead him to, but his first love and concern was always animals, and he knew that if the person at the end of the string truly was meant to be perfect for him, then they would understand. He decided to focus on his passion, and when the opportunity to create this manuscript arose, he gladly took it. The only times he ever really paid attention to his red string was when he met Leta during his years at Hogwarts, and when he met Tina. He couldn’t deny that he was attracted to both of them, but the red string that determined his destiny didn’t seem to lead to either of them. Sure, it was disappointing, but he knew that he would find the person he was meant to be with, and they would be everything he needed in a partner.

Newt learned to ignore the red string as he traveled the world, he knew by the direction it led to that his soulmate was in England, and so he didn’t worry about trying to find them. He planned to search for them when he got home and his book was published. He just wasn’t expecting to find them so soon.

The minute he walked into the doors of the Ministry, the air felt different than it had when he had left. They were there. They were inside this building, and he could meet them if he wanted to. His curiosity took over and he ignored the greetings of the people he passed, only focusing on the string in front of him. He was so focused in fact, it took him a minute to process that it had stopped directly in front of your desk.

Your coworkers began quietly talking among themselves at the sight of the attractive man with wild curls standing in front of you. Newt cleared his throat and you slowly tore your eyes away from the document you were reading to meet his. As soon as your eyes met, you knew. This was him, there was no doubt in your mind. The minute you saw him it clicked. “Pardon me, I can see that you’re very busy, but I think… Well I was led here, you see, by a string. A red one. And because of this, I believe that you are my soulmate.” You’d never heard his voice before this moment, but it was as familiar to you as your own. You couldn’t help the grin that stretched across your face as you looked up at him from your seat. “Well it’s about time you got here,” you teased. He gave you a smile of his own, and it felt like you were home.

A/N: Lol I’m really bad at endings, but I think this concept it really cute so I hope you enjoy!

Character Facts Daily.

Mordred was once given a book. A huge book, the hugest compilation of fairy tales and folklore and legends across the continent of Thedas, from Leliana no less. He loved it so much he could die. But he couldn’t bring it with him because it was huge, heavy, paper and therefore fragile, but he liked it so much.

So his first knee-jerk, gleeful thought was “I will EAT the book…I’ll remember ALL of the stories if I EAT it.” *chomps*

Would that random handmaid looking in from the garden window ever recover from seeing Warden-Commander Surana biting into the corner of a tome and Sister Nightingale almost keeling over laughing? Probably not.

Mordred’s face still turns purple whenever someone mentioned that he once tried to eat a book. At age 30.


30 days book challenge » Day 15 -favorite male character

Severus Snape

My ‘favorite’ ma character is my childhood crush. I fell in love at 9 when I first lay my hand on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It was the first time I liked a character this much. He was the sinister teacher, hated by everyone. 'He’s mean!’ was what all my friends used to say to me about Snape at the time (until the Deathly Hallows really), 'He’s not! You’ll see he’s not!’ I didn’t know how right I was at the time but I took his side every time I could because I just knew there was more in Severus Snape than the mean, dark teacher. Dumbledore trusted him after all. I always admired his bravery, his courage and loyalty. The fact that he made bad decision, but decided to change, to fight for what was good. I admired him and I still admire him.  “You dare use my own spells against me? Yes. I’m The Half-Blood Prince.

finished raven cycle #2 and here are some opinions in no particular order:

  1. I still hate gansey
  2. explicit non-denial of being gay really doesn’t count as representation
  3. some of the adam bits were really great depictions of panic attacks I wish they weren’t couched in mystical tree powers 
  4. what does this author have against women under the age of 30? 
  5. both of these books have ended on the most forced cliffhangers I’ve ever encountered, I’m glad that these books are all out already because I wouldn’t have waited a year to find out what happened
  6. I still hate gansey

I’m having a lot of fun with this series. I’m a couple hours into the next book already (I love Overdrive so much). It’s a bit like culture shock to go from the language and norms of science fiction to YA modern fantasy. There’s a completely different set of codes and shorthands and I’m not used to them at all. It’s really interesting to see them from a different perspective and it’s really highlighting the conventions that scifi uses that I’ve gotten used to

Iruka's Top 30 Favorite Moments From LoK Book 2

#7: Opening the Northern Portal (K110, “A New Spiritual Age”)

What a difference eight episodes makes! The opening of the southern portal might have been exciting just for the fighting involved, but the revelations about Unalaq, Vaatu and upcoming Harmonic Convergence make the opening of the northern portal one of the most emotionally intense scenes in Book 2.

Instead of a bunch of freelance Dark Spirits trying to drag Korra away from a spirit portal she’s struggling to reach, she’s got Unalaq’s Dark Spirits forcing her toward it; instead of a group of friends offering to help her open the portal, she’s got one friend risking her life to get her to stop.

It’s that last element that gives the scene its drama, as our heroes’ plan to close the southern portal has played straight into Unalaq’s hands by leaving both of them without bending at a critical moment.

