book illust


i love books and autumn <3 

here again  a progress video and i also animated the watercolor illustation a bit :)


Prints are available in my etsy shop:


Hey since it’s the day before 413, I’m finally uploading these stuff :’D

Covers for my last HS fan zines! (and illust books heh)

Like I always said, it’s not for selling purposes, and I’m only giving it out to the people who participated in the books, which um, turns out to be like 60 in total. Honestly the zine covers took forever to finish, so I’m really glad they turned out okay.

(also yes, this is the project ive been going haywire on. can’t believe this took 4 months.)
「勇者の出番ねぇからっ! !」/「碧風羽@twitter@微博」[pixiv]
レッドライジングブックス 「勇者の出番ねぇからっ! ! 異世界転生するけど俺は脇役だと言われました 」 著:草薙刃 挿絵を担当させていただきました。

Book cover work