book laptop case

02/02/2016        10:04AM //

Been working on some things this morning!! Right now, taking a break from reading some sensation and perception chapters, class is later today!! Got this new pencil case at Chapters and blogging a little before resuming my reading!! ☺️  

anonymous asked:

can we see pictures of the great bakuras lair?

dont say i didn’t warn u

incredibly messy bed shot. i sleep with four pillows, also an old grey hoodie for some reason. i fell asleep in it once and its been in bed for a while. u can see my 3DS and headphones, also laptop, uhh. i use a pillow as a mousepad and really old mouse i stole from school. also marik dakimakura 

bonus picture of my bakura dakimakura too

ok moving on

one side of my bed which is awful. those drawers are full of drawing stuff. two coke cans, vaseline, loads of sweet wrappers, a 3eyes plushie, chicken, a bottle of paper stars, also a hairband marik gave me

other side. warm milkshake, maltesers, tissue, a bin, warrior cats,, mario mystery box that makes noise, kawaii phone holder with a badge from my 16th birday. coke bottle, more coke cans, more chocolate, a snake thingy, yami marik deck…. those drawers are also full of shit

and finally a gigangtic bisexual pride flag + takeaway from otnight which is gonna stay in my room for like years. un till i can walk downstairs. a huge 8ft squid plushie, a bunch of hats, a dragon toy, books, laptop case, headphones, more books, my big boxes full of all my ygo merch…..

im messy