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Damn I didn't finish my question. Anyways How do you guys know so much about torture and stuff? It's really interesting to see you (guys/people?) applying this knowledge to help people with writing!

There’s actually only one of me. :)

As to how- Well I suppose I’ve been reading about it for a very very long time. 

I like history and I try to keep up with the news (all of it not just the one country) and I have a decent memory. I followed the Nigerian election and the last Indian one and the fiasco in Kenya. I’ve got over a hundred books in my line of sight right now (and that’s not even the main bookcases) over half of them are history. 

That knowledge….adds up. Don’t get me wrong I do have a couple of books specifically on torture and some on specific scientific studies that are relevant to the area but most of this came from the news and history books. 

If the question is also why I’ve spent so long reading about all this stuff, why I need to know what’s going on in Kashmir or Sri Lanka or Syria-

I feel like the short answer is ‘I grew up in Saudi Arabia’.

We were robbed once and I remember my mother saying (rather instinctively) to my father that we should call the police. ‘They’d just arrest the driver.’ He said and I knew that was true. And after a couple of hours may be days in jail he’d have ‘confessed’.

I’ve been living in the UK for 18 years. I still haven’t quite gotten over the idea that the police exist to make people disappear.

I’ve never been tortured. I’ve never seen anyone tortured and as far as I know no one I know has been tortured. But I knew growing up that it was something that could happen. To me and the people around me. And there was really nothing anyone could do about it.

I won’t say it’s been a conscious effort to understand torture but over the years I have learnt a lot. It is, in a very real way, part of my family history. My great-grandparents were on opposite sides during the days of the British Empire. I’ve wondered occasionally whether they shot at or tortured each other.

I’ve read an awful lot on the subject; from newspaper articles to books to academic studies. Torture shows up in everything. It’s a regular feature in children’s movies. According to Amnesty International around 44% of people think they would be tortured if they were arrested.

I guess I just think as writers, as creators, we should be doing better by that 44%.



Kenneth Branagh on the Agatha Christie Estate asking him THE question about Murder on the Orient Express - 2017 Britannia Awards, Oct 28 2017 [x]

Branagh: “We knew Poirot’s mustache was a sort of critical visual and a chance to mark this as a new departure. It is his superpower. It’s his people-tester: Why would you take that guy seriously? And then suddenly he’s got you by the throat.” [x]

On the Excesses of the French Revolution, Namely the Stealing of Moustaches

I. the Book

Chez Jacques Held, Relieur,
Rue Ste. Helène N. 16.
à Strasbourg.
Ben J. Held, Buchbinder,
in der Helenengaß N. 16.
in Strasßburg.

Imprimerie de Brasseur ainé 

Les Amis de Henri IV, nouvelles historiques;
suivies du Journal d’un moine de Saint-Denis,
contenant le récit de la violation des Tombeaux des Rois en 1793,
avec des notes historiques et remarques singulières
par M. Sewrin, auteur de Brick-Bolding, des trois Faublas de ce tems-là, etc.
Ornés de Cinq Portraits.

à Paris
chez Barba, libraire Place du Tribunal, n°. 51.

For the many who can’t read French and the slightly fewer many who can’t read Roman numerals, this book is titled “the Friends of Henry the IVth”, the third one in this series apparently, and was printed in the year 13 of the French revolutionary calendar, or 1805 of the non-bullshit-calendar.
It is an historical novel, followed by the account of a monk of Saint-Denis, France, of the opening of the tombs of the kings of France located there, with “historical notes and singular anecdotes”.
Emphasis on singular.

II. the Context

In 1793 the French Revolution was well underway, and in January Louis XVI was finally guillotined, putting an end to Constitutional Monarchy in France, and launching a wave of cultural destruction throughout France, and especially Paris.

From the 12th to the 25th of October that year, or the year II of the Revolutionary Calender, the bodies of 46 kings, 32 queens, 63 princes, 10 “serviteurs du royaume” and two dozens abbots were unearthed from the crypts of the Basilica of Saint-Denis where they rested, and after conscientious looting of diverse parts of their anatomy were thrown down two  mass graves according to their dynasties. These events were noted in a journal by Dom Poirier, who remained on site during the whole length of the events and is widely considered as the only credible eye witness whose writings were passed down through history (although the original journal was lost to fire).
The jewelry in the tombs were sent to be preserved, and the lead coffins were cast on site into bullets.

III. the Singular Anecdote

Un grenadier français, un de ces braves qui ne connaissent que l’amour de la gloire et de leur patrie, se trouvant à Saint-Denis au moment où l’on faisait l’ouverture du tombeau de Henri IV, fut frappé d’un saint respect en voyant que le corps de ce grand roi était demeuré si bien conservé. Profitant ensuite d’un instant où il croyait n’être pas remarqué, il s’empara d’une des moustaches du guerrier navarrois, et, la plaçant sur son cœur, s’en allant en disant : “Quand on a une moustache comme celle-là on doit être invincible.”
On m’a souvent raconté ce trait, et je l’ai placé ici, craignant qu’on ne l’ait oublié dans nos annales.

p138, la Violation des Tombeaux

This can be translated as follows:

A French grenadier, one of these brave people who only knew the love of glory and their fatherland, being in Saint-Denis when we opened the tomb of Henry IV, was struck with a holy respect seeing that the body of this great king was so well-preserved.

