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Some are a sampling of gifts from Christmas, the rest are me just binge-buying a shitton of comics at Vancouver’s Golden Age Collectibles. I have yet to find a comic shop here that has their range and variety.

Aww yiss I’m gonna have me a good time reading.

Happy New Comic Book Day! Today is the kick-off of our SQUARE ONE program—first issues of our flagship titles for only $1!

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As a means of catching ZIM fans up to speed in terms of the series’ highly complicated (everyone throws fits and stuff explodes) plot, and to inform those who have never watched the show (you can tell who they are because they still have their hearing), I hired Recap Kid. He (or she? I never specified and aaronalexovich‘s art keeps it mysterious) is an expert on all things ZIM so you’re in good hands there. 


(W) Danielle Koenig
(A) Warren Wucinich
© Fred C. Stresing
(CA) Warren Wucinich (retail cover), Krooked Glasses (incentive cover)
BACK-UP COMIC by Sam Logan and Jarrett Williams with Fred C. Stresing
GENRE: Humor, Sci-Fi
PRICE: $3.99

Once again, Dib is kidnapped by malicious aliens! But there’s a big difference: they’ve also kidnapped ZIM! WHAT EVIL IS THIS?

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Invader Zim #17 preview. Once again, Dib is kidnapped by malicious aliens! #comics INVADER ZIM #17 (W) Danielle Koenig (A) Warren Wucinich © Fred C. Stresing (CA) Warren Wucinich (retail cover), Krooked Glasses (incentive cover)
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This is the ONLY INVADER ZIM comic review that matters.


Invader Zim Is Back From The Dead

The animated series Invader ZIM first debuted on Nicekodeon back in 2001. While the show never found a Spongebob Squarepants-level audience, its unique style and sense of humor attracted a cult following that remains even ten years after the final episodes aired. Now those fans can take heart that ZIM and friends are returning. Not in another animated series, but in a new ongoing comic book from Oni Press.

ZIM creator Jhonen Vasquez is involved with that new comic, steering its development and even writing the first two issues. We recently had the chance to speak to Vasquez via email. He discussed the joys and challenges of returning to this oddball universe after so long, how closely he and other Invader ZIM veterans are involved and in what page of the first issue GIR will die. Wait, what?

Along with that interview, we also have an exclusive look at four pages from the first issue, which will be released on Wednesday, July 8.

Keep reading (via IGN)


• bust - $15
• ¾ - $22
• maximum of 3 characters, flat rate above per character. speech bubbles, very minimal background, and red spot color is permitted.
• no full-body, no porn, no robotics, no furries/animal hybrids. pretty much everything else is ok (including violent/graphic/gore content, in fact i welcome it).
• if you would like a full piece or illustration you can email me and we can discuss it.

• send an email to kristindoesart @ gmail dot com with the subject ‘commission - your name’. tell me what you want me to draw for you! fanart and oc’s welcome. give me as much detail as you feel i need. if you like you can include reference pictures, those are always helpful.
• patience is a virtue! art takes time and i do have a day job to attend.
• when the pencils are done i’ll show you what it looks like - you are allowed two free alterations. after that it will be an additional $8 per alteration.
• in order for me to complete your piece with inks, payment will be needed. pay with paypal USD using the above email. please select ‘pay for goods and services’ and be sure to select ‘no address needed’.
• if for any reason i cannot finish your commission you will receive a full refund


For my storytelling class, we had to copy another comic book artist’s style and in doing so, we had to copy a page of their work.

I chose Jhonen Vasquez’s Invader Zim. 

Above is the original and below is my replication. Please excuse the AWFUL handwriting.

All characters, comics, stories, etc. go to Jhonen Vasquez.