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The only thing on my mind today was Andrew Minyard and his mocking salute.
It’s super shaky, messy, and rough and the quality sucks sooo bad (I’m sincerely sorry for that, I had insane trouble with the size and resizing, it’s super annoying plus tumblr loves to screw the quality) but anyway.
Now I really wanna animate a few scenes from the books (will only take a life time but whatevs, do I have something better to do with my life ? Yes definitely..but do I care? No.). Also, thank you for 200 followers and welcome to the fandom who ever just discovers it!!

Take a Break

I’m taking a break from tumblr. Like I’m completely logging off and everything for a few days. Maybe longer.

Im having some bad mental health days and with that comes the idea that my art is the worst. I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. I need to go back to traditional art for awhile, read some books, center myself. I am getting short tempered, stressed, and feeling like a really unpleasant person and I don’t want that to be who I am.

It also means, even though I just started it, I’m putting my ask blog on hold.

If you need to get in touch with me, I do have a twitter. I don’t post a lot on there and mostly follow funny twitter accounts and other art “blogs” but I do check it regularly. You can find me @Lozeyjones on twitter. 

I’ll reblog this once more for the day crowd but as of now I’m taking a vacation away from this site. I can’t handle much anymore.

Again, my twitter is @lozeyjones

I also check deviantart frequently (every day) so you can find me there as just Lozey.

I’m sorry I’ll be absent for awhile, but I do think that to feel better about myself and my art, I need to get off of this website to cool down and rethink things.

I hope everyone else is doing fine, however. I’ll just be on for the next 24 hours so if you need to let me know anything, tell me now or I won’t be able to get back to you for some time.

Thanks for understanding, and goodnight <3

So in my very slow catching up of Shadowhunters, this was one of my favourite moments in Day of Wrath so I took a screenie of the HD clip in case anyone liked it as much as I do

Izzy in Alec’s arms.
Jace and Alec’s heads together.
Jace’s hand on Izzy’s arm.
Alec’s hand on Jace’s back.

Just all the family feels.

Shoutout to my jarco shippers

Yall still rock, my dudes

Especially those with jarco blogs

Fill up the tag with love for that ship, not hate <3

frostbite883  asked:

Question, if there is only one word you can describe the mainstream comic book Marvel Universe right now, what would that word be?

even with cosmic level events and cap being hydra its STILL better than the one we’re being forced to live in now.

is that more than one word? :)

ACOWAR Blurb #1 Theory


“My goal was bigger than revenge. My purpose greater than personal retribution.”

To me, this sounds like it comes from the beginning of the book, when Feyre is doing a bit of a recap. It could also be a part of Feyre’s big reveal to Tamlin, when she reveals that she’s been a spy for the Night Court the entire time. THIS QUOTE IS SO AWESOME THOUGH OH MY GOSH I WANT THE BOOK NOW PLEASE!!!!!


now feels like an appropriate time to post this