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That Four Letter Word (Steve Harrington)

Steve Harrington x Reader

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Hi hi hi everybody, this is a thing that I wrote throughout the day and thought it was cute. I hope you enjoy!!!


To the outside world you and Steve were a match made in heaven. You were always holding hands, smiling at each other, with stolen kisses at dull moments. Being with Steve made you forget how damaged you both were sometimes. For both you and Steve, no matter how much it was true, saying that four letter word was always the most difficult. For him it was the Nancy situation that happened last Halloween and his serial romantic tendencies that he had harbored before. And for you it was your witness in the implosion of your parents marriage. You had a firm belief that love was dead. Yes, you thought you loved Steve, but you had been conditioned to think that anything you love will leave. You’d been working on it, you were happy, but everything changed when Steve slipped.

You were walking down the all at the end of the day. It was Friday and there was a party at Tina’s house tonight for some arbitrary reason for people to get together and blackout. You really didn’t drink much, losing total control was not fun for you, but you did enjoy maybe a couple drinks and some dancing with Steve and all your friends.

When you arrived at your locker you saw that their was a note taped to it with messy scrawl scribbled on the paper. It read, “meet me at my car after school, -steve”.

You plucked the note off and opened your locker, now smiling like a lunatic. You may have been with Steve for a while, but these little cute things still got you flustered. You dropped all your books into your locker, locked it, and made your way towards the parking lot. As soon as you got out the door you saw him. Running his hand through his perfect hair, wearing black sunglasses, and leaning on the hood of his car like some model. You were dating a model and did not have any problems with that. You made you way over and as soon as he caught your gaze he lifted his sunglasses off and opened his arms. You made you way into his arms, and leaned your forehead against his. “Hey princess, how’s my favorite girl?” He said devilishly. At this you could only giggle as you brought your lips to meet his and pushing your hands back into his soft hair.

When you came up for air, you both started laughing. That’s how most kisses ended, it was almost as if neither of you could believe how you had ended up with each other. “So, wanna go get ice cream?” Steve proposed. You nodded quickly and raced over to the passenger side door. Steve laughed and walked around the car to the driver’s side. Once he started going his hand never left its place on your thigh.

After you got ice cream Steve dropped you off at your house because you insisted that you had to get ready for Tina’s party, no matter how many times he told you that you looked fine, because you didn’t want to look just “fine”, you wanted to look fiiiine.

You rushed inside and practically ran to your room. You stared into your closet searching for inspiration until you spotted what would be your perfect outfit. You decided that leaving your jeans would be the best call, but you changed your comfy sweater for a tight red tank top and bomber jacket combo. You let your hair down out of its usual ponytail and put on the best makeup you could. You were actually quite good at makeup despite popular belief as you wore minimal to none to school. You looked at your clock and noticed that you had only 10 more minutes until you were off to the party.

You rolled up to the party with Steve and it was already in full swing. There were kids roaming in and out of the front door, red cups in hand, and music blaring. You got out of the car and walked hand in hand with Steve to the front door. When you walked in you spotted a your friends dancing to the music in a huge mass of people, you waved but immediately went to the drink table. You grabbed a red cup, filled it with a mysterious red liquid, and went to meet your friends, Steve in tow.

You were dancing in the night away, careful to pace yourself with your drink until something happened. You weren’t sure how to react because it was so sudden, so unexpected, so true, but why. Steve said the four letter word, in that four word sentence that every girl but you seems to dream about. The moment after he said it, he regretted it. You didn’t even in answer, just knocked back you drink, whispered, “I’ll be right back” and made you way to the drink table.

You bobbed and weaved through the crowed a lot faster than Steve could, especially in his current state. When you got to the table, a solid 30 seconds before Steve made it to you, you already had your cup refilled with the liquid, and were basically chugging it. Once he got there the cup was empty again and you were refilling once again.

“I’m sorry, I just, I don’t know, I slipped, but it doesn’t make it any less true,” He slurred.

Tears began to burn your cheeks and you dashed out of the house. He chased you down and found you sitting on the porch, drink no where to be seen. “Steveie, I’m scared,” you said, as Steve sat down next to you, placing his arm around you.

“I know I’m scared too,” he agreed.

“Anything I’ve ever loved has left, or exploded, and I’m afraid that if I said it, you would leave.”

“Me too, Y/N, me too,” He said sadly.

You hugged him, as tight as you could, and in the crook of his neck, you whispered that four letter word, in that 4 word sentence, you could tell by the hitch in his breath that he heard it.


I HOPE YOU ENJOYED, and if you want to read some of my other stuff you can find my masterlist in my description as well as a link to where you cam request. And there is a request coming probably tomorrow that is another ship so something new(!!!) and yeah have a good day and stuff!

Art of kidnapping

I dont understand why the hell kidnappers have to be so extra? Like using chloroform and getting so physical and wearing all black and driving in a van. Like dude . All you gotta do is bribe me with a book and lock me up in a hugeeee library and feed me. That’s it. Easy pesy. Best part? I wouldn’t struggle a bit. You need my soul? No problem. Here have it. Just remember to bring me snickers.


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