book hoarders

So, this happened over the course of three days at a library conference. 101 galleys, 26 hardcovers for YA. Plus the 53 middle grade books hiding in the back. Plus 15 YA ARCs for a fellow Litsy teen librarian. Not one dime spent, but holy cow, I felt like a one-woman bookmobile hauling this load around the convention center. Guess it’s time to start digging in 😬😳😏


My last bookshelf update was May 2016. I’ve added so many new books and expanded my library that I thought a new year update would be appropriate. 

Would you like a closer look at my shelves? Feel free to check me out on Goodreads!  

Did your shelves grow last year? Or did you downsize? 

Do you see any of your favorites?


*in bed thinking about all the books I want to buy* *looks over at bookshelf, counts all the books i bought last year that i have yet to read*

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