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dare me by megan abbott

That’s what people never understand: They see us hard little pretty things, brightly lacquered and sequin-studded, and they laugh, they mock, they arouse themselves. They miss everything. You see, these glitters and sparkle dusts and magicks? It’s war paint, it’s feather and claws, it’s blood sacrifice.

anyone ever: patrick hockste-


The Curves Of You~Min Yoongi

The Curves Of You~Suga


Each member will have thier own storyline, no they’re not connected. And no it won’t be ‘cliche’ or 'cringed worthy’, where the fall in love with you right away. It’s slow, and beautiful.

Warnings: Cursing, body image issues, sexual content{Later parts}, angst, fluff, and cute fucking friendship with Jung Hoseok {J-Hope} and cute ass Min Yoongi like damm.

Parts: {Part1} {Part2}

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You’ve always been shy, your face hidden behind glasses and tangled hair. Your body covered in large pieces of clothing, covering the rolls and over flowing skin. It wasn’t that you hated everything about yourself, you loved the way your thighs looked like, how your cheeks held dimples when you giggled or smiled. But you hated more about yourself then you would like to, the way your arms were large and would flatten against your sides, your elbows holding dimples, and your stomach over flowing any tight pieces of clothing.

So you went the the local library to fall into this imagination, and the point of view of who you wanted to be. A fit beauty,with sculpted abs, tight muscles and perfect looks. Your nose always stuck in a book, reading her story, a story of a dare devil or a geeky girl turning into this beauty that everyone one love. Thats who you dreamed to be, but it changed when you got older.

You hips fitting into you stomach, your arms making you level out with yourself. Soon you where to dare devil, who all men drooled over. But you still could not get over the simple idea; fat girls don’t get loved like skinny girls.

It wasn’t like you hated people for the body type they had, you just wished you looked like them. Toned and fit, even when men seemed to travle over to you only trying to get a good fuck. They always seemed to gravitate to the more skinny and 'fit’ beautiful girls, for a real relationship. Guys are fuck buddies or best friends for someone your size. 

As you grew up, stories became your passion more then before. Different story lines, leading to you becoming a director, manly for short flims. Your scrips becoming popular around small online communities. But even that didn’t take up your weekly day at the library that started the passion for it all.

It was the middle of the afternoon, your nose deep into a book, glasses sliding down your nose. Lip slightly parted, as you turn the pages. The story line becoming of of beauty and fluidly written to horrible toxic and over all sickening. When the slam of a book pulled your from the book.

Eyes snapping up raven black hair, and deep eyes that made you hearts stop. He sat across from you, his hands holding a book on musical theory, his eyes glacinf at your for a aplit second before he looked back down. Your own snapping away from him. It was weird, no one had ever sat next to you, well more at the table with you. Mostly because book scattered around you, all having been read by you at least twice. You had no idea who he was, only that his music was most likely classical due to the piano keys flowing through the air around him.

You let your lip roll between your teeth as you got lost back into your book. The way the story explained love made you frown disgusted, shutting the now ruined book. You stood up, grabbing everything you’d read that day. Your mind kept going  the book you thought you’d enjoy, love was toxic in the book. Something violent, something inhuman and not what real-life type of love was. As you begin to put them back a hand tapped you shoulder. Letting out a squeal you turn around clutching the book to your chest. Eyes wide as you see hus raven hair, he held a light smile as his eyes shinned.

“May I help you?” You question in a hushed tone, catchung your breath as you turun back to the shelf.

“You forget this at the table Miss.” He spoke with a light airy tone, your turn to see the white papers in his hand.

“That one is mine..” you mumble making him look to the cover.

“Who’s Y/n?”

“Me.” His head snapped with a smile.

“You’re directing a short film?”

“T.V show actually.” Your words made his eyes brighten even more as he nods, his eyes looking to the script. You reached for it making his eyes snap to you, a smile that made your freeze.

“Yoongi.” He said as the papers fell into your hands, the weight of the first episode making you huff. “When does it start showing?”

“I don’t know, I have to defend it to a broad of producers first.” He nods as you start to walk away, as you do you swear you hear him sigh.

As you leave the library, there stood you best friend. Jung Hoseok, he had a large smile on his face as he held a habd out to you. “You didn’t answer my text.” He pouted pulling you into a hug, his arm over your shoulders as you two begin to walk.

“Didn’t take my purse, just my script.” He nodded as he pulled from you. His hand lacing with your as he swang the laced hand back and forth.

“You’ll get the time slot. I swear it.”

