book from the ground

Person A is casually reading on the couch, their reading glasses on.

Person B walks over to them and just plops down on top of them.

Person A just moves the book to the side and keeps reading.

Person B gets bored and starts messing with Person A’s hair, glasses, their person in general.

Person B, still getting no response, just swipes the book from their hands and tosses it onto the ground.

Person A slowly looks at B and gently takes off their glasses. Then suddenly wiggles intensely until B ungracefully falls off them and the couch.

Person A stands up, grabs the book, puts their glasses back on, then lays on top of Person B and starts reading again.

Person B learned their lesson and now knows to not mess with A while reading.

EXTRA! Person B still does it when they feel lonely or wants attention. A knows this, and only pretends to be annoyed.

We both fell for each other, but now I’m the one falling apart. I want you, but you want her.
—  10:07pm// journal entry #13

Remember…..  part 13 (Memories) 

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“I’m Elijah..” you look from the books on the car towards the person who just spoke. A man was standing in front of you. You recognise him right away. It was the man from yesterday. He helped you pick up some books from the ground after you were clumsy enough to let them all fall. After that both of you had a little talk about books.

“Y/N” You say to him.

“It’s nice to know the name of the person who helped me pick out this wonderful book.” He says to you with a smile. You smiled back at him.

“I’m happy that you like it.” You say to him

“I loved it. Do you have another one I should read?’ He asks you

“Did you already finish this one?” You ask him.

“Yes I could stop reading.” He says with a smile

“I’m impressed.” You say to him.

“Can I have a whiskey on the rocks?” You said to the bartender.

“Bad day?” A woman’s voice said next to you. You look towards her, she had this blond hair and blue eyes.

“You can say that.” YOu say towards her.

“Let me guess Men?” She says.

The bartender puts the drink in front of you.

“Yes..”You say to her.

“Same here.” She says

You began talking and joking around. She told you about her problem and you about yours.

‘Y/N” You hear someone say next to you. You towards the voice and you saw Elijah standing next to you.

“Brother. YOu never told me you had just a lovely friend.” She says towards Elijah.

“Hi Rebekah.” He says towards her. His gaze turning right away back to you.

“Brother please leave us we were having so much fun before you showed up.” She says towards him. He gives both of you a smile and walks away.

It was end of October and Rebekah made you go to one her family parties. A masked ball. Everybody was dressed classy but with a mask. You had a black dress on with a open back. Your mask was like a raven a picked nose and black feathers. YOu arrived at the mikaelson compound with a taxi. The compound was all lighted up and a red carpet was set in front of the door. You walked towards the door where a man was standing greeting everyone who came in.

“Hello love.” He says to you with a smile.  He had this accent that made you have goosebumps. You looked towards and smiled before you could say hi back. Rebekah comes running towards you.

“There you are.” She says to you. “You have to show you around.”

“Rebekah aren’t you going to introduce me.” The man says.

“Y/N this is Niklaus.” She says to you. “Niklaus this is Y/N”

He looks towards you and takes you hand. Giving at a little kiss.

“It’s nice to meet you Y/N.” He says

You got no time to react when Rebekah pulls you away from him.


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Cinderella’s fairytale was full of singing and dancing, and parties and balls. She knew how to sing and dance, she excelled at it - had a natural talent. You, on the other hand, even though you were her daughter, had absolutely no clue. You were a hopeless klutz when it came to everything, even standing still. People often made fun of you for that. After a while, it stopped hurting and just became your everyday.