Korra rightly chooses Jinora’s life over her own safety, tacitly agreeing to refight the Harmonic Convergence battle from 10,000 years before–but between being crushed in the jaws of a Dark Spirit and nearly having her soul destroyed by Unalaq’s spiritbending, she still takes a terrible beating before being rescued by the friendly dragon-bird. And that’s not even the scariest thing in the episode. 

The ending of “A New Spiritual Age” has my favorite twist in LoK thus far—after all the scary, unexpected things that have happened to Korra in the past five minutes, the scariest of all is the moment when she has to face Tenzin’s distress over the loss of the daughter Korra was supposed to be protecting. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her this horrified. 

Legend of Korra may manage to stay within the limitations of Y7 violence-wise, but it doesn’t spare its viewers anything when it comes to psychological drama. It’s moments like these that make it impossible to see LoK as just another kids’ show. 

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according to the Hannibal wiki Will is 33 as of the latter part of season 3, and Hannibal is in his late 40s

thank you!! I just tend to be skeptical about the wiki considering it hasn’t updated any info on Will since S2 and lists Bedelia as Hannibal’s wife ?? lol but if he is 33 (the wiki said 34 when I checked) I imagine that wouldn’t count for S3 since Will’s page hasn’t been updated and idk what his age is in the book but I think it mentions late-30’s? I could be wrong but either way Hannibal is still a Sugar!Daddy
👈😎👈 hahaha

Okay but seriously someone should update the wiki and put Will as “Murder Husband” instead of “Unknown” under Hannibal’s relations ;)

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Excellent blog, thanks for all the great resources! I didn't see anything about this, so I was wondering how you would recommend writing a much older character? Particularly one that has a lot of interesting backstory.

Appearance & Health: Make them actually look their age. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a book where someone’s middle aged parents look like they are in their early 30’s and who have the health of someone in their mid 20’s. If your character is middle aged or older, try to give them accurate appearances and health (though that can vary widely).

Priorities: Depending on the time period and setting, most older people are settled. They may not worry about renovating parts of their house or saving up to buy something nice. They could be nearing the end of paying off their house or they might be looking into retirement communities (they are different from nursing homes, which seems to be a common misconception). Instead of worrying about work or promotions, they might worry about family members who are much older and who need constant care.

Knowledge: Again, this depends on time period and setting. What we know about the world, especially in terms of science, medicine, and technology, is changing and advancing daily. Most older people, if they are not involved in these fields, cannot keep up or do not care to keep up. What an older character knows about a particular subject (any subject, with the exception of historical events they lived through) might be outdated. Therefore, older characters are not always the most knowledgeable in a story. However, older people tend to have more knowledge of life experience.

Morals & Values: The morals and values of people change with each generation. Older characters might not have the same morals and values as younger characters.

Diversity: Older characters are just as diverse as young characters. There is no set way to write them. Some older people act a lot younger than they actually are and others do not.

Change: Older characters should still be dynamic in a story. People don’t stop changing. We are constantly learning and evolving.

Read: Read some memoirs about being middle aged or older, where your character is. Get some insight.

The Old Character

For back story, there’s a tag on the tags page for how to reveal that and how to write it.


I know Frodo was 21 or so when Bilbo adopted him but eh, I ignore book consistency right now; Coming of Age for hobbits is in the early 30s anywho.

For the sake of having fun with hobbits, I figured Frodo visited Bag End in Hobbiton from time to time, growing fond of Bilbo’s stories. And since Hamfast and Sam lived in the row below, and Ham was Bilbo’s gardener, I figured Frodo would get to know Sam… you know, after he was about 13-15, since the two are about 12 years apart.

Shoot me, my love for these guys has returned.

So I am about to turn 30 in a few months..and it is no secret that I am freaking out. While surfing the web I came across this book called “Book of Ages 30” it is on its way from Amazon AS I TYPE..Hopefully it will help me cope with my psychosis.

“This year about four million people in the United States will turn 30. If you’re one of them, the bad news is that you’re older than 42 percent of Americans. You’ve already lost 10 percent of your muscle mass. And, on average, you’re almost $20,000 in debt. But don’t despair. At 30, Harrison Ford was working as a carpenter, and neither Oprah nor Jane Austen had found fame. Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream? Created at 30. And, most heartening, you’re still gettin’ it on— 2.24 times a week.These are but a few of the factoids, demographic stats, quotes, biographical sketches, and sage and not-so-sage observations in this illustrated celebration of this landmark birthday and the decade that follows. Featuring everything you ever wanted to know about your 30s— and a few things you probably didn’t— Book of Ages 30 offers a chance to reflect on past accomplishments, look ahead to future successes, and completely freak out — all at the same time”
Book News: Millennials Reading More Than Older Americans, Study Finds

Think the Internet is degrading the reading habits of the young? That millennials are Snapchatting themselves into a cultureless stupor? Well, think again!

A new study finds that young Americans are more likely to have read a book in the past year than their older counterparts. According to data from the Pew Research Center, “88% of Americans under 30 read a book in the past year, compared with 79% of those age 30 and older.” In another surprise, people under 30 were also more likely to say that there is “a lot of useful, important information that is not available on the Internet.”

Read on, America! (More book news here.)