book math

Guess what? My ordered books finally arrived so I can start getting prepared for university (basic knowledge) And yes, they look a bit used, but I always buy used books 💫 Let’s start studying, so summer holidays are going to be very productive. (What about a 100 days of productivity challenge?…)

What’s the point in worrying about the future? Who says there will even be a future? What happens if you die tomorrow and all you ever did was sit in math classes and play the clarinet and moan about your family? What good is the future to you then?
—  Dawn O'Porter, Paper Aeroplanes

A miraculous library is completely filled with books about magic, ghosts, dragons, etc. In the lowest corner of the farthest shelf, you discover a weather-beaten book entitled “Math”.

I learned something… disturbing… today:

In 1860-something this guy named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote a book about determinants. According to my professor, for years it was the book on determinants. Now here’s my problem: Dodgson was his real name. But the name you probably know him by? Lewis Carroll.

The dude that wrote Alice in Wonderland also wrote a book about determinants. 

Maybe that’s why they’re so freaking weird.