“I don’t have the meeting for a few months. Hobi-oppa.” You mumbled as you pull your habd from his, “even if I did have it today I’m not even close to ready. I have to remove some characters and add some more. It’s so stressfull. I mean not many shows are written by just the director, they have a team. All I have is a team of me.” Your words made him laugh as he shook his head.

“Sometimes all you need is yourself to be successful in life.” His words made you smile as you let out a breath of air.

“Somtimes I think , what would I do with out my sunshine…you know you’re literally one of the best people I know Jung Hoseok.” He couldn’t help but giggle as he wrapped an arm around you again.

“So are you, my dearest Y/n.”

The next day, you woken up to the realization, you had another day off. Looking to your phone you see Hoseok had texted you seeing if you were free for the a best friend movie night. Agreeing to his terms with him picking you up again from the library.

Waking into the the building of books and silence, you see Yoongi sitting at your table. You grew nervous, a large sweatshrit and baggy sweats pair with some convers covered your body. Hair in a messy bun and absolutely no makeup on your face. At the sound of a book falling both of your eyes snap to a boy, his blonde curly hair a mess and his eyes wide as he bows his head in apology.

Eyes going back to the table, you see him already looking at you. As you pass by he gives you a light hearted smile, you do the same. Grabbing a fiction book you go and sit at your normal spot across from him. It felt strange. Like someone’s eyes were watching you, looking up his eyes snap to his book again. It made you crule into yourself as he did it again, and agains and again. Soon you slam your book closed and look at him, his eyes wide as you glare.

“I get that I’m fat, but no need to stare.” You stand, leaving you book on the table wan rush out. You body rushing away from the building, catching Hoseok on the way.

“Wow,wow slow down hotshot. What’s the matter? You left pretty early.” His words made you nod as you shrug.

“Read all the book they have..probably gonna have to fine a new library.” Your words made his eyes widen as he walked with you to your building.

“That a lie." 

"So what….can we just watch the movies and stuff our faces with ice cream?”

“I’m sleeping over right?” His question made you roll your eyes as you walk down tge hall to your dorm.

“Yes, what else do you do when we have movie nights.”

“Talk about how cute this guy is in dance.”

“Park Jimin?” Park Jimin is a dancer for a class Hoseok teaches, he makes your hope blush and grow flustered.

“The one I want you to date,yes.”

“Why don’t you date him?”

“I like gi-”

“Boy, I’ll fight you.” You said moving around you dorm, he lets out a laugh and falls to the couch. “It’s a safe place here, you know that.” He smiles at you as he patts the couch.

“Okay, yeah I’m Bi, but how does one come out to parents like mine….he’s also very traditional. He’ll never be into me.” He look sad as you sit down. His head falling into you lap as you play with hus hair.

“Then he’s missing out on an amazing sunshiny guy. Who likes to cuddle, and make others so happy, he’s missing out in you.” Your words made him bury hus face in your tummy, making you tense, but remember its Hoesok. Your friend since freshman year of high school, and you relax.

“Same goes for you…..if we’re bot in relationship by 38 want to get married, adopt kids and a bunch of dogs?” His question made you let out a loud laugh as you look down at him. 

“100%, You’d make a great husband.”

“You’d make an okay wife.”

“Just okay?” He nods making you flick his forehead,he lets out a wine as he buries his head back into your stomach.


"Love ya.” You say smiling down at him as you turn on the TV, forgetting the lingering looks of Yoongi.

anonymous asked:

So like, the whole girlhood gothic thing kind of struck a chord with me, and I want to maybe find out more about it. But like, where do I start? Are there any books you would say fit this concept particularly well? Anything else you would recommend?

Follow up to the question I just sent: I just wanted to say that I like the idea of girlhood being something dark and angry, something searching and restless and seething. And that’s not something I’ve really been able to find easily in media before? So I just thought you might have recs. Thanks for reading.

YOOO I GOT YOU COVERED BABE this is my fave thing to talk abt!!