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Darling, you are the sun and while the sun may sometimes set it always, always rises.
—  Just another metaphor for always getting back on your feet even when you’re wiped out on the ground thinking you’ll never get up because the stars look prettier from down here, 19/08/2015
I hate you. I hate you for all the things you’ve put me through. How could you do those things to me? How could you kiss me and then leave? I hate myself for letting you walk all over me. I hate everything and I wish I didn’t waste all that time on you. There goes six months of my life. Why is my life such a mess? I wish I didn’t feel this pain anymore. This is me saying goodbye. I’m sorry I ever bothered about trying to be anything more than friends. I should’ve known from the start we wouldn’t work out… I love you, but it’s time for me to let go. Goodbye.
—  7:37pm// excerpts from a book I’ll never write #12
This is really hard for me to say, but I think I’ve come to the relaxation that you never loved me. You never wanted anything to happen between us. You got what you wanted out of me and left. Along the way you stole my first kiss, and ever since that night I prayed that I would get to kiss you again. The thought of us never kissing again devastated me, but I’ve come to realize that I am just going to live with it. We weren’t ever meant to be anything more than friends. You are just damn good at playing with a girl’s mind. I should’ve known the whole time it would end like this. I should’ve listened to the signs because now I’m left crying and you are off laughing and smiling with her… I should’ve known you would never pick me. I wouldn’t pick me. Who would ever pick a girl like me? I wish I could just let you go…
—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #11
Imagine Amara kidnapping you to try and convince Dean to join her forever....

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“Where is she?” Dean frantically screamed as he raced down the stairs of the bunker, as the others looked at him, sorrow in their eyes.

“SAM! Where is [y/n]?” He growled.

“She was in the car with us… when Chuck zapped us back, she was….”

“Why wasn’t she in the car Chuck?” Dean growled, his eyes casted to the ground as Chuck inhaled.

“Amara already had her out of the car before I zapped it. I have no idea where she could have taken her.” 

And then all the books were on the ground from the table, and Dean, whom loudly screamed at this point, punched the wall, before storming away.

While you were in an abandoned building, screaming in pain, as Amara tortured you. 

The first time you smiled, not even at me, I knew you were the one I would never forget.
The first time you said my name, I felt the sensation it caused and I knew I’d always hear your voice whenever somebody else said it.
The first time we kissed, it was magical, words can’t even explain how amazing that feeling was.
The first time we argued, I hoped was the last, since if I had to hate anything about you, it would be the sound of your voice raising.
The first time you cried, it was the most beautiful and gut wrenching site I’ve ever witnessed.
The first time you broke me, and the last time, because never again would I put myself through that.

So now I leave without a sound,
Except for my heart shattering as it hits the ground.

—  A.M // epilogue from a book I’ll never write

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“Ororo! Hey, do you happen to have the book you borro-” You let yourself into her dorm room, only to walk in on her stepping out of her bathroom. A towel lazily wrapped around her frame, steam pouring out of the small room. Her skin damp from the water of the shower. You felt your face heat up at a fast pace, both embarrassed and a little turned on.

“Oh, Hey Y/n.” Ororo said, smiling at you, but you didn’t pay much attention. You were too focused on how good she looked, and how you hated that you weren’t looking away. You didn’t even notice when the books in your hands slipped from your grip, falling to the ground, and on your feet.

“Ow! Fuck. I-i’m sorry. Fucking fuck…” You quickly moved your foot away from the heavy pile. Your face turning even more of a dark red then you thought was possible.”I’m just going to leave.”

You ran out of the room, just wanting to go and hide in a corner forever. 

“Y/n! You forgot your books!” Ororo yelled after you, but you were already out of sight. She’d just have to visit you later after you came out of hiding.


I was sitting on the windowsill of a huge window in the hallway on Hogwarts, reading a book and enjoying the warm sunlight that was streaming through the window.

“Hey, y/n!” I heard my friend, Sirius Black’s voice call for me. I glanced up and waved him over, and his long legs strode over to me. Tossing his bag onto the ground, Sirius groaned and sank down next to me, resting his elbow on my knee and making me flinch and drop my book. 

“Sirius!” I giggled and shoved him away from me, making him knock his head on the wall. Laughing and rubbing his head, Sirius got back up and snatched up my book from the ground, waved it over his head. 

“Why’re you reading this? You’re such a nerd!” I rolled my eyes and tried to grab my book back, but Sirius just moved back so that I couldn’t get it. 

“Sirius! Give that back to me!” I laughed and grabbed at the book multiple more times until finally, I jumped and fell back down on Sirius. 

I looked down and giggling, tried to push myself back up, but Sirius’s arms were wrapped tightly around me and he wouldn’t let me go.

“I’m never letting go of you, y/n.” Sirius closed his eyes happily and I rolled my eyes at him. Seeing no use to struggle any longer, I sighed and sank down onto his chest, where I fell happily asleep.