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Sydnee Recommends: FANTASY BOOKS

Young Adult

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (are you shocked?)

  • ragtag group of misfits
  • an impossible heist
  • bi, pan, gay, poc, and disabled mains (amazing)
  • its literally the breakfast club meets ocean’s eleven

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

  • ancient rome inspired
  • gladiator trials
  • a rebellious slave girl
  • an ancient evil spirit

This Savage Song by Victoria Scwab

  • actual monsters vs humans
  • warring families
  • beautiful writing
  • no romance

Adult (ish)

A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab

  • blood magic
  • parallel londons
  • pirates
  • literally no one is hetero

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

  • what if the dark lord won?
  • alchemy magic
  • group of misfits perform a heist (sound familiar)

Graphic Novels

Rat Queens 

  • elven mage, dwarf warrior,  atheist cleric, and halfling theif fight monsters
  • queer
  • the sass
  • its great

Reading under a willow tree…

phew, this took rather long, but I’m done! I actually wanted to do this one for yesterday, but it took too long. So I made that doodle of Toshinori searching for the book he’s reading here!

does anyone wanna tell me why there’s a fucking window in the shrine

kinda defeats the purpose

ok so it’s quite a while ago now, but one time a friend bought a ‘unicorns vs zombies’ anthology and let me borrow it. the anthology was set up like a competition to see which makes for better stories, and you know me, there’s no way i would let zombies change my opinion on unicorns. i only read like… three or four of the stories, but you know what? the zombies won. the zombies won because they cheated. the first zombie story was gay. i had never in my life, before that moment, read a canon gay story that had been printed. it blew my mind.

i love how hogwarts houses have become such a huge identifier on here (and also irl) like it’s right up there with name and age and pronouns in terms of how people introduce themselves and i just love that so much

postcanon angry gay protofeminist emma pole/wintertowne tearing her way through early-mid victorian society is just. the MOST. THE EXCELLENT. MY FAVE. i just love to think of her writing dozens of letters and keeping diaries and crusading for causes and keeping essays and it’s so fascinating to think about how history would remember her?

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dude.... You used to ship jalec romantically?? I was going through ur old tags and........

lmao i also used to think i was straight and think ccs books were great and good lgbt rep people grow and learn my friend

“You seem to me to be a wise man,” said one of the Romans. “Can you tell me just why a grasshopper, who jumps up and down all the time, has wings on both sides and yet stands on six legs, while an elephant, that huge animal, makes do with four? He really has more of a need for wings.”

Okay so I started the reading the 20th anniversary edition of HTTE last night.

I cannot believe this.

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You'd better not get any torturing ideas with those mangas, Aku!

“These picture books are child’s play compared to the things I have witnessed and participated in, I assure you..”

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So how was the book?

Enjoyable. What I liked most was how the characters are almost faithful to the real ones, and not just Paul and John, but also George and Ringo, and Brian Epstein. Some facts are totally made up (it’s fantasy, after all), others are similar to real facts, but slightly changed.

First of all, I won’t give spoilers, I’ll just talk about the plot, if you want more details I can make a post about it or we can talk through messages or chat, so message me off anon. 

The main plot is this one:

Seth (John) and Peyton (Paul) are married and live in New York. They’re in a limo on their way to home when, outside their home, Seth is shot. Peyton goes through depression, and he decides to visit Seth’s shrink to cure himself. Peyton tells the doctor their whole story, from the beginning. So the story goes backwards, from the day they met, until the KYDDS (name of the band) split up. 

It’s also mentioned Harrods (Brian Epstein) and his relationship with Seth (John), and the whole Spain affair (Amsterdam in the book). Seth is bisexual but closeted until 1967, when homosexuality is not illegal anymore and decide to be open about it. Peyton is straight but repressed, until he gets together with Seth in 1967. 

The first part is mostly about how Peyton feels about Seth’s relationship with Harrods (Paul’s feelings towards John’s relationship with Brian Epstein). I almost felt disappointed at first cause it focuses on Seth and Harrods a lot, but also on Peyton’s jealousy. The second part is all about Seth and Peyton relationship, and how it evolves through time. 

It ends in an almost creepy way, which leaves you with an interesting question.

After the end, the author confesses how the whole story is about John and Paul. He also talks about his love for the Beatles and mostly John Lennon, and how the world would be a better place if John and Paul were lovers. 

I’m seriously considering the idea of contacting the author to chat about John and Paul.