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Juliette Ferrars and Aaron Warner from Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

“I want you to know,” I tell him, “that I don’t think you’re crazy.”
“What?” He startles.
“I don’t think you’re crazy.” The world is blurring away as I watch it through the window. “And I don’t think you’re a psychopath. I also don’t think you’re a sick, twisted monster. I don’t think you’re a heartless murderer, and I don’t think you deserve to die, and I don’t think you’re pathetic. Or stupid. Or a coward. I don’t think you’re any of the things people have said about you.” I turn to look at him.
Warner is staring out the windshield.
“You d o n’t?” His voice is so soft and so scared I can scarcely hear it.


Interviewer: “how did you meet Y/N Y/L/N?”

Nick: “We met on the set of Jurassic World. She was one of the people that got attacked by a pterodactyl.”

Interviewer: “ When did you ask Y/N out? How did you do it?”

Nick: “Well it was our last day on set, and Chris gave me the idea.”

Interviewer: “What did you guys do at that point?”

Nick: “Well, we asked our director if we could used the Indominus’ animatronic. He luckily said yes, then we came up with a really good plan at the time.”

Interviewer: “Why do you say good at the time?”

Nick: “because it ended up going terribly. Which removed all the awkwardness from our relationship right in the beginning.”

Interviewer:“ please continue on.”

Nick: “ Chris made almost like a robust banner. He told me that I just had to ask, and that he would take care of the rest, so I trusted him.

The day came when I was going to ask Y/N. Bryce and Ty got her to the set, saying they got her some sort of surprise.

Once they got her there, we signaled the director. He nodded and gave us the indomius, he set him up where Chris told him too. Chris paid off the guy who did the movements of the animatronics.

Bryce and Ty guided her to the location, her eyes covered with a bandana. She tripped at first, Ty helped her back up. I knew she was going to to trip when I saw her, she is such a klutz.

But Chris then nodded to the left side of him. Tons of people running out, there were woman in flashing suits, men in tuxedos and hats. They lined up, forming a dance line. Chris cued the man, the indomius walked out wearing a large banner, with our ship name on it.

The banner basically said this, ‘Let happen! Don’t blow holes in the ship’

The Disney song, ‘At Last I See The Light” started to play over the loud speakers. Bryce pulled off Y/N’s blind fold, and the dancers started to dance together move in let’s say provocative ways.

Y/N was as surprised as I was. Then Chris made some acrobats come down from the buildings. They grabbed Y/N by the waist, making her scream loudly. Chris was cheering as she kept screaming from the surprise.

They put her down in front of me, and I couldn’t speak, I was only shaking. Then I tried backing up and explaining everything. But I tripped on one of the dancers, causing them all to fall like dominos. I was left standing, trying to help everyone up, but made it worse.

She laughed the whole time, Chris stood there, he looked almost hurt. He walked up to both of us, “you ruined it Nick. Ruined.”

At that point the acrobats didn’t know something was wrong, so they grabbed me by my stomach. Pulling me to the sky, Y/N was only laughing. They then threw me into the water as Chris yelled to stop.

Y/N ran over to the side, she smiled and said, “don’t get eaten by the mosasaurus before you ask me out.”

I was stunned at what she said, she dived in the water and swam towards me, kissing me and saying yes.“

Interviewer: “So the whole thing went terribly wrong, embarrassing yourself, and Chris feeling hurt?”

Nick: “Yes, I wanted to ask her in the most generic way I could. Maybe a coffee and or a nice walk through the park, just something we could go back to and say. 'Hey this is where we started dating’ But how we got together was something to remember”

Interviewer: “Just one more question before you go. How have things been between you and Y/N?”

Nick: *blushes* They have been good, she just recently turned 20, she is going to college to become a director. We have decided to move in with each other.“

Interviewer: "Did you know right know, your guys’ ship name is trending. And you are in the lead to win the cutest couple award?”

Nick: *smiles and blushes* Our ship name has become such a large thing, it even has its own fandom with fan fiction and such. Thank you for all of you voting! I think we’re cute too. *winks at the camera”


“If you and Richard were seen out together for a while, if the public believed you were a couple…”
“Let’s just get this straight, shall we? Are you seriously suggesting I conduct some sort of faux-mance with Richard Troy in the tabloids, for the sole purpose of getting a few more bums in seats?”

| Act Like It, by Lucy Parker.

The Freshman Book 3 Finale…

It was so sweet! Hearing about everyone’s plans over the summer makes me a little annoyed that we don’t know what MC has planned. I can only assume that she’ll be hugged up with Zig all summer and spending time with him, which is totally fine with me!

Abbie and Tyler are adorable! They’re going to meet each other’s parents over the summer, we are so going to see a wedding with them haha.

Madison, Logan, and Tripp are all going on a cruise, now it makes sense when we see them in ROE.

