“Embers stirred her unbound hair as she wrapped her hands around his neck and pressed close. A golden crown of flame flickered to life atop Rowan’s head…” 

FINALLY finished this beast! (will probably go back and change everything) From chapter 56 of Empire of Storms <3 

I had so much fun with the lighting and colour on this one and basically went to town on it. If anyone asks me where the light comes from in one of my illustrations I will throw this book at them and be like READ SJMAAS AND THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR DRAMATIC LIGHTING. 


The full set at last! 

These days everyone’s all about sparkly vampires and tyrannical dictatorships trying to make you get with cute boys, and I’m just over here with my 90s YA heroine, who hangs out with marmosets and egg-laying mammals and rides dinosaur skeletons over tyrannical dictatorships before breakfast. 

I really wanted to stick a tubby little duck-billed platypus into the final cover - and I still might. Don’t tempt me!


First sketch of 2017 and I continue with my obsession of Feyre and Rhys. Seriously, do I need help? Need to transfer the sketch onto watercolor paper and start coloring but damn adult responsibilities make my time very limited today. Anyone else hates to adult? I just wanna draw and paint all day!!!

Manon was by far my favorite in EoS. She has been since QoS, so I will be drawing her more I suspect, but for now, here she is on the ship ! 

I’ll admit, I lost motivation for this a little as it was so much work - painting all the wood, although therapeutic, gave me a headache and so by the time I got to painting her I was just like MEH. Anyway… 

Character copyright of Sarah J Maas.