• anything by gillian flynn, obviously. sharp objects and gone girl especially.
• dare me, the fever and the end of everything by megan abbott, again, obviously
• the asylum for wayward victorian girls by emilie autumn if u squint
• the women in the walls by amy lukavics
• the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides
• deathless by catherynne m valente touches on this with marya morevna a bit
• the secret history has camilla macaulay
• carrie by stephen king
• christine daaé from phantom of the opera (a great non-villainous example)
• the bell jar by sylvia plath
• ophelia from hamlet


• heathers
• stoker
• the virgin suicides
• kate fuller of from dusk till dawn
• the craft
• young vanessa ives from penny dreadful
• the sisterhood of the night
• laura palmer from twin peaks
• jennifer’s body
• again, christine daaé in the 2004 film version of phantom of the opera, much more so than the book
• christine day in the 1989 film version of phantom of the opera
• the neon demon
• carrie
• violet harmon from american horror story: murder house and almost all the witches from coven
• ginger snaps
• meg giry from love never dies
• cheryl blossom from riverdale
• lucille sharpe from crimson peak when she was young

honestly most of my fave female villains (and sometimes girls that aren’t villains at all, just mad girls like christine or ophelia or emily) were presumably this as teen girls/young women, which is something i like to keep in mind when trying to develop them in fanfic, how i see them, and just misc portrayal. also, there wasn’t enough for a whole music category, but nicole dollanganger and emilie autumn sing about this a lot. thank you so much for asking this, i hope i helped !! if you want to, feel free to add ur own !!


You’re really just trying to get your heart to slow down.

You think, This is my body, and I can make it do things. I can make it spin, flip, fly.

After, you stand in front of the steaming mirror, the fuchsia streaks gone, the lashes unsparkled. And it’s just you there, and you look like no one you’ve ever seen before.

You don’t look like anybody at all.


IT’S BLOOD SACRIFICE; a dare me mix

i. you’re gonna have to set that crown on the ground ii. we can make ‘em all go crazy, we can make 'em wanna die iii. someone’s gonna get hurt, na-na-na-na, and it’s not gonna be me iv. everything’s cool when we’re all in line for the throne v. we’re pretty and sick, we’re young and we’re bored vi. i don’t know if i’m closer to heaven but it looks like hell down there vii. see how they run, lift me higher, let me look at the sun viii. young legends die all the time, but i don’t mind
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Hi, i got HNITS just yesterday and loved it so much i have already finished it, so thank you so very much for writing it! I was looked to find some more books that i would like that are similar to this in themes and writing style and thought you might be able to provide me with some suggestions? Thankyou.

Thank you for reading! I’m so happy you liked it! 

As for other books, try one of these:

I’d also add these books to that list:

The Difference Between You and Me by Madeleine George;

Annie on My Mind by the iconic & immortal Nancy Garden;

The Gravity Between Us by Kristen Zimmer;

and Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour (I’ve just started this one).

The Clary Fray Defense Squad is here.

I am going to discuss the potential Climon sex and the fandom’s response to it. Sit tight, kids. 

I’m not thrilled that the show is dragging the romantic Climon storyline for too long as much as the next person is. I think they’re cute, in the right amount, which is what we get in the book, aka three days of dating before shit happens and then they realize they’re better off as best friends. I ship Clace. Climon are destined to be parabatai and they always have been in spirit. 

But don’t you dare slutshame Clary Fray for sleeping with her boyfriend, just because it isn’t “the right one” or just because it didn’t happen in the books. Don’t you dare tell a girl she can’t sleep with the guy she loves and who loves her back more than anything in the world. Don’t you dare tell a girl what she can’t do. 

Simon Lewis is the one person Clary knows will never leave her. He fucking died for her and she had to make him a vampire because she couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, all because he was too stubborn and didn’t want to let her walk into the Shadow World alone. Because as Luke says in City of Ashes, there is one place Simon has always fought tooth and nails to be, and it’s wherever Clary was. Clary lost her mother and she hung on to Simon for her life. He is in love with her, he would do anything for her, so forgive her for falling in love with the perfect guy. 

What is your problem anyway? That from what we saw in the promo she is going to have sex with him? That she won’t be a virgin when she has sex with Jace? Well that’s too bad. And oh the sexism. You didn’t seem to care that Jace is not a virgin either, but that’s fine, right? Because he is a guy and he can sleep with every girl in the city and it’s cool. But if Clary has sex with Simon or anyone else that isn’t Jace she’s a slut for not waiting for Jace, whom she believes to be her brother??? 

One thing that the CC antis and show stans always complain about the books is that they promote incest because Clary still has feelings for Jace even when she believes they’re siblings. The show is trying to erase that and it still doesn’t work for you? What a bunch of hypocrites.

Maybe the real problem is the value that you all assign to a woman’s virginity. Because I don’t see the difference of Climon making out in the book and Climon having sex in the show. None. Clary was 15 in the books, but she is 18 in the show and if she feels ready to have sex with her boyfriend, she goddamn will

Relax, Clace stans. We know Climon is not gonna last. But there is simply more time to fill on the show, so they can take things slow and delve deeper into each storyline. Calm the fuck down and don’t you dare call Clary Fray out on her choices. Because they are no one’s business but her own.

