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A ‘Captive Prince x A Song of Ice and Fire’ AU

He is skilled, he is hot-blooded, he collects his bastards like stray kittens - and he is the Prince of Dorne. But even somebody like Damianos Martell can manage to step into a nest of vipers. He did exactly that when he accidentally crippled the eldest Tyrell son, Auguste, in a tournament, pissing off the whole lot of Highgarden. Auguste Tyrell is not only their heir, but one of the last Blackfyres through his maternal line. And some people want to believe it wasn’t an accident at all…

Despite the rumours and his family bearing a deep grudge against the Martells, Auguste and Damianos quickly became friends after the accident. Even his little brother, Laurent, eventually warmed up after endless months of vicious stares. Tyrell’s little rose turns out to be brilliantly witty, more thorns than petals. Yet, he blushes prettily whenever Auguste teases him with an embarrassing childhood story, in which Laurent thought for the longest time (because of the old Targaryen/Blackfyre traditions) he is to marry his own brother as a grown up, telling every adult complimenting him that he is already promised. The Dornish prince cannot help but to grow fond of the brothers.

Years later, Damianos emerges victoriously in another tournament and is to crown his Queen of Love and Beauty. There’s a flood of shocked gasps going through the crowd when he places the winter roses on Laurent Tyrell’s head, the flowers as blue as his eyes. “Why,” Damianos proclaimes, “it’s all the grace and courtesy he deserves.”

Since then, Damianos has had quite the reputation for letting tournaments turn out scandalously!

EDIT: The lovely @steelestingray wrote a fanfic based on this AU~

  • Snape: Mr. Potter, why don't you read first?
  • Harry: Alright, Chapter 1; Surviving your fascist Potions Professor who needs to put kids down to feel big.
  • Harry: Oh wow! This is useful guys, we should read on!

I never posted these handsome boys here before, but they’re from an original novel Echoes, which my friend @suggestivescribe has written and published!! It’s up for sale here on Amazon :D

If you’re into well executed vampire lore, LGBT rep, and twining plots where you legitimately love every character for a multitude of reasons, I think you guys’ll dig this <3 Pls spread it around if you can!!


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Feyre is Stupid, Right?

Some Anti: Lol Feyre’s such an idiot, I can’t believe she couldn’t solve that riddle

Me, an intellectual: *sharp inhale* Okay, just one thing:

So setting aside the fact that numerous readers didn’t solve it either, let’s focus on the actual riddle itself. With the answer being love, Feyre should totally know that, right? I mean, that kind of cheesy answer, it’s a staple answer.

Except of course she wouldn’t.

Feyre can’t even read, so she certainly didn’t grow up pouring over books that debate logic and explore wordplay and definitely never encountered riddles in that format. Her father was pretty much checked out 24/7 so no way he ever taught her how to approach a word problem like that. And as for Nesta and Elain? They were busy trying everything not to feel, not to be in the situation they were in, let alone teach Feyre, for it would be an act of acknowledging just what they have lost to have to instruct her in the place of a governess. 

Riddles require a certain knack - the more you know and learn about, the better an understanding you have of the kind of abstract thinking that is required to solve them. It’s safe to assume that this is one of, or even THE first riddle Feyre has ever been met with. So no, she doesn’t know how to apply the correct way of thinking to it. 

More than that, if she grew up without that kind of education and word testing, she probably isn’t well adapted to any kind of language analysis.  That’s not to say she’s stupid, for there are many different kinds of intelligence. All this shows is that she never had the opportunity to learn in this area, and her brain may have developed in a different way as a result of minimal stimulation to those areas. This is especially common for those who suffer from neglect as a young age - the later in life you engage with certain types of learning (especially speech) the harder it is to ever learn them. 

To call her stupid for not being ‘smart’ in this one particular way is the epitome of the problem with our current education system. It focuses only on testing people’s intelligence and ‘usefulness’ in one very narrow way, which systematically discriminates against the underprivileged (especially, in our case, people of colour). 

Looking at the riddle itself, it is key to think about what the answer was: Love.

So it always seemed obvious to me why Feyre, even if she could utilize more abstract thinking, never would guess that answer.

It would be like asking a man who has never had water solve a riddle where the answer is ‘to be without thirst’. Never before has Feyre really felt love, her best grasp of it a long-faded memory of a time with her mother, and her present of a man who is abusive, and whom she is still struggling to accept her feelings for. 

Feyre taught herself how to hunt, how to skin animals, how to track beasts, how to manage finances, how to judge a person’s character, how to paint, how to fix whatever breaks around the house, how to stay warm through the winter. Did anyone ever explain these things to her? No. She learned on her own, because she had to, and despite being a literal fucking child WHO WAS STARVING AND NEGLECTED, it is her who has kept all four of them alive. 

So don’t you dare calling Feyre Motherfucking Archeron an idiot.