Not only is Zig officially college bound, but Zig and MC are OFFICIALLY A COUPLE!!!! I’m so happy to see that he finally got this opportunity & I loved how nervous he was asking her to be his girlfriend! 

Can we also talk about how adorable it is that he’s been talking about MC to his sisters and mom?! His sisters tease him and his mom smacked him upside his head and made him go after MC!!! I already love Momma Zig! I’m guessing we’re gonna meet the family next book!

Becca and MC talk, I see their friendship growing. Becca isn’t too bad. I’m curious about what else she’s upset about? Who’s the person she wanted to dance with but was already taken? Darren? Logan? Madison? Hmm…

Zig and MC sneak out and head back to her dorm room. I can look at shirtless Zig all damn day! That man is delicious! Their love scene was so damn sexy! I’m so glad I saved my diamonds haha! I’m getting the feeling that Zig and MC will be sleeping in each other’s rooms a lot in the next book!

Yasmin finally got told off and it looks like this bitch is going to lose her job. Bye you crazy, thirsty, man stealing hoe! You will not be missed lmao! 

Gabriela told MC congrats on the book and told MC how Professor Vasquez would be proud of her. 

Overall, it was the perfect ending. Can’t wait for book 4!

ya lit meme: 5/10 series or books
↳ fire and hemlock by diana wynne jones

“Suppose they were once facts. Suppose I really am like the man in the story, and something happened to change my past.”

             { credits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 }


‘The King is frightened of consequences from the gods.’ ‘From what I know of the gods, they seem quite considerate and only send one curse to a kingdom at a time.’ | Charynite older gen, younger years.

// Lumateran // Inner West

For the love of the jersey, Lionel Messi chose the Argentina national team. If he had buckled under pressure and chose Spain, he would have already been a World Champion.

For the love of the jersey, he left Barça’s youth training ground La Masia for Argentina’s Ezeiza youth team, even though he knew nothing about the city.

For the love of the jersey, he chose to compete in the 2005 South American U20 Championship in Colombia and the FIFA World Youth Championship in the Netherlands, and won us our fifth World Champions title.

For the love of the jersey, when Pekerman had benched him for the crucial match against Germany in the 2006 World Cup, he behaved like a complete gentleman, even though the whole world was looking forward to his performance.

For the love of the jersey, he got along well with Riquelme during Alfio Basile’s time in charge.

For the love of the jersey, he went against Barcelona and his coach Guardiola*, attending the 2008 Beijing Olympics and eventually winning the gold medal.

For the love of the jersey, whenever the Argentina national team calls him up, he goes no matter what.

For the love of the jersey, he flew miles to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Japan, Russia, Guatemala and Costa Rica, playing friendly after friendly for the national team.

For the love of the jersey, he travelled all over Europe and America during international friendlies.

For the love of the jersey, he travelled to and from South America 36 times in between hectic Champions League schedules, just for the qualifiers.

For the love of the jersey, he covered 468,000 kilometres for a chance to win the recent 3 World Cups with his national team.

For the love of the jersey, he chose to stay when Maradona coached the national team, although many others made the easiest choice of rejection.

For the love of the jersey, he obediently sat on the bench despite being the recipient of the FIFA Golden Ball, because in the eyes of Maradona, Argentina was “Mascherano and ten others”.

For the love of the jersey, he swallowed the pain of not being acknowledged in his homeland.

For the love of the jersey, he bore all the criticism that he was cold-blooded.

For the love of the jersey, when he was harshly criticised for not singing the national anthem, he grew stronger.

For the love of the jersey, he calmly faced the truth: Carlos Tevez was a national icon in the eyes of Argentines, but he, the world’s best player, was embroiled in controversy.

For the love of the jersey, he was kept in the national team by Maradona and attended the World Cup in South Africa, even though after the Munich friendly, he had thought of leaving.

For the love of the jersey, he endured the coach comparing him to Gutiérrez.

For the love of the jersey, he was always politically correct, and would rather remain silent a thousand times than get into a scandal.

For the love of the jersey, because of his desire to become world champion, he did not mind that Maradona was the protagonist on Mandela’s soil, with all the spotlights on him.

For the love of the jersey, after the humiliation of the 2011 Copa America in Argentina, he still chose the blue and white stripes.

For the love of the jersey, in the face of adversity, he received the captain’s armband from Alejandro Sabella with determination.

For the love of the jersey, he finally became a prolific goalscorer for the national team, breaking records along with it.

For the love of the jersey, he turned whistles into applause, metamorphosing into a global idol.

For the love of the jersey, he desperately wants to win a World Cup, becoming a worthy prophet on his soil.

For the love of the jersey, in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he will work hard, shedding every last drop of sweat.


translated from Messi por amor a la camiseta by Juan Carlos Pasman 

*t/n: Guardiola actually helped to convince Barça to let Messi go to the Olympics