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sounds like your recurrent depression is just lazy syndrome. who the fuck cries looking at dirty dishes? grow the fuck up jesus chrisy

I’m starting a Lazy Syndrome club! Anyone else who has on occasion cried at inanimate objects and definitely does not have “depression” is very welcome to join! Password is ‘jesus chrisy’ 

Night Court babes ♥


I recently read Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat and I fell in love with watching Damen and Laurent fall in love… ;o;


Hey since it’s the day before 413, I’m finally uploading these stuff :’D

Covers for my last HS fan zines! (and illust books heh)

Like I always said, it’s not for selling purposes, and I’m only giving it out to the people who participated in the books, which um, turns out to be like 60 in total. Honestly the zine covers took forever to finish, so I’m really glad they turned out okay.

(also yes, this is the project ive been going haywire on. can’t believe this took 4 months.)

I touched the combination lock. I concentrated so hard I felt like I was dead-lifting five hundred pounds. My pulse quickened. A line of sweat trickled down my nose. Finally I felt gears turning. Metal groaned, tumblers clicked, and the bolts popped back. Carefully avoiding the handle, I pried open the door with my fingertips and extracted an unbroken vial of green liquid.

Thalia kissed me on the cheek, which she probably shouldn’t have done while I was holding a tube of deadly poison.

“You are so good,” she said.

Did that make the risk worth it? Yeah, pretty much.
—  Luke Castellan, The Demigod Diaries

Hey all. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a group book club for the better part of the last year. At one point I gauged interest and sort of got one started, but between my semester being far more chaotic than anticipated and the difficulty of coordinating everyone’s schedules, it stopped being tenable. The club also ended up being way more exclusive than I’d envisioned because of how many people expressed interest. Originally I talked myself into being cool with exclusivity for coordination/simplicity’s sake– realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t comfortable with it, it goes against the way I try to run this blog. I’d like whoever’s read the book and wants to chat about it to be able to join in the discussion.

So. My semester is winding down, and this is book club take two.

Here’s how it’s gonna work! I’ve already picked the seven books. They’re science fiction or fantasy novels by people of color, because that’s what I’m interested in reading this summer. Anyone who wants to participate can, in whatever capacity they’d like: you can read right along with me or just read the books that interest you. I’m posting the whole schedule right now, in advance, so that if you have a hectic schedule or read at a more leisurely pace but want to join a book discussion or two, you still can.

Close to the end of the time frame for each book, I’ll announce the date/time for the book discussion; it will either be on the last day for that book or a couple days after. At that point, if you are interested in participating in the book discussion, shoot me a message! I’ll send you the link to the online chat service we’ll be talking over (likely chatzy) once it gets made the day of. 

The discussion format will change a little month to month depending on the book and the participants. I’ll be prepared with a few thoughts/possible topics if we get stuck, but I’m open to it being as academic or casual as it naturally shakes out. Without further ado, the books:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Summer Book Club Reading List

May 15th - May 31st: Conservation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee
June 1st - June 15thKindred by Octavia Butler
June 16th - June 30thThe Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu 
July 1st - July 15thBabel-17 by Samuel R. Delaney
July 15th - July 31stThe Stars are Legion by Kameron Hurley
August 1st - August 15thThe Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
August 16th - August 31stA Stranger in Olondria by Sofia Samatar

That’s about it! It will be my first time reading these books too, so I look forward to discovering and discussing them with all you. If you’d like to talk about books in the meantime: my goodreads is here, the list of books I’ve read this year is here, and my IMs are always open.

Because there won’t be a chapter today, let me at least post a little snippet of the next chapter for Paint Me In A Million Dreams.

Harry wished he was drunk.

He was at the bar, music playing loudly behind him. Barbara was off to wherever, and whoever had come from their crew had already left. Paul had come up to him before he had gone, handing him a key card for one of the rooms in the hotel the party was held at. They’d pick him and Louis up in the morning. This way they could enjoy the party without worrying how to get back to their own hotel. Paul had arranged for clothes to be brought over, so Harry had nothing to worry about.

Harry frowned a little deeper, looking into his glass. Nothing to worry about.

For the past five years, he had worried about Chris Lyall. Harry had worried about all the things that bloke had that Harry didn’t. Which mainly had been nothing else but Luke. Now, he had split from Luke, and Harry still wasn’t over his jealousy, and he wasn’t sure why.

Chris and Louis sat at one of the tables, talking with their heads close, lips brushing each other’s skin when they leaned in to make their voices heard over the loud music. Louis had rested his hand on Chris’ thigh, and his posture was open.

Anyone with eyes could see his agenda.

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Hey! I was just wondering in Lord Of Shadows, does Mark ever kiss Emma in front of Julian? Or does Emma know that’s going to far for poor Jules 💕 I really love their relationships and I guess I wanna see a possessive side to Jules like storming away etc etc though I’m aware he doesn’t seem like that type. I just have so many question to ask but not enough time. I’m so excited for you book release and next week I start reading Lady Midnight for the third time before Lord Of Shadows comes out

I guess I would say that Julian is the kind of guy who keeps his feelings bottled up. He isn’t the sort to throw jealous fits, or to stomp away — there’s a brief scene when he gets angry about something in front of Emma, Cristina and Mark, and you can see how shocked they all are that he’s letting his anger be visible and how much it throws them until he shuts it down.

We do see into his head, though, and we do know what he’s thinking — and of course when people who keep things bottled up finally explode, it’s quite something.

She loved him too deep, too fast, so he decided to leave. Now after all this time he still finds himself searching for her at the bottom of empty bottles and strangers. But it never works, no one ever loved him like she did.
—  | Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #86