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Well, today’s been a quiet day where I’m more interested in reading or playing video games than anything else, but… gunna try to get some done.

Aiming for 1000 words edited in CH19. If I can do more, I will, but that’s the current goal.


Halfborn leaned toward me. “There’s no shame in being attracted, Magnus.” 

I choked on a piece of feast beast. “What? No, I wasn’t—”

“Staring?” Halfborn grinned.

Please be kind with me, some day’s I will be hard to love, and others I will love too much, but love is something I always have to give.
—  to my future love

“The creature in his chest roaring in triumph, he grinned down at Ginny and gestured wordlessly out of the portrait hole. A long walk in the grounds seemed indicated, during which–if they had time–they might discuss the match.” Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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When a book has a great storyline, 600+ pages (or it’s a book series with 3+ books which each book 300+ pages) and it has a fandom that post fanart and fanfiction

you didn’t ask for playlists but here

all are from { my spotify }

dancing around the room with wet hair and mismatched socks

these songs give me unrealistic expectations for my first date and I’m kinda okay with that

rain is when the clouds cry and my soul wants to sing

that one person who sits in the corner brooding listens to this as they stare at everyone

let’s sneak out on the roof just to stare at the stars while the wind blows around us

you really don’t want to talk to me if this is playing

it’s dark and we’re running through dimly lit streets, sitting and staring and not caring and feeling too much

when everyone leaves and it’s just me alone at night on my bed with my laptop

never been in a relationship but I made a breakup playlist anyway

there’s a stillness about the night that’s extremely calming 


“I’m really glad you’re taking her, Harry, she’s so excited.” And she moved on down the table to sit with Dean. Harry tried to feel pleased that Ginny was glad he was taking Luna to the party but could not quite manage it. | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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On the note of ugly Good Omens covers, I present to you: the Japanese edition of Good Omens, featuring our beloved characters, octopus and lobster.

I love staring at my bookshelves. Not because of the aesthetic, but because there’s so many stories, worlds, characters, and places that are full of love, heartbreak, and real emotions and at any moment I can take the dive into any one and immerse myself in the words.

I’m not an expert so I could be wrong on some of these but these are just some skincare tips I’ve gathered from reading a ton of articles and books. These are strictly just skincare routine tips but of course, diet and exercise are also very important when it comes to having a good skin.

  • 10 step korean skincare: makeup remover + oil-based cleanser → water-based cleanser → exfoliator → toner → essence → serum → sheet masks → eye cream → moisturizer → sunscreen (not all are done every day)
  • apply skincare products while skin is damp for better absorption
  • dab or pat products instead of rub to prevent wrinkles and to prevent rubbing them off your face and onto your hands
  • massage face while cleansing to promote blood circulation by putting your hands in a fist and using the knuckles of your index and middle fingers to massage from underneath the cheekbones, up the sides of the nose, to the top of the forehead, and along the sides of the face for a minute or two
  • apply eye cream around the orbital bone and not directly below the eyelashes to prevent irritation and tap it on with your ring finger for less pressure
  • put on eye cream on other parts of the face where you also get wrinkles like around the mouth
  • layer toner on 3-7 times and wait for a minute before each layer to hydrate the skin
  • apply excess essence in sheet mask pouches to your neck, shoulders, and hands
  • don’t keep sheet masks on all night as they can soak moisture away from the skin if left longer than what the directions say
  • acne treatments are typically applied before moisturizer but consult with your dermatologist about it
  • if your acne treatment contains benzoyl peroxide wait for a minute before applying moisturizer for it to work better
  • apply sunscreen!!! and reapply every couple hours if you’re gonna be outside all day
  • use sunscreen that says ‘broad spectrum’ to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays

Hamilton wouldn’t had been the man he became without Eliza. She made sure no one forgot about her husband all through her lifetime. Stop erasing her.

Evan probably wouldn’t had the motivation to progress so far into his life without Zoe. He wouldn’t have grown into the self he is in the finale without her. Stop Erasing her.

Nabulangi was the one who encouraged Cunningham to preach during Man up, progressing the plot greatly. Stop erasing her.

Fieryo sacrificed himself so Elphabea could get away, knowing he’d probably die in the process. Stop erasing him.

The newsies would’ve barely gotten anywhere if Katherine hadn’t approached them and written the article. She was the one who came up with the idea of publishing the newsies banner. Stop erasing her.

Christine was a big reason Jeremy got the squip, without her, the musical never would’ve taken place. Stop erasing her.