We always knew that the show wasn’t going to be a perfectly faithful adaptation of the books. Isn’t is thrilling that we don’t know what’s gonna happen next episode? Wouldn’t it be a bit boring to go on for I don’t know how many seasons without any surprises at all they were following the books (which I ADORE) page by page?

Please calm down. And don’t you dare slutshame Clary Fray.

New YA books out this week!

Panel 1:
Sash: Person of the Day
Pinkie: “I made you chocolate cupcakes!”
Twilight: “I got you the newest Daring Do book!”
Rainbow Dash: “You girls are so awesome!”
Applejack: Shoot! I plum forgot Dash’s birthday was today

Panel 2:
Rainbow Dash: “You got me a present, too, right Applejack?” (SFX: Wakuwaku (excited!))
Applejack: “Eh!? Why of course!”

Panel 3:
Applejack: What should I do? I’ve got nothing! I’ve got to think of something!

Panel 4:
*hug noises*

Panel 5:
Applejack: I got you a hug! What in tarnations am I doing?

Panel 6:

Rainbow Dash: Tha-thank you…

SFX: Ba-dump Ba-dump (heartbeat)

Note: She’s never been happier

Applejack: Shucks, it was nothing. I hope that was good enough.

[Translation by Lost Marbles]

C'mon, fall in love with me.
Fall in love with my stubbornness, fall in love with the way I look at you, with my eyes big, without blinking. Fall in love with my fearlessness, c'mon. Fall in love with how I stand up for people and fall in love with how I refuse to give up on them. Do everything you’ll have to to make me yours, c'mon. Fall in love with how smart I am and don’t be afraid to admit that it intimidates you. Fall in love with my insistence on asking questions about everything because I don’t like doing things blindly and fall in love with the way I’m not scared to argue endlessly. Fall in love with how hard I love the things and people I love, c'mon. Fall in love with my imperfect eyebrows and my big nose. Fall in love with my thin physique and my short legs and the way my hideous glasses hide my beautiful eyes. Fall in love with the way I run all around the house wearing shorts and my red hair open. Fall in love with how I can’t stop once I break into laughter. Fall in love with how I worship actors for their acting and not looks. Fall in love with my strong personality even if it clashes against yours, c'mon.
Fall in love with me c'mon, do you dare?

After, you stand in front of the steaming mirror, the fuchsia streaks gone, the lashes unsparkled. And it’s just you there, and you look like no one you’ve ever seen before. You don’t look like anybody at all.

I am girl, hear me roar.
I am girl, watch me bleed.

It starts with a kiss.
It ends with a bite.
And like all good love stories, it contains a mirror. 

She fell in love with herself the first time she saw her lipstick marking her reflection, pinkonsilveronher, and realised she didn’t have to be kissed by boys to be pretty. She could kiss herself and herself was all that she needed, and it spread. Soon she wrote poetry to herself on all the places she once hated, ink staining her thighs, and pressed them together not like thunderclaps but like flowers between pages. She took herself on dates and got too-drunk on bad wine and ignored sympathetic stares.

She fell in lust with herself the first time she realised she didn’t need boys to feel hot. She touched herself in all the places church said she wasn’t meant to, and didn’t bother to beg for forgiveness afterwards. She caught glances of herself in windows and winked, ignoring those who thought her joy was for them,

She became vicious the first time she realised teeth weren’t just for beauty pageants, and claws weren’t just for the wolves that ran in her mind. She broke the bones of those who dared touch the altar of herself, and painted her lips with the blood of the male teachers who looked at her skirt a little too long. She never pressed her fangs to the throats of other girls, why would she? They formed a pack, snarling, writhing, wearing the same colour pink that stained the tub once a month or once a night.

They roared.
They bled.
They kissed.
They bit.
And they fell in love with the only people that mattered.

—  Happily ever after. (A.V.P)

au aesthetics, 5/?

empty your sadness like you’re dumping your purse on my bedroom floor, we put your curse in reverse. and it’s our time now if you want it to be.


That’s what people never understand: They see us hard little pretty things, brightly lacquered and sequin-studded, and they laugh, they mock, they arouse themselves. They miss everything. You see, these glitters and sparkle dusts and magicks? It’s war paint, it’s feather and claws, it’s blood sacrifice. ― Megan Abbott, Dare Me