It is to note that the corpse of this particular monarch was indeed so good-looking that it stayed on display for two days before being thrown away.

Taking advantage of a moment when he thought he wouldn’t be seen,

This is where it’s getting good.

he took one of the moustaches of the Navarrese king,


and, placing it on his heart,


walked away, saying :


“When one has a moustache like that, he must be invincible.”


I was often told this anecdote, and I put it here, fearing that it might be forgotten in our annals.

p138, the violation of the tombs.


The bears respond to the current drama of the fandom (Louis’ alleged baby, Harry apparently going solo etc) with a toilet scene. The book RBB s holding is home-made and uses the British spelling of ‘diarrhoea’ but there is an American socket in the bottom left. Posted by @Rbbsbbofficial - 28th of January, 2016


“It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within – not without.” - Hercule Poirot

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Johnny is incredibly unpopular for both his repetitive portrayal of characters jack sparrow style and his personal life. Do you think the FB sequel will loose casual viewers and suffer from Depp in the films or will suffer from lack of 'rewatchability' by Potter fans due to their distaste of the portrayal? How do you think WB and the production team will handle it? Do you think they have handled it well so far? How should they handle it effectively to put out the fire?

Lots of questions. :D

Hmm. I don’t think that the FB sequel will lose casual viewers because of JD’s casting or performance. I don’t think the general public cares much about his history. I think it will absolutely lose fandom viewers. I think some won’t go see the second movie at all, given what I’ve seen on tumblr. 

I’m as concerned as anyone over the quality of his performance. He’s ruined my experience of several movies I was really looking forward to. And he doesn’t seem to have gotten his addictions under control, so I’m not hopeful anything will have changed. If he’s bad, the whole movie and series will suffer for it badly. I just… He’s not Grindelwald. I don’t get it. I want a grown up version of the laughing golden haired boy from the books, not a moustache twirling villain. :( Very depressing.

I think the WB production team made a really stupid decision in casting him. I wish, so much, that JKR had continued to insist that actors’ nationalities conform to their characters like she used to in the HP movies. (We could have had Daniel Bruhl.) So far WB has handled it by not acknowledging the controversy much at all and I suspect that’s how they’ll continue. I don’t think they can put out the fire. Given the allegations against JD didn’t come out until well after he’d been cast and filmed, they couldn’t fire him. It would have cost them millions and as horrible as the allegations are, they didn’t have due cause in a legal sense. 

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 I just thought I’d chime in with some stuff about The X Factor judges houses, seeing as there are a lot of rumours about Louis’ involvement and a lot of angry people who seem to think that Simon is forcing Louis to be a part of it… 

  • Host/judge/mentor/celebrity guest talent on reality television shows are contracted and controlled through the Production Company, which in TXF’s case is ITV, not SYCO. Although Simon might certainly have had a hand in recruiting Louis and talking him around, ultimately the decision isn’t his alone. (Also a reminder that there are multiple Executive Producers in a tv show - Simon is Syco’s Executive Producer, there would also be 1-2 EPs from ITV and more again from the Network. Reality is very top heavy. Simon might be a boss, but he’s not THE ONLY boss.) Guest judge talent contracts are typically drawn up for the duration of that series only, so Louis’ involvement in the show as a contestant and then again last series as an advisor (? IDK, I didn’t see the clip), would not in any way mean that he is required to be involved now. You cannot broadcast anyone’s likeness on television without at least a release form and when you’re dealing with featured talent, a contract. There would be a standard contract sent to him by ITV which he and his solicitors would review before signing. If Louis is on The X Factor this year, it will be as the result of his decision, not because he’s been contractually forced. 
  • Guest judges (and in fact all hosts on reality television), do pretty much fuck all. What you see on camera is, 9.9 times out of 10, the total sum of their interactions with the talent and involvement in the program. They are not producers, they are talking heads and that means they arrive last, leave first and there’s very little effort required. 
  • Appearances take pretty much no time at all to film and it’s standard to book shoot days/orders around your celebrity guest’s availability. It also is fairly common to shoot things out of order, meaning that they could first sit and watch the contestants sing, then announce who’s going through and THEN sit around ‘deliberating’ over the upcoming performances and wondering who is going to do well and who will make it through. Meaning they have the advantage of having seen the outcome, before they have to muse about it on camera. It’s a real time save and means they don’t have to shoot so many variations of “Oh, he could do well…”. Louis could and probably would be done in a single day, or even a half day. 
  • If Louis is in fact going to be the guest mentor at the judges’ house with Simon, then this is good for both of them; firstly, Simon gets to 'proof’ that he’s got a positive working arrangement with his star talent and Louis gets personally held up as being a successful musician who is worthy of providing advice to someone as powerful as Simon. X Factor might be a dying format, but so is most broadcast television right now - there are still millions of people watching and Louis being involved is helping get his name out there to all of them. (Added bonus for Simon is the potential viewer-spike which comes with Louis’ appearance) 
  • Also worth mentioning; if Louis IS going to be a guest mentor, that will likely indicate that he will experience exclusively positive press until after it airs. Simon isn’t going to shit-talk him in the lead up to using him as an expert. 

 Yes, Louis has a very full schedule, but he’s AGREED to be involved in this. And all up, that’s not a bad thing…