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Hi! I was wondering where you find your information on monsters? I'm very interested in learning more about paranormal things but I have no idea where to start.

just look em up in general! you can start with wiki articles & branch off into monster myths and look up books to read & stuff :0c i started out when i was little and watched like monster shows like monsterquest & stuff lol


Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing, writing writing.

Fast approaching the publication date of Perihelid, October 17! My betas have been sooooooo hard at work! Two are nearly finished, and the most are right on track! I have some great reactions from them I’ll be posting closer to release day.

In a couple weeks I’ll be in Oregon watching the solar eclipse! Then I’m moving down to Savannah, Georgia a few days later! August will be a busy month for by all the prep for publication, and I’m sooo excited :D it’s so surreal that I’m publishing the next book soon. Can you believe it’s already been two years? Only four more books to go in the series….


the raven cycle + poetry → adam parrish // the stars glitter, glitter…

and the lords’ stars glitter on / like a white thaler crown;

          the peasants’ into the soil / just like tears fell down!

Last night I dreamed that Arjun Gupta was talking about being a vampire and he was like “I’m a good vampire though, like a Cullen. A vegetarian vampire.” Then he laughed and said “Nah, I’m just kidding. I’ve killed a shit load of people.”

Then there was a lot of panic over Stella because, apparently, Stella just seems like someone who would get bit by a vampire. Like, someone said that people named Stella always got bit by vampires.

Then it just went back to the reoccurring dream I have where Arjun and I have to fight neo-nazis

Totally Canon™ Couples that we were denied due to heteronormativity:

- woody and buzz

- timon and pumbaa

- baloo and bagheera

- the roman soldier and the cowboy from night at the museum

please feel free to reblog and add more obviously gay couples from children’s media

ok let’s talk about six of crows. of the main characters alone there is:

- a physically disabled boy who suffers from severe PTSD
- a dark skinned middle eastern-coded girl who was a victim of sex trafficking but escaped and vowed revenge on all sex traffickers
- a bisexual-coded girl who is explicitly described as being larger and not stick-thin but is still described as beautiful, sexual, and incredibly powerful
- an explicitly bisexual dark skinned POC boy who ends up in a m/m relationship
- an explicitly gay boy who is looked down on by his family for severe reading and learning disabilities but who instead becomes and incredible scientist and musician
- and matthias

basically please read six of crows & crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo if you want your faith in the future of YA lit restored

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is broadway merchandise sO DAMN EXPENSIVE. all i want is something to commemorate me seeing a show that i already spent a shitload of money on, but i can't do that bECAUSE EVERYTHING IS TOO EXPENSIVE.
  • Slytherin: There's this really great show I think you should check out!
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I will.
  • Slytherin: *three years later* Oh, did you like that show by the way?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, I haven't started it yet.
  • Slytherin: Are you fucking kidding me?
What do you miss the most about him?”

“I’m not sure,” she whispered, looking down to the ground, “I’m not even sure if I do miss him. I miss the memories, and I miss talking to him and the way he made me feel. But I still don’t know if miss him, you know?“

—  am i supposed to miss him? | a.m
I'm terrified about trc tv show

So I thought I’d make a list of shit that I couldn’t cope with it not having:
-Blue and Ronan are played by Amandla Stenburg and Reece King
-Noah needs to be a faded glittery ghost child, he needs the glitter that’s the most important part
-the “murdered murdered remembered” scene
-everything needs to be aesthetic and pretty
-Cabeswater needs to look pretty not some ugly cgi shit
-the pig
-the iffy maybe slightly problematic stuff that ronan said would preferably be excluded
-the wardrobe needs to be good, the boat shoes cannot be excluded
-300 Fox Way has to be so busy and cosy and psychic-y
-I want Ronans love affair with his car to be captured in excruciating detail I fucking love Ronan and his car
-it needs to be shown that Ronan is completely and utterly in love with Adam but shown in a soft light and pretty and also Fire and sex and just you know
-Ronan and Noah’s friendship
-When Gansey and Blue kiss but don’t kiss on the mountains I loved that scene so much
-“I’m always straight” “oh man that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told”


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods

we also need to talk about what magnus’ spellbook implies which is that he’s singlehandedly created hundreds if not thousands of spells and that these are spells unique to him. meaning he’s the only one who can both cast and undo them, except for what he may have chosen to share to a select few. and that these are likely the spells warding the Institute, but not only that, the Clave is probably relying on many other spells he’s created.

basically what i’m saying is magnus bane has the greatest insurance policy ever because if he goes, all of his spells go with him.